Bernado Chua Consistently Succeeds

Bernardo Chua is a very well-accomplished expert in the field of multilevel marketing. Chua has led Organo Gold and its exceptional product line to becoming incredibly popular among consumers and associate marketers. Consumers love the fine taste of the various beverages available in the product line. Markets absolutely love having a product that is capable of selling.

Chua’s success as a manager and guiding light at the company is on display in the stunning debut of Organo Gold in Turkey. Turkey is number 39 on the list of countries in which Organo Gold has expanded into. Organo Gold is definitely popular around the world as it remains a unique blend with natural health-boosting ingredients added to the mix.

Chua developed a well-conceived plan to expand his beverage line across the globe.

In early 2015, Bernardo Chua was given several accolades at the People’s Choice and Dangal ng Bayan Awards. He had won five awards, a feat not very many others can lay claim to achieving. As a Napoleon Hill Foundation Gold Medal recipient, Bernardo Chua is no stranger to having received honors for his work.

Before he brought Organo Gold to such prominence, Chua previous did very well with a company named Gano Excel. Chua has many years experience in sales and marketing and this experience has helped his current company rise to grand levels in the coffee and tea market.

Brian Boner Opens 4-Star French Restaurant Bellamy’s

Patrick Ponsaty currently is the chef that caters to the new Bellamy’s restaurant. Located in Escondido, the chef says that everything about his place makes him think of his hometown in France. He said that it reminds him of Napa or the gîtes of France. Learn more about Brian Bonar:

The restaurant is in a charming 1880’s structure that has been recreated to mimic a temple or gastronomy. They tend to stick to lyrical cooking, as it is what Ponsaty is known best for.

He is a soft-spoken Frenchman that is capable of celebrity status, but he prefers to live low key. He loves being the master chef cooking in a small restaurant that he can turn into something great. At times, he feels like he is one of the Beatles playing at a local roadhouse.

He wants to make the menu both approachable yet inspired. So what kind of foods do they serve? Well, how does Farm beet sorbet with watercress and goat cheese sound? Or, one can dine on mushrooms and sea scallops with carpaccio that is truffle scented. When asked how he describes his food, his only comment is “French.”

The owner of this fine establishment is none other than Brian Bonar. Brian Boner is a Scottish entrepreneur that has made his mark on the world for his mini-empire of restaurants.

The eatery is close to the Ranch at Bandy Canyon. His long-term goal is to turn the 144-acre property into a classy event space that includes an upscale place to eat. The marquee chef is important to pull off this big feat. The top-notch staff is the key to making this restaurant serve some of the best food in the area.

Brian Bonar is a man who works hard at all of his many endeavors. He is not afraid to get his hands dirty, nor is he detoured by what the public might say. There have been some tongues wagging at the thoughts of him taking a rustic place like Bellamy and turning it into a 4-star restaurant, yet that has not stopped him from seeing the full vision.

When others may see a hole-in-the-wall, he sees opportunity. This has pretty much been the pattern over his life.

Being from Scotland, he wanted to bring food that had more of a European flair to the people of California. If anyone knows eateries, it is Boner. This is not his first time at the fair and certainly, will not be his last. It seems everything he touches turns to gold.

Davos Real Estate Group Has New Mortgage App

Investors in the South American real estate market now have a new tool that can help them decide on potential property investments. This is thanks to the Davos Real Estate Group. The investment firm, headed by David Osio, has been helping clients invest in real estate on the continent for over 20 years. They are one of the most successful real estate investment firms in the South American market. Their latest announcement has investors even more excited about being a client of the firm.

During a presentation to some of the REG’s most valued investors and clients, Osio unveiled the new “Davos CAP Calculator”. This calculator app will be a great resource to any client of the investment group that is debating on whether or not to invest in certain properties. The calculator aims to be a great time-saving and money-saving device for clients of Davos REG. The smartphone application is available for use on both Android and iOS platforms.

