Kate Hudson Adds Casual Chic Style to Fabletics Active Wear Brand

Actress Kate Hudson always seems to make the best dressed lists on the Hollywood red carpet. She has this easy, breezy style that many have labeled “casual chic,” and that is the signature look she has stamped on her active wear brand.

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The pretty star co-founded Fabletics with business partners Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler, two of the best branding experts in e-commerce. The company is located at their headquarters in Los Angeles, where every design is sketched and produced in those spacious offices.

The California start-up came about in 2013 as an online subscription fashion retailer. Shoppers join as VIP members and then receive a lot of bang for their buck, saving up to 50% off regular pricing and earning points towards free loyalty items.

Fabletics makes gorgeous and quality-made women’s active wear in brightly colored solids and prints in cool leggings, tanks, tees, yoga pants, swimsuits, cropped bra tops and cute dresses. Kate Hudson leads an active, healthy lifestyle with her two young boys when she’s not making movies. Like many of us, she has a busy family and wants to stay fit and wear comfortable, figure-flattering work-out gear and athleisure style clothing.

Fabletics’ mantra is “Live your passion,” and Kate Hudson wants to inspire all women who wear her work-out gear to keep moving. The Fabletics community is growing like wildfire, with more than one million subscribers. These VIP members can even shop Kate Hudson’s closet every month, and their first outfit only costs $25 and free shipping.

Fabletics’ new TV commercial stars Kate Hudson in real moments with amazing behind the scenes footage of her in action. The 30-second spot shows the star wearing several Fabletics outfits while lounging in bed, learning to skateboard, playing ping pong, doing yoga, working out on a Pilates machine and even stealing a doughnut snack. About 70% of the ad was shot from Kate Hudson’s personal i-phone.

The commercial has been well-received by pros like Adweek.com, who suggest the spot allows women to see Kate Hudson as authentic, accessible and one who really works out in the colorful active wear pieces that bear her fab casual chic style.


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Image Recognition: The Face of the Future

Computers have evolved immensely over the past few years, and new technology is constantly being developed. One area that has been advancing recently is image recognition. Although our brains can easily establish distinctions between different types of birds, it’s a little harder for a computer to tell the difference.
The process of image recognition for a computer involves detecting and then identifying an object in either a video or a digital image. This ability can be used in several types of applications including toll booth monitoring, factory automation, and security surveillance.
Most recently, the area of machine learning has made great strides in focusing on the difficulties that often accompany image recognition. Specifically, they have found that one type of model referred to as a deep convolutional neural network can complete difficult visual recognition assignments at the same rate as a human.
There has also been continuous development in computer vision when it is validated against an academic benchmark called ImageNet. Google researchers have found that consecutive models demonstrate steady improvement with each test. This has also been proven by independent researchers.
Image recognition can be a beneficial application for the visually impaired and an important safety feature in cars. Imagine a car that can sense a large animal or another car and what that would mean to auto accident rates. It could also be useful in marketing applications enabling businesses to gain insight from socially shared photos. All of this technology is slowly making its way into our day to day lives as the image recognition applications improve.
One company that is shaping the future of e-commerce and internet use is Slyce. Slyce specializes in online solutions for retailers and e-tailers. By using image recognition technology for both desktop and mobile use, Slyce triggers visual product recognition on current product images or by just taking a photo.
Through their leadership team, Slyce is creating a new standard for customer interaction. Slyce has created a Universal Scanner that is an easy to use answer for the most precise image recognition technology on the market. Slyce’s image recognition technology uses the best qualities of several of their competitors together in their Universal Scanner. It easily processes images, coupons, barcodes, and QR codes.
In today’s world, technology is advancing faster each day making our lives easier and safer. With new image recognition technology, those that are visually impaired will be able to be more independent and cars will be able to sense impending accidents. Many of the safety issues we face today will become a faint memory as image recognition technology continues to evolve.

