FreedomPop Crosses New Frontier with Zero-Rated WhatsApp Access

FreedomPop, the mobile virtual network operator distinguished by its free basic service plans, is piloting an exciting new feature for users in Spain: zero-rated access to WhatsApp. As first reported in a VentureBeat article in April, FreedomPop will allow customers to use the popular messaging app without spending their monthly data allowance.

Spain represents FreedomPop’s second international market (after the U.K.) and was selected because of the popularity of WhatsApp, which is used by more than 70% of the country’s mobile consumers. Besides offering access to the service for free, the feature launch is important for another reason: It is being done without any partnership with WhatsApp or Facebook, which owns the service. “FreedomPop is the first carrier to embrace WhatsApp organically and create a model that works without having Facebook push it,” Stephen Stokols, FreedomPop CEO, explained to VentureBeat.

FreedomPop’s business model gives users a set amount of free text, voice, and data, and then upsells those who need more than the basic bundle allowance. In January, it raised $50 million of funding from investors, and given the popularity of WhatsApp in Europe and other markets where unlimited messaging plans are rare, the Spain launch represents FreedomPop’s preparing to enter other markets.

Within the next year, look for FreedomPop to expand its global market share, “either by partnering with existing mobile carriers or disrupting entirely new markets via unique models,” reported a company spokesman. If the company can successfully leverage the popularity of WhatsApp in Spain, users across the world can look forward to offerings from FreedomPop in the future.

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Fabletics for All

There are a ton of options when you are looking at exercise clothing for your needs. You may need to take a look at why Fabletics is a great choice for your clothing needs.

How Fabletics Works

There are a lot of things to look for when looking at how Fabletics work. They are found on a website and you create an account. This way you have access to your subscription and can decide what clothing is going to look the best on you. Once you take the survey to see what one is going to work, you just sit back and wait to get your next outfit from the service. This kind of service of Fabletics is a set it up and forget it. The subscription will just keep coming every month until you decide to cancel it.

Why Choose Fabletics?

There are several reasons you may want to choose Fabletics for your exercise needs. The biggest reason to get your clothing from Fabletics is because you don’t have to go out to the store to get your exercise clothing. You only have to wait for it to come every month and go from there.
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Another great reason is because the clothing is fantastic and you will love everything you get from them. They offer high quality clothing that will look great on anyone. This is a big deal with anyone that wants good clothing for a decent price.

There are a lot of ways to get the right clothing for your needs, but Fabletics is one of the best. You can get anything you need by shopping the website and getting the things you want so you look and feel good.

Twitter: @Fabletics

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Online Reputation Company Makes Waves in the Shark Tank

Technically knowledgeable business visionary Patrick Ambron went to the big deal sharks of Shark Tank looking for $2 million for 13.5 percent of BrandYourself (see a BrandYourself review here), an online platform for managing reputation he helped to establish alongside Pete Kistler and Evan McGowan-Watson. It’s similar to others in the online reputation industry like Five Blocks. The organization first happened as intended when Mr. Kistler experienced issues finding a vocation since bosses continued mistaking him for unpleasant characters who had the same name when they “googled” him. BrandYourself now helps people oversee what shows up when somebody looks for them online.

Patrick Ambron tells the sharks about what the company can do and has accomplished so far. “If an employer, client, colleague, or even a date looks them up, they won’t find that embarrassing blog from college. Instead, they’ll find what you want them to find: accurate, relevant results about you”, Patrick says of BrandYourself. He boasts that BrandYourself utilizes a “freemium” model platform with two levels of paid administrations, and that the organization’s deals developed from $400,000 in its first year to $800,000 in year two, and they are on track to surpass $2 million up year three. While each shark was fascinated by the open door, most had issues identified with either the organization’s future development potential or the about $15 million valuation, which drove Mark Cuban, Lori Greiner, Daymond John, and Kevin O’Leary to all go on contributing. Robert Herjavec be that as it may, had different thoughts, and offered $2 million for 20 percent of the organization.

