Mizzou Professor Seeks to Rehabilitate Image After Viral Video

Some people say that everything can change in a moment and former University of Missouri professor Melissa Click would probably nod her head and agree with them. The internet is a huge machine that can eat up and churn out people by making them go viral across the country. Melissa Click learned this first hand as a moment of poor wording at a UoM protest got caught on camera and promptly shared all over the world. Click has since lost her job but she has not lost hope in regaining the image that she so carefully cultivated for at least a decade prior.


Melissa Click was helping to moderate a student protest to combat against racism on the campus at the University of Missouri. Click was in between journalists and the students where she was angrily requesting that the journalists leave. The journalists obviously refused and this caused Click to snap and request ‘muscle’ to have them forcibly thrown out.

Status Labs is an online public relations company that was founded by CEO Darius Fisher. Fisher and his company heard of Click’s story and immediately gained interest in helping the woman out. Status Labs decided to take her on as a client pro-bono because they firmly believed that she was being unfairly treated. Immediately Click began to see her image recover and the pair continued to push toward reputation management and resolution.
Status Labs is comprised of 35 individual experts in the fields of SEO marketing, public relations, digital reputation management and more. Combined the company has taken on clients in almost 40 different countries from all walks of life. Whether they represent a public official or a superstar athlete, their goal is the same: to help the person out. Status Labs has already gotten Click onto the air for interviews on television and as a result there is real potential for her to reclaim her life once more.

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