Ferrari Set to Make History in Europe


A 1957 Sport Scaglietti by Ferrari, will hit a European auction this Friday with high expectations of selling at a price that exceeds any other vehicle auctioned at a European auction, ever. Recently the record for the highest sold vehicle at any European auction was set in 2013 by a 1954 Mercedes-Benz W196 Formula 1 racing car. The auction will be held at the Retromobile auction in Paris, and also through Arterial Motorcars’ website. With the noteworthy history associated with this vehicle, the chances of it accomplishing the record in Europe is quite reachable.

The 1957 classic Ferrari will wow the auction with its exceptional beauty and excellent condition. This beauty has been driven by some of the most renowned racing drivers in the world, including Mike Hawthorn and Stirling Moss. One lucky auction winner will earn the reputation as the highest bidding winner on any vehicle in the European auction and own one of the most prized classic vehicles in the world.

If this vehicle sells for more than $38.1 million, Marc Sparks says it will go on to become the highest selling vehicle in any auction event in the world. The current record is held by a Ferrari 250 GTO, in 2014, at an auction event held in the U.S. The Sport Scaglietti did have an unsuccessful run during a race in 1957, that caused it to retire after 5 hours because of mechanical problems.

Pierre Bardinon has owned this piece since 1970 and has kept the Ferrari out of the eye of the public quite frequently while religiously keeping all of its parts moving fluently and its body flawless.

Prior to Bardinon, this vehicle was owned by just 3 drivers.

Martin Lustgarten- Investment Banker

Martin Lustgarten in a well known and renowned investment banker. His company Lustgarten Martin is a first round selection when it comes to clients choosing someone to manage their money. This is mainly due the fact that Lustgarten is a veteran in the business world and is business savvy. Through the experience and dedication of Martin, his firm Lustgarten Martin is nationally renowned as a top notch investment firm, which is hard to do in the investing world.
Martin has been described as a hands-on corporate know it all who specifically deals with his clients personally. His ability to communicate with his clients at the drop of a hat, despite his hectic and busy schedule, makes him stand out from others in the industry.
Lustgarten got his business savviness from his experience as an investment banker. The key differences between a investment bank and a commercial bank Wells Fargo, or Bank of America is that investment banks specifically trade securities for large corporations, and wealthy individuals. On the other hand commercial banks such as Wells Fargo, Bank of America and those that are similar, have an account with average citizens in which they keep their money in an account within the bank only offering a minimal return. They also assist companies with help of merging with other companies or acquiring smaller similar companies. The job of a investment bank is to come up with a plan and point out any unpredictable risk before a client makes a major financial movement. Additionally they serve as brokers between companies and potential stockholders. They often buy shares only to flip it for a profit. Through the world of investment banking as noted above, Martin Lustgarten has become a expert in the finance world and now runs a successful venture capitalists firm. Visit Lustgarten’s many social media accounts, including his Soundcloud page.

All You Need To Know About Sam Tabar

Sam Tabar is a hedge fund manager and hedge fund manager who is mostly found in the New York City. Because he is very knowledgeable in financial investment activities and law, he has been lucky to get appointments to some of the top positions in important organizations all over the world. Most of his appointments have been in the financial management companies, and he has always managed to do his job well, transforming the companies he has worked. Due to the nature of his work, Sam Tabar travels from one country to the other when he gets an appointment.

At the moment, Sam Tabar has a new investment portfolio. One day while going out with his friends, he met two women who completely changed his perspective about business. These women are the founders of THINX, a female underwear company that is changing the lives of women in Africa.

THINX has a very different way of doing business. The company makes designer underwear for women, and when one client buys a pair, a woman in Africa gets a packet of sanitary pads for use. Women in Africa are forced to miss school or sometimes remain at work when they are supposed to go to work due to their monthly periods. The new initiative will be of great help to women, and Sam Tabar is doing everything he can to make sure that the company gets the required funding in order to succeed it the new campaign.  Sam Tabar also set up a GoFundMe page for taking donations to AWI to further help Africa.

Sam Tabar has been to different countries due to nature of his work. Sometimes, he gets hired by big companies outside his home country, and he takes the opportunity to travel and stay there in order to bring change to the community he will be serving. This has enabled him to learn several languages so that he can cope with the locals of the country he is working for.

One of the biggest positions Sam Tabar has held was a position he was appointed to last year. He was appointed to be the Chief Operating Officer for an institution called FullCycle Energy Fund. This was a senior position, and he worked very hard with the top management of the institution to bring cheaper fuel to the residents, get rid of the dangerous fuel that is harmful to the environment and encourages the use of environment-friendly gas. He was given the task of taking care of the management strategies of the country.

Skout’s Charitable Acts Get Noticed

For the price of one gift on Skout, users could help feed the hungry. This idea was proposed by Skout, and they did it on National Potato Chip Day. Throughout the day of March 14th of 2016, Skout offered a limited edition gift on their platform. The gift, of course, was a bag of potato chips in order to celebrate the fun holiday. Then, Skout decided to donate the proceeds of the sales of their gift to the San Fransisco Marin Food Bank. They successfully helped feed 20,000 people.

“Virtual gifting within our app is very popular,” says the co-founder and CEO of Skout, Christian Wiklund. This quote and story was originally written about by PR Newswire, and we’ll be sure to share that link at the end of this post.

