Linda Owens joins Highland Capital philanthropy

James Dondero always trusts the very best in his latest partnership

It is not just when he is making money that he trusts the very best in the industry, James Dondero’s pursuit of Linda Owens is a testament that he intends Highlands Capital’s charity wing to be the best.

While making the announcement, James reiterated that the goal at Highland Capital is to ensure that their charity organizations maximize on the impact they have on the society.

The fund kitty has grown over the years, and Linda’s presence will see her experience, formerly with Woodall Rodgers Park Foundation, ad currently as a civic leader in Dallas greatly help Highland Capital Management enhance its overall impact.

James Dondero has over thirty years in management. He is a distinguished academician having graduated top of his class from the university of Virginia. He is also a certified CPA, CMA, and CFA. Perhaps his academic acumen may precede his management portfolio, but it is not likely.

Dondero previously worked with JP Morgan as an analyst shortly after his graduation before moving on to American Express as a corporate bond analyst. When he joined GIC under the then new subsidiary Protective Life, he was already a winner. He helped the subsidiary move from insignificance to over $2billion assets in barely five years.

Despite all this success, Dondero moved on and cofounded Highland Capital Management the same year he left protective life. He has been the president since.

Currently, apart from it aggressive client-based service, Highland Capital has expanded its philanthropy and wanted experience and passion to move forward. The company had identified Linda Owens who holds a BA in Economics and a JD from the University of Texas.

Linda happens to be this person who has community interests at heart. Highland Capital Management’s philanthropic portfolio is growing and currently includes Dallas Zoo, uplift education, veteran programs, Centre of brain health among others. James expressed optimism that through her experience, the firm will achieve its charity goals.

Linda Owen also expressed her admiration for Highland Capital’s dedication. She was very optimistic that Highland’s environment would encourage enthusiastic people to give their services.

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