Brian Bonar Now on the Cambridge Who’s Who Registry’s List

There is no better way to spur an individual to give it best in any endeavor than to publicly recognize previous contributions. The professional networking community is turning its attention in the direction of no other than Brian Bonar.  Read more: Brian Bonar / People / MG2

Mr. Bonar would appreciate this honor as it is the highest recognition that bestowed on any individual in the finance and business world. Previous winners have been men and women of impeccable records in the corporate world. Out of the hundreds of names shortlisted, only two men and two women in each discipline pick the award annually.

According to Spokeo and Bloomberg, the committee saddled with the task of selecting the final winners must be commended for a job well done. Brian Bonar is long overdue for this honor considering his exploits in the world of finance. All the same, we congratulate Mr. Bonar on his being named the Cambridge Publishing’s 2010/2011 Executive of the Year Representing Finance.

When a man has spent over three decades breaking new grounds and shattering long-held records in a sector like finance, no one should be in doubt of his wealth of professional management skills.

This is the summary of Mr. Bonar experience. He has given so much to Dalrada Financial Corporation than the company could ever ask for. Since he assumed the position of chairman and CEO 10 years ago. The company’s employer benefits, aftermarket products and employee selection has taken a boost under his leadership.

Dalrada Financial Corporation operates as a Marketing Liaison. Its goal is to increase business efficiency by supplying a variety of programs. These programs range from risk management insurance such as workers compensation and business liability to business management service. Employee benefits and promotional management services are among the numerous others.

Mr. Bonar remains an authority in the corporate world being a Ph. D holder and a strong member of the American Finance Association,

Crazy Edits and Updates are Not Good for Online Business

Daily customers know the answer to any question is: “Google it”, and in turn Google answers with a Wikipedia link. Wikipedia is an open source online encyclopedia that is constantly being updated. Writers for Wikipedia are not paid content writers, and further the website deletes any information that is just there for self promotion.

Even Congress members have found it humorous to update a Wikipedia page from time to time. The twitter handle @congressedits tweets any changes made from the House of Representatives and/or a Senate computer. Changes can range from fixing the spelling errors to citing that ham is not chicken. Clarifying that the holiday movie “Rudolph” was noted as fiction, as if being animated did not already provide this knowledge. Putting a zoo animal in a list of politicians that were assassinated is likely insulting to politicians, or possibly animals. It is easy to see how Wikipedia revisions can be construed to be less than professional.

The internet is always open. Building and maintaining a Wikipedia page is confusing and time consuming. Do not waste valuable time going through the rigorous process of figuring out how to create a Wikipedia page just to find that the site finds it too self promotional and has deleted it. Save time and reduce stress using Get Your Wiki, a company that has professionals you can hire a Wikipedia editor from to make and maintain a wiki link for businesses. A page that will not be deleted upon completion. Online presence is a way to stay ahead of the competition. A professional presence with relevant information monitored always is needed for a society that looks to Google for advice. It is important to avoid pointless updates that look childish, or worse being hacked on the open sourced site with degrading untrue information that harms a person or business. Responsibility often lies on the business to protect and monitor it’s own online presence. Still have questions? The best answer to the problem of maintaining a great page is at your fingertips with Get Your Wiki professionals.

Education and Technology are Key to the Growth of Brazil

Brazil like many Latin American countries struggles with a foundering educational system. While other countries develop and grow through the use of the Internet and technology, schools in Brazil continue to have issues with understanding how to integrate technology into the classroom.

Flavio Maluf a renowned businessman in Brazil supports the use of technology in the Brazilian school and is working towards making technology available for student use. He suggests that the problem lies in a lack of training. “Teachers still don’t really understand how they can use technology to emphasize and create better lesson plans.”

The availability of educational software, internet in school and resources is essential but teachers also need to understand its importance and learn how to use this tool in the classroom.

Current studies do show improvement in the area as 45% of all public schools have used internet at some point for topic research and activities. Even so, Maluf believes that for the Brazilian educational system to develop, educators need to integrate more activities that are technology based.

There needs to be an increased focus on improving education while at the same time making the learning process fun for the kids. These are children that have grown up in the digital age, they know how to use technology for entertainment purposes but need to learn to use their devices to learn, to obtain information and to develop their brains.