Robert Herjavec offered to give BrandYourself of the largest amounts of money in the show’s entire running history. Tragically, Patrick Ambron had as of late raised $3 million from funding financial specialists at the $15 million valuation, and didn’t feel good taking shark Robert Herjavec’s arrangement at a lower valuation. Ambron respectfully declined and left the tank. The company has still been doing well since then.


Investments and Philanthropy with Madison Street

It is rare to find an investment firm that cares about both their clients and the world around them. Madison Street Capital is one such investment firm. They have created a very positive image for investment firms and set a standard for all other companies in their industry that will be very hard to meet.

Madison Street Capital is a world renowned middle market investment banking firm. They work largely in corporate finance as well as mergers and acquisitions advisers. The combined experience of all of their professionals gives the company a great variety of experience in many different financial services. The variety of skills that are available from the many professionals allows them to make sure they can meet each individual clients unique needs in the best way possible for that client.

Beyond their work with their clients, they do a lot of work with the community. One of the most well known organizations that Madison Street Capital supports is the United Way. The many different causes represented by the United Way gives a good look into the type of philanthropic works that Madison Street Capital supports.

The United Way is mainly concerned with the more pressing and important community issues. This is made apparent in the work with emergency assistance such as food and shelter. They also work with various recovery efforts from disasters and will assist with the education, financial stability and health concerns that arise from these disasters. The United Way is known for partnering with many different groups that assist with these efforts and also with similar efforts as well.

Some of the groups that the United Way partners with includes schools, government agencies, businesses, financial institutions, voluntary associations, neighborhood associations, and those within the faith community. Being open to working with so many different groups of people allows the United Way to help many of those who are most desperately in need of assistance.

The hard work they put into assisting their clients as well as helping their communities speaks a lot towards the priorities and concerns of Madison Street Capital. Having knowledge about what a business considers important tells you a lot about those that you will be working with and what kind of care they will take with your concerns and your needs. Learn more:

The Success of Madison Street Capital

JustFab Modern Fashion Across the Globe

Every woman wants to feel beautiful. JustFab is a company that understands this and works to provide the world population of women with the opportunity to buy the clothing, shoes, and accessories that they need to feel fabulous. Once known as JustFabulous, this company has expanded their offerings to their VIP members through their talented branches, FabKids, Fabletics and FL2.

Each of these niche brands provides an opportunity for women of all ages to be able to find the items that make them feel stylish and beautiful but also for a price that is not on the outrageous side of things. Here are a few of the things that shoppers around the world find fabulous about JustFab and the products they provide. Learn more about JustFab: JustFab – and

Easy to Navigate Shopping Experience

The website is very easy to navigate and search for exactly the items you are looking for. Just like most online shopping sites, the inventory that JustFab offers is larger than you would find in a retail location and all sizes are easily found. The convenience of having the item shipped right to your home allows the customer to spend their time shopping and comparing items, rather than being in a crowded store. The opinions of the shopper are the ones that count in this transaction. The online shopping experience makes JustFab a growing and vibrant Business.

Latest Fashions at Reasonable Prices

Nowhere is it written that to be fashionable, you have to spend a lot of money. That is the idea from which the business model for JustFab was born. They are able to provide the same fashionably styled items that are available anywhere in the world and to do it at a great price.

This allows more women to be able to afford the latest fashions and to feel better about themselves and their appearance. Having a higher self esteem makes everyone feel better about life. The reasonable prices that they offer are a great reason to shop at their website. You will be able to buy more for less and the quality is at the highest level.

You are the Star

The focus at JustFab is building a positive customer experience. From the VIP Memberships to the fantastic overall customer support, the customer is the star of the shopping experience. All women deserve to be treated as a celebrity and have each of their whims catered to. Being a VIP Member brings special fashion deals right to your home, in your size each and every month automatically.

That will allow a lady to keep growing her wardrobe and accessories continually. If there is something that you don’t want on a particular month, you simply opt out and it will resume when the next month rolls around. This is first class treatment that a lady always deserves.

JustFab is a great location to do your online shopping because of these factors and many more. It is a business that understands the thoughts and needs of the customer are the most important thing in their success. The beneficiary of this is you and the stylish options that you have available in your wardrobe.

