Ken Goodgame’s Achievements and Career Path

As marketing, sales and retail merchandising executive at True Value Corporation, Ken Goodgame is the best in the industry. He is the Senior President and Chief Merchandising Officer and has diverse executive leadership at Fortune fifty retailers plus consumer goods and hardware manufacturing. He has also developed and led innovative retail growth strategies that have significantly taken wholesale to another level and sales for Ace Hardware retailers.

Kenneth Goodgame is known well for being a product showcasing agent where he makes sure that potential buyers realize a product and its pricing is also greatly strategized to be pocket- friendly for them. With his vast resale experience, he has created CPG programs that have an impact in the marketplace with changes in the external and internal factors that may affect the ability of an asset’s resale value. Profitability tends to in turn grow specific brands to another level which facilitates ease of marketing and movement in the market.

As a leader, it is mandatory to create new purchase lines and new buyer that will help in moving the products in the market and in doing so; the target crowd should also be taken into consideration. With over twenty years of retail and CPG experience, he is involved heavily in profitable creations, GM management, SKU rationalization, private label strategies and building high-performance teams that make sure products are marketed, and they move as they are produced increasing purchases.

Through his inventions and knowledge, he has made True Value Corporation a state of the art seller of hardware operating more than eight thousand independent wholesalers worldwide. As a highly experienced Operations Management leader, he specializes in creating OEM excellence through a good business plan and good marketing strategies. He works with a full specialized team to ensure SKU Investment is driven to the corporate level. In turn, this ensures that all the values of items are put to a standard in all parts of the globe.

The primary focus is to deliver a balance of employee engagement and standard pricing across the whole market territory. They also ensure installation of proper quality assurance systems to ensure production of grade one products that meet the market standards. In addition to this, sale negotiations and production strategies should be changed.

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