For Brazil the solution is to offer better training for educators in the best practices of technology within their field. Brazil needs to develop more educational software, activities and resources of this nature to integrate into the educational subject matter being taught. “It is going to take a bit of effort,” says Flavio Maluf, “but with some planning and a little effort we can do it.”  Be sure to follow Flavio on Twitter for further information.

Ricardo Tosto: A Prominent Lawyer In The Nation Of Lawyers

Brazil is a nation of lawyers; it is a litigious country with an overabundance of law schools. At any given time, there is one lawsuit for every two people in Brazil, but fortunately, there are more lawyers per capita in Brazil than there are in the United states. Brazil also has more law schools than all of the other countries in the world combined. Unfortunately, the number of judges has not kept pace with the enormous number of civil and criminal cases; it takes years for a simple case to to be adjudicated. Rising to prominence is not easy for a Brazilian lawyer; he or she must have exceptional skills and expertise to command respect.

Distinguished Brazilian lawyer Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is a founding partner of the law firm Leite, Tosto e Barros in São Paulo, where he serves as a senior partner. The firm specializes in commercial litigation, corporate restructuring, international law, bankruptcy and electoral law. In his 22 years of practice, Mr. Tosto has represented many prominent individuals and major corporations, however, he still finds time to mentor young attorneys. Leite, Tosto e Barros is considered an excellent law firm for new lawyers as they are given opportunities to advance.

A graduate of the highly respected Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie in São Paulo, Mr. Tosto holds membership in the Brazilian Bar Association as well as the International Bar Association. He frequently speaks about legal issues at conferences, co-authored a book and written several articles for legal publications. Mr. Tosto is also a founding member of the Brazilian Institute for Electoral and Party Law Research. Follow Ricardo on Facebook for more information and news.

Doe Deere Goes Beyond Beige

Back in 2008, beige was the color all the major makeup brands were offering. The nude and natural look had taken over, and although it had its merits, some women wanted more. Doe Deere, the founder and CEO of Lime Crime Cosmetics, is one of the people who wanted to find more color in the cosmetics world. To make her dream come true, she founded Lime Crime Cosmetics.

Lime Crime began as an online company, and it innovative use of color has made it a breakthrough brand. Today the brand’s Instagram page has over 2 million followers, and there’s just no end in sight.


Doe Deere is a true innovator in the makeup world, and she has used the Internet to promote the Lime Crime brand with real savvy. She made the brand’s Instagram page very interactive, so followers could post their own photos of themselves wearing the bold colors of Lime Crime lipsticks and shadows and liners. These postings have helped to spread the word about the company, as more and more enthusiasts share their photos, and more followers are added.

The innovations of Doe Deere are evident in the company’s use of color. The Unicorn Lipstick from the brand uses colors like blue, green and yellow, along with lots of purples and pink. These matte lip colors go on with great coverage, and they stay put. The high quality of this lipstick and its reasonable price point have made it a great seller.

Velvetines’ Lip Color is another innovation, as this liquid to matte lip color is the first of its kind, ever. This lip color goes on beautifully, (it resists crumbling) and it’s certified all vegan, too. This lip color was developed in a lab by Deere and a chemist, and it’s become a top seller for Lime Crime.

The shadows, liners and blushes from Lime Crime all wear beautifully with the innovative lip colors the brand offers. These are colors for women who love to make a bold statement that says that beauty is to be enjoyed. For Doe Deere, having a dream, seeing it through and enjoying the process is what it’s all about. Her 2 million followers on Instagram would certainly have to agree.
Follow her @doedeere

Why Content Marketing is Important

There are a lot of companies today that still do not understand how content marketing online works. Over time, this is one of the most essential aspects of running a obeseness. Some people try to get for the short term fix by paying for traffic to hit their website. Although this can increase your page views, it will do little else to help you in this area. A high bounce rate is not something that Google will reward you website for. Instead of trying to go through a short cut, it is vital to find a way to draw in long term traffic to your site through quality content production and marketing. This is the way to achieve long term success in this area.
Why is Marketing Important?