The most important feature of the CAP Calculator is the mortgage calculator. The mortgage calculator function gives investors the ability to calculate the mortgage on a potential investment in just about any property. It can calculate the mortgage on a potential investment based on how long the mortgage is, if it’s fixed or not, and what their down payment will be. This helps clients decide whether or not the property is a good investment and what kind of investment should be made.

The Davos REG has been in operation for over 20 years. It is one of the three companies that are under the Davos Financial Group umbrella. David Osio started the financial group after years of working in banking law and as an executive director for Latin American banks, and his years of experience and vast knowledge on both investing and banking law.

David Osio got his start in Venezuela in the early 1980s as a lawyer working in banking law and regulations. He worked in this capacity for years until the banks realized what an asset his knowledge would be. He was then hired in the late 1980s as an executive for Banco Latino Internacional.  That financial group has since grown into one of the biggest and most successful financial groups in South America.

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Cleansing Conditioner

WEN by Chaz is a cleansing conditioner– a article detailed a user’s progress with this article. The user started out with frazzled hair- so she wanted to see what she could pull off.

The Sephora marketed brand gave guidelines on how much to use- and suggest 10-16 pumps for short hair, 16-24 pumps for medium hair and 24-32 pumps for longer hair. The user used the minimum amount. She used it in the shower, and then said she felt like she had thicker hair. She then dried her hair to see the result, and was pretty happy.

The next day of using Wen, she felt her hair greasy in the morning but then jumped in the shower when she got home in the afternoon and use it. She said it felt great after the shower, still wary after the use.

The next day she felt her roots a bit greasy, and compared it to other products. She noticed it was shiny and was still impressed by it.
On day 4 she did not have time to shower but still noticed it was fuzzy and greasy, on Day 5 she noticed she was more confident about her hair. On day 6 and seven she he hair a bit shiner, and was impressed by the way it look. The user definitely recommends to purchase the product from Amazon.

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JustFab Becomes The Darling Of The LA Times

JustFab has become the darling of the LA Times, and they are making sure that they have a better array of clothes and accessories for all women. It is very easy for a woman to look great when she is using the clothes she found at JustFab, and she is going to find out that she can get a lot of help when she just starts shopping at JustFab. Someone who is not sure how they are going to get the best results from their clothes should start looking around JustFab just to see what is going on. Source:

They will find out that they actually have a lot of options when they are trying to shop for better clothes, and they will find out that they have made a change that is going to make sense for them and their closet. Every woman who is trying to make sure that they are going to get results from JustFab as an online retailer needs to remember that they are going to have to make a change to the way they shop, and they will see a lot of colors and styles that they can be happy with.

JustFab will also notice that they can get a lot better results when they even go for the shoes that are offered on the site. A woman could put together a whole outfit on the site, and then they can buy it all at once. It is much easier to buy clothes like this, and it gives women one place to buy all the things that they want. There is no reason to look in other places, and all the clothes match each other better because of where they came from. Women will have much better luck on the site of JustFab, and they will feel like they have finally chosen a place that lets them show well in all circumstances.

VTA Publications Puts Out Jim Hunt’s WealthWave Program

The WealthWave program by Jim Hunt has been published by VTA Publications, and the company is trying to put out as much material as it can about how people can manage their money. The WealthWave books are things that help people get started on a new path to being in a good financial place, and Jim Hunt has produced something that anyone will be able to use at any time. The time that is spent reading these books will help people make sure that they are investing in the right way, and they can keep more of their wealth in the process.

The problem that most people have is that they do not know where to start. They will actually do pretty well for themselves when they are using the WealthWave system, and then they can just take the advice that Jim Hunt has for them and apply it to other parts of their life. The company has been putting together a lot of different things for people to read, and that is why they are so keen on publishing the WealthWave system from Jim Hunt.

