How EOS Revolutionized the Lip Balm Industry in Just Seven Years

Everyone is familiar with the standard lip balm tube. It’s about two inches long, cylindrical, wrapped in a little piece of plastic, twists up from the bottom. You know. Brands have been using the design for about a century now.

Everyone also knows EOS, those happy, little, egg-shaped orbs of lip balm that come in all the fun pastel colors.

EOS hasn’t been around very long though. In fact, they’ve only been a part of the market for seven years. But in those seven years, they’ve risen to the top of their game, second only to Burt’s Bees.

But how did such a new company become a company that sells 1 million units a week in such a short time?

Well, before now, very little was known about their strategy, but an exclusive interview with Fast Company reveals how the iconic EOS brand came to be.

It began with an idea to shake up the lip balm industry. The company wanted to bring something new to the scene without bringing a gimmick or a fad. Enter the EOS lip balm design, a design meant to stimulate all five senses.

Research also revealed that, while women are the primary purchasers of lip balm, the market is targeted primarily as unisex. EOS determined that a demographic would be a key part of becoming a success and chose millennial women.

Finding a buyer wasn’t easy at first. No one seemed to want their product. But at last, they got lucky when a meeting with a female purchaser from Walgreens kick-started their success. Walgreens put their products in the aisle and it wasn’t long until places like Target and Wal-Mart and Racked wanted in too.

Now the company is worth $250 million and is on track to be worth $2 billion by 2020.

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The Art of Giving Back of Keith Mann

A year ago, Keith Mann who is the chief executive officer of the amazing New York Company Dynamic Search Partners made a donation to the New York Police Department (NYPD) following the violence and protest surrounding the police force. Keith Mann and his wife KeelyMann made a donation in form of a lunch for the 54th street precinct with an aim to boost the morale of the police force rather than feeding into the negativity. Keith has a close and personal connection to the NYPD. Keely’s uncle serves as a detective in the Staten Island. According to Keith Mann, the recent attacks on the police force is an issue that affects him directly.


His Efforts in Boosting Police Officer’s Morale


To clearly show his support and concern for the police officers working in the NYPD, KeithMann made a big donation that covered lunch for 54th street precinct. This donation was made in early January. With a clear understanding in philanthropic work, he again sent another lunch to the precinct in February 9. According to him, officers deserve to be treated well and thanked for their unfailing efforts in ensuring proper security and safety and so they should not be attacked. Keith Mann explains that policemen are just like any other person behind the uniforms they wear. Apart from being policemen, they also have families that depend on them.


Rising violence against the police officers has been a major concern for KeithMann. He feels that citizens should assist the police officers rather than attacking them and standing in their way as they strive to ensure safety. Keith Mann has been one of the most supportive citizens who are making efforts to protect the police force following the recent conflicts.


About KeithMann


For over 15 years, Keith Mann has been serving the executive search industry. He is an experienced professional in hedge fund compensation, hiring strategy and staffing. He is also a great philanthropist and works with the Uncommon Schools. Here he focuses on assisting college graduates secure jobs by giving them the necessary tools they require. His efforts and contribution in helping people have bore great fruits.


How can you manage your reputation effectively

Growing a business in the modern age requires your company to pay careful attention to their online reputation. An online reputation issue can devastate your company overnight, and these reputation issues can come from anywhere. A tough news article is just as likely to destroy your company as a Yelp review. To truly thrive within the economy you must understand reputation management. Fortunately, if you follow the right tips you can protect your online reputation.

To truly protect your brand, you must understand it. You need to understand what is being said about your brand throughout the internet. You could check out several online review sites, but there are actually several companies that will give you a sense of what is going on with your brand. One popular online tool is Mention, which will help you get on top of your brand. You can also set a Google Alert, so you will immediately see when someone makes a post about you.

Keeping your site and your social media updated is vital to keeping a great reputation. If you want to appear at the top of search engine ratings, then you must have an active site. You should consider hiring someone to manage your site and your social media.