Apparently, Skout wanted to show their kindness to their community by helping feed people at their local food bank, since they are a company that was founded in San Fransisco. Skout has been doing a number of kind deeds lately.

More About Skout

Skout is one of the most successful start ups from San Fransisco to create a digital and interactive platform for users to network and make friendships over the internet. They have an application that is user friends, and it is free to use. The application is used by a variety of people looking for people to meet for friendship, online friendship and romantic partnerships of different types. The network is full of fun and interesting individuals who are waiting to chat with you right now. If you haven’t tried Skout, then you will be surprised how your life will change with this wonderful network at your fingertips.

Setting up a profile on Skout is fun to do. You get to customize it with your own picture or avatar, and you can be descriptive about your life in your profile. You’ll find people that live near you to talk to without any trouble at all. In fact, they are already on Skout, and they are waiting for you to join in on the fun!

The article that contains more information on Skout and their charitable acts is found here.

Video Is The Way To Go For Companies That Are Serious About Information Delivery

Talk Fusion has made a name for itself in the world of video communication. They offer a wide variety of products for a range of business uses. One of their greatest products is live video conferencing.

Live video conferencing is an amazing way to stay in touch. It is perfect for companies that need regular contact with international partners. Users are able to connect using a wide range of devices. All that is needed to take part in a conference is a data connection, a microphone and a video camera. This means that tablets and smartphones make perfect mobile conference solutions.

Another great product Talk Fusion offers is video newsletters. Video newsletters are an excellent solution for a wide variety of applications. They offer an amazing way to distribute breaking news and developments to your team as they arise. It is also a great way to create regular video updates for investors that want to know how the company is doing.

Talk Fusion also offers video email. This is the product that got Talk Fusion started. It is an excellent way to add a personal touch to your correspondence with customers. It is also a great way to increase advertising revenue with engaging video content.

Talk Fusion got its start back in 2007. The company CEO, Bob Reina, has been the driving force behind its innovation. Reina has received praise from his peers for his great leadership style.

Reina is also deeply involved in his community. He has received recognition for his involvement in a variety of philanthropic work. One of his most well known is animal causes. Reina is a huge animal lover. At home, he has several dogs he has taken in. He also has made donations in the past of over one million dollars to help animals in need.


Wen by Chaz Bringing Out the Volume and Shine in Your Hair

If you have ever watched late night television and seen the dial turn over from traditional television programming to informercial, you may have seen advertisements for Wen hair. During the commercial you’ll see a man with fantastic hair speaking about a specially created haircare product. This is Chaz and he is going into detail about the Wen haircare products. While billed as a shower care product, the main offering is a conditioner. The thickness is immediately apparent for anyone who has ever tried it before, but if you are looking for a way to boost the appearance of your hair quickly and effectively, this is the option for you.

WEN products purchased on ebay comes in a very large bottle. A pump tube is attached to it so you can pump out the haircare product. The instructions on the WEN hair product container tell you how many pumps to use on a daily process. Generally, you won’t need as many pumps, depending on the length of your hair. You need to coat your hair like you would any other conditioner and let it sit in your hair for several minutes. You’ll get a feel for the product and how much you need.

After waiting several minutes (which is a great time to shave or do whatever else you need to do in the shower), you are able to rinse off your hair. It is much thicker than what you’ll find with other haircare products out there, but it is the nutrients within the product that is going to make your hair luster, shine and become fuller than you’ve ever experienced before.



Great Residential Options For The Final Stage Of Life

The Manse on Marsh is both an independent living facility and an assisted living facility. The facility’s goal is to help with every aspect of the a resident’s life. They are more than happy to help sell a resident’s home by staging the home, finding a trustworthy realtor, and anything else they can assist with. The Manse also takes every resident and their family through an introductory process that acclimates them to their new surrounding. In order to help with this process, the Manse will do things like make sure families and residents understand their VA benefits and they will help them find the best way to afford a comfortable senior living situation.

One aspect that makes the Manse stand out from other similar facilities is the fact that they give additional benefits to residents like the fact that they can keep their pets with them in their new home. The cost of rent per month ranges from 2,700 dollars to 5,700 dollars. There are additional fees for additional services. And one thing that residents can stop doing once they come to live at the Manse is cleaning. There is weekly housekeeping and a laundry service for both clothes and linens. And if necessary, there are private services that can be arranged for cleaning and laundry as well.

The Manse on Marsh blog shows how they take family of residents seriously and they are more than happy for them to enjoy a meal with a resident or even stay overnight. And guests never need to worry about parking as there is more than enough. While guests are visiting, residents can take them to various classes they might attend. These include classes for fitness, for craft making and woodwork, for art, for outings into the surrounding area and other activities like playing musical instruments, games, partaking in religious services, lectures and discussions, book club or yoga.

One major issue that the Manse avoids is food issues, as reported by SeniorHousingNet. Several senior living facilities have limited eating options. The Manse has rooms with kitchens and kitchenettes for residents who prefer to make their own food. Residents can also get their food delivered to their room if they would like to have a quite evening in or do not feel up to interacting with the other residents. If a resident would like to partake in social activities, they can eat all 3 meals in the dining room or take their lunch in the bistro, if they prefer.  Contact The Manse on their official website.