Martin Lustgarten- Investment Banker

Martin Lustgarten in a well known and renowned investment banker. His company Lustgarten Martin is a first round selection when it comes to clients choosing someone to manage their money. This is mainly due the fact that Lustgarten is a veteran in the business world and is business savvy. Through the experience and dedication of Martin, his firm Lustgarten Martin is nationally renowned as a top notch investment firm, which is hard to do in the investing world.
Martin has been described as a hands-on corporate know it all who specifically deals with his clients personally. His ability to communicate with his clients at the drop of a hat, despite his hectic and busy schedule, makes him stand out from others in the industry.
Lustgarten got his business savviness from his experience as an investment banker. The key differences between a investment bank and a commercial bank Wells Fargo, or Bank of America is that investment banks specifically trade securities for large corporations, and wealthy individuals. On the other hand commercial banks such as Wells Fargo, Bank of America and those that are similar, have an account with average citizens in which they keep their money in an account within the bank only offering a minimal return. They also assist companies with help of merging with other companies or acquiring smaller similar companies. The job of a investment bank is to come up with a plan and point out any unpredictable risk before a client makes a major financial movement. Additionally they serve as brokers between companies and potential stockholders. They often buy shares only to flip it for a profit. Through the world of investment banking as noted above, Martin Lustgarten has become a expert in the finance world and now runs a successful venture capitalists firm. Visit Lustgarten’s many social media accounts, including his Soundcloud page.

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  1. I find it very hard to believe that they also assist companies with help of merging with other companies or acquiring smaller similar companies. This is because when superior essay needed asistant, they ignored us. So that statement is not true at all.

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