The Difference Matters and Diversant LLC Has It

In the business world, today being successful isn’t enough for true success. Business partners, clients, and even talented employees want to know they work for a company that is different from the rest. The leadership must be different, the culture must be different, and the businesses path to success has to be different. No one wants to feel like a cog in the machine and that is one of the reasons that Diversant LLC, is one of the largest IT staffing firms in the country and hands down the largest IT staffing firm owned by African-Americans in the United States.

Part of the Diversant LLC leadership board is John Goullet, who acts as their Principal Executive. It is people like Mr. Goullet who help make Diversant LLC a different brand of business with different values and greater appeal to their clients. He originally started in IT consulting but switched to IT staffing in 1994 with the creation of Info Technologies. This business grew to a valuation of $30 million in short order and was even listed as #8 in Inc. Magazine’s list of 500 fastest growing, privately-held firms in the US. That is the kind of difference that makes a difference to everyone involved and in 2010 Info Technologies merged with Diversant to form Diversant LLC.

Not only is Goullet a leader who has a unique way of looking at things and achieving them but he is also a leader who cares. The Diversant method to selecting and placing consultants is built on respect and proper assignment. None of their consultants are forced to rush learning new skills just to find placement with a client and instead are placed where their tried and true skill set will shine the brightest. Furthermore, John and Diversant support their community in inventive ways. One such inventive way is the support of STAR which helps veterans find employment after leaving service.

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  1. This is achieved by providing fast-track education for veterans to enter the information technology field which is in dire need of trained and certified employees. This way veterans and employers both win. I have say that reviews is something most people do not know and it pains me so much.

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