Education and Technology are Key to the Growth of Brazil

Brazil like many Latin American countries struggles with a foundering educational system. While other countries develop and grow through the use of the Internet and technology, schools in Brazil continue to have issues with understanding how to integrate technology into the classroom.

Flavio Maluf a renowned businessman in Brazil supports the use of technology in the Brazilian school and is working towards making technology available for student use. He suggests that the problem lies in a lack of training. “Teachers still don’t really understand how they can use technology to emphasize and create better lesson plans.”

The availability of educational software, internet in school and resources is essential but teachers also need to understand its importance and learn how to use this tool in the classroom.

Current studies do show improvement in the area as 45% of all public schools have used internet at some point for topic research and activities. Even so, Maluf believes that for the Brazilian educational system to develop, educators need to integrate more activities that are technology based.

There needs to be an increased focus on improving education while at the same time making the learning process fun for the kids. These are children that have grown up in the digital age, they know how to use technology for entertainment purposes but need to learn to use their devices to learn, to obtain information and to develop their brains.

For Brazil the solution is to offer better training for educators in the best practices of technology within their field. Brazil needs to develop more educational software, activities and resources of this nature to integrate into the educational subject matter being taught. “It is going to take a bit of effort,” says Flavio Maluf, “but with some planning and a little effort we can do it.”  Be sure to follow Flavio on Twitter for further information.

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