No more fur for Armani!?

One of the most iconic fashion styles that has been around for centuries is the use of fur on clothing. However, with more and more people fighting against killing animals and using them for materialistic goods, major fashion brands on are taking the steps to meet the needs of customers who are not comfortable with fur.

For the year 2016, Giorgio Armani, a well-known Italian designer, also the man behind the brand, Giorgio Armani, has decided to halt the use of animal fur for his products. He has stated that the decision was made to “render the use of cruel practices” with regards to animals.

Many of the front runners in the fur-free movement are supporting Armani’s decision to stop using fur. The chairman of Fur Free Alliances, Jon Vinding, said that this move by Armani is a way for designers and consumers to “have creative freedom and luxury, all without supporting animal cruelty.” The Humane Society International said that this decision was a “powerful message” to the world, showing that animals do not have to be killed for the purpose of fashion.

Armani is not the only major fashion brand that has made the decision to stop using fur. Hugo Boss, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, and many other brands have stopped using animal fur. Instead, they are using synthetic fur, which has a very similar appearance and feel to real fur.

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