The people who want to learn about to manage their finances better should really think about what can be done to get help. They can start reading with VTA Publication, and they will find a lot of other things to read including the WealthWave books from Jim Hunt. He has made it so that people can learn how to manage their money, and the VTA Publications staff wants to teach people a lot of things about business. That is how companies will stay in good shape, and it is how people can become investors even if they have never done it before. That is the power of the WealthWave system, Jim Hunt and VTA Publications.  Both Jim Hunt and VTA offer free articles on their website, to provide free investment lessons.  Hunt also runs a YouTube account for much the same thing.

Norka Luque Sends A Message Of Hope Through Her Music

Breaking into the fast-moving world of pop music is a dream that many people never live. There are thousands of people around the world that try to gain the popularity it takes to stay on top in the music business, but, for one reason or another, they never get to the point where true success is achieved. Norka Luque, the Venezuela singer, is not one of those people. Norka has what it takes to stay on top of charts. Norka’s music is an incredible blend of rock, reggae, and a smooth Mediterranean sound that finds the soul and gentle makes it dance.

Norka Luque started singing at eight in her hometown of Caracas, Venezuela. The talented young Norka was cast in a musical that highlighted the music of Shakira, another Venezuelan singer that achieved fame thanks to her unusual style and dynamic voice. Shakira’s music would continue to inspire Norka all through her school years. Her parents sent her to France to continue her studies after completing secondary school. Norka studied business in France, but she couldn’t stay away from the music scene. She joined the rock band, Bad Moon Rising, and the band played in the dance clubs near her school. Norka combined funk and rock into a dance sound that was irresistible. The clubs were filled every night thanks to Norka Luque’s voice and unusual style.

After attending a Ricky Martin concert in 2006, Norka decided to move to Miami and pursue her dream of landing a record deal. She got a job in a dance club on South Beach and the word spread that a young Venezuelan singer was the bomb. It didn’t take long for music producer, Emilio Estefan, to find her. Emilio is the award-winning producer of the Miami Sound Machine and husband of the Queen of Latino music, Gloria Estefan. Emilio and his team which included Archie Pena, Luigi Giraldo, and Marco Borges helped produce Norka’s first album. In 2011, her first single from that album was a hit in the Latino world, and she was nominated for best female singer. Her second single, Milagro, was a cross-over hit, and Norka’s career was off and running.

In 2016, Norka Luque released Tomorrowland, and it is racing to the top of the Billboard Dance Charts. Norka has done what few singers get to do at this stage in their career. She finds herself in the company of her musical idols, and the world is watching her make musical history.

An In-Depth Look at ClassDojo’s Comprehensive Communication Platform

In their Series B venture funding, ClassDojo recently raised $21 million, bringing its total raised revenue to over $31 million. The investments will be used to help the company develop more parent-focused features and tools in their already much-celebrated product.

Teachers have long struggled with quick, easy methods to encourage positive behavior and build positive connections with students and parents without disrupting education. ClassDojo offers teachers a new way to communicate directly with parents throughout the day, avoiding surprises at parent-teacher conference time.

Upon creating a new profile, a teacher is easily walked through the process of adding their class to the program (full names are not required) and customizing the skill or behavioral call outs for the positive skills and behaviors their class is focused on. An invite code is generated for parents for each class; once they use it to sign up, they are able to view class-relevant posts.

Teachers can then post in the class “story” throughout the day. They can share text, photos, or even videos of classroom activities in real time. Parents can use the app to view the “story” and directly observe their child learning and participating in educational activities. Teachers report a significant increase in parental engagement through this kind of sharing throughout the day, and parents report that it creates a feeling of community and shared experience.

ClassDojo goes beyond simple classroom sharing, however. It also allows teachers to give real-time, direct feedback to students or groups, adding points for positive behaviors or demonstrated skills. Unlike cumbersome log books, the app allows points to be assigned with a quick tap to an individual student or group. Points can be cleared or reset quickly for use in games or other educational activities.

The founders of ClassDojo are aiming to create an accessible platform for all teachers, parents, and students. Recognizing the benefits of parental involvement in education, ClassDojo aims to enhance and build upon it, to create a truly unique, supportive community learning environment. Already, the program is in use in over 2/3 of US schools and 180 countries around the globe.


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