Bernado Chua Consistently Succeeds

Bernardo Chua is a very well-accomplished expert in the field of multilevel marketing. Chua has led Organo Gold and its exceptional product line to becoming incredibly popular among consumers and associate marketers. Consumers love the fine taste of the various beverages available in the product line. Markets absolutely love having a product that is capable of selling.

Chua’s success as a manager and guiding light at the company is on display in the stunning debut of Organo Gold in Turkey. Turkey is number 39 on the list of countries in which Organo Gold has expanded into. Organo Gold is definitely popular around the world as it remains a unique blend with natural health-boosting ingredients added to the mix.

Chua developed a well-conceived plan to expand his beverage line across the globe.

In early 2015, Bernardo Chua was given several accolades at the People’s Choice and Dangal ng Bayan Awards. He had won five awards, a feat not very many others can lay claim to achieving. As a Napoleon Hill Foundation Gold Medal recipient, Bernardo Chua is no stranger to having received honors for his work.

Before he brought Organo Gold to such prominence, Chua previous did very well with a company named Gano Excel. Chua has many years experience in sales and marketing and this experience has helped his current company rise to grand levels in the coffee and tea market.

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