Brand Yourself is essential to any business, regardless of what industry it is in. Within quality marketing, it is going to be difficult to draw in long term traffic. There are many people who struggle with marketing for a variety of reasons. If you are someone who wants to take the next step in your business, marketing is one of the best ways to do so. There are a lot of people who find out the hard way that they are going to have to invest more time and money than they are ready for. Online marketing is something that a lot of companies struggle with. If you are someone who needs help in this area, always remember that quality is ten times more important than quantity.

Building a Business

Over time, building a business is all about drawing in customers who are going to want to pay you for a product or service. Although this can seem impossible at times, there are a lot of ways that this is easier than you might imagine. Over the course of time, a lot of people learn that content marketing is an essential element of running a business in the internet age. Start today by producing high quality content for your website, and over time you will be able to take the next step in your business.


How Wessex Institute of Technology Uses its Conferences to Disseminate Knowledge

Academic conferences and symposiums are one of the most effective ways of sharing knowledge and research findings with a larger audience. Such symposiums also provide an avenue for debates over contentious issues. Southampton based Wessex Institute of Technology has made a name for itself in the field of academia by organizing conferences that bring together notable academicians. Its conferences mostly address subjects related to science and technology. A multi-disciplinary approach is applied to make the conferences as productive as possible.

Concluded Conferences in 2016

Wessex has a department that is fully devoted to organizing seminars. Their Wikipedia page explains why all the conferences that it holds are successful. In 2016, it has organized nearly ten conferences, with a similar number in the pipeline. The International Conference on Big Data, which was held in May this year, has been the biggest forum so far. The seminar was held in Spain. It successfully brought together notable names in the field of IT and mobile telephony. The 14th International Conference on Structures Under Shock Impact is another major seminar that has been organized by WIT this year.

Upcoming Conferences

According to their Linkedin page, the Wessex Institute of Technology is organizing a further 10 conferences this year. At the moment, it is planning the 2016 Sustainable Development and Planning Conference. The forum will be hosted in Malaysia in early December, and will bring together planning and development experts. They will focus their attention on the issue of rural and urban planning. The 8th International Conference on Science and Engineering is scheduled to be held in New Forest in mid-September. It seeks to highlight the influence that nature has on present-day scientific thought and design.

The 2016 MARAS Conference is being organized in Siena Italy. WIT intends to hold it between 21st and 23rd September. It will focus on the role of architectural structures in disaster mitigation. In addition, the conference will highlight issues concerning temporary dwellings and origami-based buildings. This technological symposium also aims at finding solutions to homelessness. WIT organizes numerous conferences every year so that it attains one of its core purposes. The institution believes that since conferences are attended by academicians from all over the world, they are the most effective way of sharing knowledge.

The Adam Goldenberg Vision for Businesses

When it comes to successfully running a business, there are only a few people that are going to have more knowledge than Adam Goldenberg. This is especially true in the clothing industry where he has worked as the cofounder of several companies that cater to women.

What Adam Goldenberg has said time and time again is that he drives a business that focuses on the sales that are being processed on a regular basis. He believes that his companies are driven by metrics, and he contributes this passion to his successful. There is always someone in place to study the trends and the way that women are making decisions.

Goldenberg believe that it makes sense for him to study these trends because this is his customer base. He has numbers when it comes to women that are buying clothes for working out. His team also has numbers for women that are interested in shopping online for matching purses and jewelry for the clothes on That is why he has all of this contained in a single website called JustFab.

Goldenberg has the many concerts in mind and he has worked well with Don Ressler. JustFab will prove to be quite a successful venture, and it will usher in a new style of fashion. Many women shop and subscribe to this site because the clothes are all affordable and the quality is decent. Goldenberg knew that these were two things that he would have to combine in order to lure women to the website.

Another thing that he has been able to do incredibly well is find the right partners to help him build businesses. Done Ressler has been a long time friend that appears to be a great business partner, but the latest venture acquired a third-party. Fabletics would be the business venture that would take more than a duo of Goldenberg and Ressler to get the company off the ground. It would take Kate Hudson, an actress with a famous mother, that would reach several generations of women that were interested in getting in shape. Source:

Fabletics has taken off quite well, and many people are still discovering this business. Adam Goldenberg is someone that always believe in Fabletics from the early start. The numbers were already there for these type of sales. He just had to acquire the right team to make it happen. Hudson has helped Goldenberg realize his vision.

