VTA Publications: Beating The Odds

The article to be recapped talks about beating the odds. The article starts by questioning the reader of the possibility of succeeding in achieving their goals. It gives the odds of 10-1, 50-1, 100-1 and 1000-1 and requires the reader to choose their odds. The answers to be given by the reader are termed as wrong and the writer goes further to explain why their answers are probably wrong.

For individuals who have been reading for a long time may recall the winter Olympics of 1980. During this Olympics, the United States ice hockey team was able to win the gold medal. He says that they did this by overcoming some odds. This was because they were playing against the Soviet Hockey Team that had always won the winter Olympics. No team had been able to beat them and during the 1980 Olympics, the possibility of them winning was quite imminent. What actually spurred the United States team into winning was the approach adopted by its coach, Herb Brooks. He believed that it was stupidity if they were to do things the same way and still expect that they would win. He appreciated the fact that hockey was a team sport and only through team work would they be able to win. He decided to form a group of young college kids. He ensured that they skated hard for three periods in order to be ready to play against the Russians.

Even when, the USA hockey team made it to the semi-finals people were still skeptical about them winning. In this case the odds were against them. Taking into account the odds, the coach told his team that was the one game in which they were to win among the odds. He was simply telling them to ignore the odds and go forth and win the game. In the end, it’s whether you as an individual are ready to do more in order to get what you want. Quitting the average attitude is the best way to ensure your success and remember the words of coach Herb Brooks, “Not Tonight.”

VTA Publications is a non-fiction publisher of distance learning courses. It is also undertakes the services of an event organizer and booking agent. The company was established in the year 2012. The company provides financial and economics information through digital and physical means.

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