Historian And Writer Michael Zomber

Japan is one of the world’s most visited countries. People from around the world come here to see this unique Asian nation up close and explore the region’s vast history and culture. One observer who has long loved this part of the world is historian, writer and Japanese armor expert Michael Zomber. Zomber is one of the world’s foremost experts on the topic of Japanese swords and armor. His interest in this period began early in his life and has continued ever since. He has done much to help people around the globe join him in learning more about the world of Samurai crafts.

His Work In This Field

Zomber has spend many years studying the world of Japanese Samurai. As part of his devotion to the field, he has spent more than forty years collecting various kinds of metal work made during the Samurai period. He has a huge collection of all kinds of materials in his home from many periods of Japanese history. Studying such work closely has helped him truly understand how such items were created and how to best appreciate them. During this time, he has come to be seen as an expert in the field that others can turn to and trust for advice about their own collections and their own interest in Japanese armor and swords.

His Many Interests

In addition to his love of Japanese culture and armor, Zomber also has a huge base of knowledge about many other areas of armor from many other time frames. He finds the use of decorated weaponry fascinating as such weapons were often prized by many people in power over the centuries.

Books For People

Zomber loves to write about his understanding of such work in order to help spread his knowledge of the field. He has written multiple works of both fiction and non-fiction that are designed to convey to the reader an understanding of the time period and help them better understand the mindset of those who crafted such items. His many fans have been pleased to read his work as it has helped them learn more about antique swords, armor and Japanese culture.

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