The Many Talents Of Lawyer Sam Tabar

Being a lawyer in present day society means assuming many varied roles of all kinds. A lawyer needs to be an advocate for their clients. The lawyer also needs to be someone who is always willing to learn in life and willing to do all they can help make sure they are current with all necessary developments in every single way. This is a process that lawyer Sam Tabar fully understands. He knows that it is important for him to demonstrate an understanding of all forms of law and a willingness to spend his time studying so that he can keep abreast of any new legal procedures and developments that he may need to confront in order to help best provide legal for his many clients.

An Impressive Education

Tabar has a highly impressive educational background. He earned his undergraduate degree at one of the finest universities in the entire world. It was here in the United Kingdom while studying that he realized that he wanted to be part of the legal profession. The legal profession appealed to his logical mind and his desire for social justice. He knew that he could be of service to people in helping them use the law to make their lives better. It was for this reason that he decided to earn a degree in law. He moved to the United States to attend law school at Columbia University. While here, he did very well, realizing that he wanted to be in the field of business law in particular.

His Career Since Then

Since that time, he has been heavily involved in all aspects of the legal business field. His work efforts have been very much on helping to provide highly expert legal advice for all those who need his help. Thanks to his efforts, many people have found their lives enriched by his devotion to excellence and his willingness to be there for them as needed. As he looks to the future, he is hopeful that he can continue to make a difference in people’s lives and offer them his expert legal assistance.  Sam has also become the COO of FullCycle Fund, and opened up his own GoFundMe account for African charities.

Naomi Campbell, a Child of Destiny

Supermodel Naomi Campbell is fortunate to be one of the rarest beauties to ever walk the runway. In addition, she is also notable for her honorary charity work, guest star appearances and entrepreneurship.

Naomi Campbell is not only a beauty in her own right, but she also has the talent to back it up. When she hits the stage, you know she means business. Blessed with a strut so fierce that its been coined untouchable and has even earned her the title “Undisputed Queen of Catwalk”, the exotic beauty proudly graced the runway of both national and international fashion shows and has appeared on the cover of over 500 magazines including Russian Vogue, British Vogue and French Vogue. From the beginning, she captured the eye of the notable Elite Model Management as well as many top designers including Victoria Secret, Yves St. Laurent, Christian Dior, Versace, Chanel and more. Since her reign, many budding supermodels have followed in her footsteps and even receive coaching from the mogul herself.

The 5′ 9″ tall beauty, born daughter of a maternal dancer and even studied ballet herself as a child, brings a certain grace to the stage that can be only be described as ethereal. At just age 15, while out window shopping in her native place of London, the destined-to-be powerhouse was approached by Beth Boldt, the then head of Synchro Modeling Agency, which, needless to say, launched her career as a supermodel. And, like many other greats before her who had to overcome their share of obstacles in order to claim their rightful place in the world, the universe seemed to smile upon her as she made her way up the ladder, almost as if it held a secret that no one else knew, as, somehow, doors miraculously begin to open, paving the way for supermodels of color, and positioning Campbell as one of the top supermodels in the world.

Today, the theatre arts student, supermodel, actress, video vixen, recording artist, author, fragrance designer, entrepreneur, mentor, activist, philanthropist, ambassador, and honoree still remains in demand. Her recent works include executive producer of “The Face”, the inaugural cover of Vogue Australia, and the cover of the Vietnamese and Singaporean Haarper’s Bazaar. She also closed the Fall/Winter Zac Posen show at New York Fashion Week and featured in Spring/Summer 2015 campaigns for lingerie retailer Agent Provocateur and Burberry. In 2015, she signed as “Camilla Sparks”, a recurring character in the Fox drama “Empire” and was also featured in American Horror Story: Hotel. In 2016, she appeared in the music video for the single “Drone Bomb Me” for English singer Anohni and continues to be known for her ongoing activism and charity work.