Online Reputation Company Makes Waves in the Shark Tank

Technically knowledgeable business visionary Patrick Ambron went to the big deal sharks of Shark Tank looking for $2 million for 13.5 percent of BrandYourself (see a BrandYourself review here), an online platform for managing reputation he helped to establish alongside Pete Kistler and Evan McGowan-Watson. It’s similar to others in the online reputation industry like Five Blocks. The organization first happened as intended when Mr. Kistler experienced issues finding a vocation since bosses continued mistaking him for unpleasant characters who had the same name when they “googled” him. BrandYourself now helps people oversee what shows up when somebody looks for them online.

Patrick Ambron tells the sharks about what the company can do and has accomplished so far. “If an employer, client, colleague, or even a date looks them up, they won’t find that embarrassing blog from college. Instead, they’ll find what you want them to find: accurate, relevant results about you”, Patrick says of BrandYourself. He boasts that BrandYourself utilizes a “freemium” model platform with two levels of paid administrations, and that the organization’s deals developed from $400,000 in its first year to $800,000 in year two, and they are on track to surpass $2 million up year three. While each shark was fascinated by the open door, most had issues identified with either the organization’s future development potential or the about $15 million valuation, which drove Mark Cuban, Lori Greiner, Daymond John, and Kevin O’Leary to all go on contributing. Robert Herjavec be that as it may, had different thoughts, and offered $2 million for 20 percent of the organization.

Robert Herjavec offered to give BrandYourself of the largest amounts of money in the show’s entire running history. Tragically, Patrick Ambron had as of late raised $3 million from funding financial specialists at the $15 million valuation, and didn’t feel good taking shark Robert Herjavec’s arrangement at a lower valuation. Ambron respectfully declined and left the tank. The company has still been doing well since then.


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