Status Labs Recognized by Austin Business Journal

The Austin Business Journal has named Status Labs as one of the 50 fastest growing companies in the Austin area. The award will be formally presented on October 27th at 6 PM. Status Lab’s CEO says that he was honored to receive the news. He is most honored, however, to be trusted by over 1,500 clients in 40 countries with their digital marketing news. This outstanding company assists many firms who have had trouble building or maintaining a positive reputation. In order to serve customers better, Status Labs operates two other offices in addition to the one in Austin.
This is not the first honor that this fast growing company and its CEO has earned. In 2015, CEO Darius Fisher was received the Innovation 50 award by PR Week. The company has also made the 500 Fastest Growing Companies list by Inc. These awards are like icing on the cake, says Darius, because it means that his company is succeeding in helping others.
Huffington Post mentions that Status Labs was founded to help others succeed after some executive with the company or the company made a mistake. It is their believe that one mistake should not ruin an entire career. Yet, many times that is what happens. Therefore, the company works to get the bad news off the first page of search engines knowing that most people do not search any further than the first page.
Darius has also taken steps to improve the reputation of Status Labs proving that he can learn where the weaknesses lay in his own company and take steps to remove those weaknesses. He now allows his employees to spend time volunteering in the Austin community because it allows people to connect a face with his company. He also spends more time listening to his employees because those closest to the problem often have the best ideas on how to solve issues. Finally, he sets realistic times for projects realizing that employees that have time to take care of their personal lives are happier at work and will stay with a company for longer.

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Is Wessex Right for You?

The Wessex Institute of Technology is a well known and well established educational institution in Ashurst, New Forest, England, United Kingdom. Wessex Institute was established in 1986 by Professor Carlo Brebbia.

Since 2004, the Wessex Institute of Technology holds several conference programs, one of which includes the Prigogine Medal awarding, which is the Nobel Prize Award for excellence in the field of Chemistry.

In the past, Wessex Institute of Technology has held numerous academic conferences around the world, providing significant contribution to various fields of academia. In 2016, Wessex Institute is holding 25 conferences around the around, discussing topics such as economics, business, engineering, anthropology, and science.

To learn more about Wessex Institute, check out their official webpage and jobs here.

Darius Fisher’s Award Reveals Managerial Skill

Darius Fisher has absolutely distinguished himself from countless entrepreneurs and business managers in the digital marketing world. His work as president of Status Labs has led to the firm becoming one of the most well-known reputation management companies in the industry.

Fisher’s great work at Status Labs has not gone unnoticed in the industry. His being given a very impressive reward is proof of this. The honor named to him was “Business Development Individual of the Year” for 2016. PR World, a highly-prestigious entity, is what gave him the honor.

Fisher co-founded Status Labs in 2012. The company has grown incredibly thanks to his consistent work and effort. Fisher has done a lot to promote the company, and his background in copywriting and marketing aided in crafting an effective vision for the firm. The consistent increase in the number of customers shows his managerial skill is extremely effective.

Winning the award surely will do a lot for the further benefit of Status Labs’ coffers. Potential clients positively want to select the right company to handle their situation. A company run by the winner of a prestigious industry award would be a good choice.

Fisher has also made Status Labs a fantastic place to work for its employee policies. Fisher understood certain policies worked tremendously well with keeping good employees from departing. Fisher even wrote a popular article on the topic of retaining employees. The article gives good insight into Fisher’s approach to running a successful business. Status Labs most definitely would be considered successful by any standards.

Securus Technologies Introduces More Applications for its Clients

Securus Technologies is one of the institutions in North America that offers technology and communication solutions. Securus Technologies offers its important services to the correctional facilities in the country. The company is led by a team of professionals who are experienced in the modern technology, and this explains why it has invented so many applications for the inmates.

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Last year, the company acquired a technology company called JPay. JPay is one of the leaders in technological products and services, and it was started to serve the correctional centers in the state. The new acquisition has enabled Securus Technologies to offer its clients the best services and products in the market, beating all its competitors.


After the acquisition, Securus Technologies has managed to come up with several applications that have improved the lives of the inmates. Not long, the inmates would stay for many days without seeing their loved ones or communicating with them. This changed just recently when the company introduced a video communication.

The video communication application has been a life savior for the families and friends who have their loved ones in the prisons. The families do not have to travel for long distances or make very long queues so that they can have an opportunity to see their incarcerated loved ones. It is also very easy for the inmates to participate in important family events such as birthdays through the communication platform.


This year, Securus Technologies introduced the Inmate Forms and Grievance Application on ConnectUs. The new application was introduced to make important services easily available to the inmates. The individuals working in the facilities will also benefit from the app that uses the latest technology to request important services such as medical forms. Once an inmate requests for a service, it will be easy to record using the app, and it will only take several minutes.