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Skout Makes Heroes Out Of All Its Members


Lots of people wish they were superheroes and the mobile social media network Skout has the proof. Skout recently commissioned a survey asking people various superhero-related questions. The results of the survey revealed people do put a high value on the ethics and selflessness superheroes are known for.

80% of the respondents to the survey said they wanted to be superheroes themselves. No, they do not think they need to be bitten by a radioactive spider or build a powerful flying suit made of iron. The respondents all revealed they felt being a good person in the community and doing things to help others is what makes someone a superhero.

That is not to say the people in the survey did not have any comic book-style aspirations. Many wished they had the superpower of immortality and many do wish they had access to the Batmobile. Neither of those goals are likely to be achieved, but it is nice to dream.

Those questioned in the survey revealed their love for comic book heroes with Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman all coming out on top. Apparently, the D.C. Comics’ heroes seem to be more popular than the Marvel ones right now. Maybe that is all thanks to the hype surrounding Batman v. Superman when the survey was being taken.

There is no hype surrounding the special promotion Skout is performing in conjunction with the survey. Skout remains one of the most popular mobile social networking apps on the planet with members located in countries all around the world. Skout has asked its members to send a “superhero-themed virtual gift” to friends to celebrate National Superhero Day. For each gift sent, Skout will perform an incredibly heroic act. A monetary amount will be donated to the Make-A-Wish Foundation of the Greater Bay Area in California. This way, the good people at Make-A-Wish can continue to help little kids’ dreams continue to come true.

Skout performs a number of these types of charitable endeavors. The superhero theme does have a nice, unique touch to it.

PR Newswire tells the whole heroic tale about Skout, its members, and the great affinity both have towards superheroes.

Human Rights Hero Yeonmi Park has an article on their website about human rights activist Yeonmi Park. The article details Park’s rise to fame and influence as a North Korean defector who raises awareness about the terrible conditions ordinary people in North Korea have to live in and the attempts of the North Korean government to discredit her.
Park’s Story

When Park was very young, her family enjoyed a relatively privileged life in North Korea because her father was connected with powerful people in the government, but when he fell out of favor all that changed, and Park was literally starving to death. She even ate grass off of the ground to try and survive.

Park escaped from North Korea in 2007 when she was 13 years old. She and her mother crossed a frozen river at night into China, risking death both from falling through the ice and from North Korean soldiers. Park endured terrible abuse – some sexual – as she wandered across China as an illegal immigrant, entered Mongolia, and ultimately was able to reach South Korea and began to speak out about the brutality of the North Korean regime.

In telling her story, Park has emphasized that she loves her native country, just not its government, and that she never would have left if she hadn’t been forced to out of desperation. She talks on The Reason about how she could have easily survived in North Korea just on items that people in the developed world throw away into the trash.

Attempts to Discredit

Park’s dramatic life story, as well as her poise and eloquence in interviews, have made her one of the leading symbols of the movement to bring better lives to people in North Korea. However, with this fame have come attempts to discredit her. The North Korean Government has made a long video full of details of what, it says, are inaccuracies in her account. None of these accusations have really stuck says the NY Times, though, and Park remains a highly credible and extremely effective activist.




Venezuela is a country located on the northern coast of South America. This is a brief article recently posted on Facebook about what has been happening recently in Venezuela.
The country is facing an acute energy shortage currently which drove hundreds to the streets in protest. Many of them were arrested for looting during the demonstrations which followed a 24-hour blackout. Their government has declared that they will be cutting electricity supplies by closing malls early during the weekdays and scheduled and unscheduled hours of outages for residents in the country. Very many citizens will be significantly affected by this as their daily activities solely depend on an infinite supply of electricity.

The drought-stricken country is also facing a food shortage making the prices of food products hike to unaffordable prices. This is also another reason stated by Danilo Diaz why the people of Venezuela protested against the current state of their country.

Political unrest in the country amid the energy and drought situation could just be the downfall of the country known to be rich in oil. The government has declared this a natural disaster, but the citizens disagree saying it is purely a man-made catastrophe. They say this is because their country is a heavily petroleum dependent country which is manned by selfish people. The result is the high prices of food, stagnant income for employees and an increase in crime rates level.
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