Bad press is incredibly frustrating. You work hard to grow your business, and any bad article can feel like an attack on you as a person. You might want to respond, but that is actually a bad idea. Lashing out at negative articles can actually drag you and your company downhill. Gather information before you reply to bad press, so you can respond with facts.

One final step to protecting your reputation is to build strong relationships with your audience. Building a brand does not happen overnight. If people love your brand, then they are more likely to believe you when you need to manage a crisis. Reply to positive comments on social media and take care of loyal customers.

If you truly want your brand to grow, then you must follow this advice. If you want more advice, then I strongly recommend that you read this article.


Cosmetic Founder And CEO Is Announced As Entrepreneur Of The Year


Doe Deere is the Founder and CEO of Lime Crime cosmetics. She was recently named the top female entrepreneur of the year in Lime Crime Galore magazine. She works hard to bring her cosmetic line to the forefront for women that want to make a bold statement with their makeup. Deere says that boring neutral colors are a thing of the past thanks to her cosmetics. She had velvetine matte products that go on smooth and dry to perfection, but they won’t dry out or crack your lips. Her eye shadows are popular among celebrities that want to withstand the effects of hours of camera lighting.

She use to try on her mother’s makeup and clothes as a child, but didn’t like the dull colors that she would always have to play dress up with. She decided at that very moment that she would have her own cosmetic line one day and that is how Lime Crime came about. She later went on to receive funding from a capitol company that believed in her idea. Today, she is one of the largest cosmetic retailers in the industry. Doe Deere offers her customers a bold, but sophisticated look.

Lime Crime provides a rich assortment of cosmetics, accessories, and shoes. The need for accessories came about when Deere needed a way to accent her cosmetic line. She has cool clothes that allows her to build her fan base with reliable cosmetics that work well for her clientele. Her cosmetics are easy to transfer from a day to night look. Deere has products that work well for busy professionals. She decided that her cosmetic line would provide reasonably priced cosmetics that are easy to apply and remove. She has done a great job as reported in a recent news article.

Deere has been a revolutionary part of the cosmetic industry by providing an excellency in customer service. Best of all, all Canadian orders receive free shipping on all orders for a limited time. They ensure that their customers will receive their order in under a week. Deere has been an adamant supporter of Lime Crime being a top cosmetic line for women. She says, that most women want to make a statement with their makeup, but don’t know how. You’re invited to visit the Lime Crime website to learn more about their superior line of cosmetics today.

Improving Education through Quality Educational Technology Innovations

ClassDojo is an education technology application that connects parents, teachers, and students into one community. Since it was launched in 2011, the application has grown its recognition as the best educational technology that brings a ground-up change in education.

To preserve their recognition Liam and Sam Chaudhary have been negotiating for venture funding from various investors. In ClassDojo’s latest series of venture funding that was led by General Catalyst, they raised $21 million. The investments are set to become profitable in the near future as ClassDojo seeks to become a freemium platform. This comes after the company’s app won the hearts of educators and parents across the world.

ClassDojo Company is working to improve the application further to feature more content that grows students’ mindset. In the future, the company seeks to join the likes of Spotify and Netflix in the subscription business as a leader in the provision of education materials. This is why the company seeks to partner further with Stanford University to provide more educational content. Some of the content will be available to users for free while more content will be available to premium users only.

General Catalyst is ClassDojo’s primary investor. Due to ClassDojo’s promising future in the education technology industry, other new investors like GSV, SignalFire, and Reach Capital have expressed their interest in supporting them financially.

Speaking after Class Dojo’s series B round of venture funding, General Catalyst’s Managing Director asserted that the funds were raised to make more advancement on ClassDojo application depending on the needs of parents and teachers. In future, ClassDojo could be used as a platform where parents can purchase learning materials and make various transactions.

Such improvements would expand their market and make it an important application that creates a positive culture in schools. Sam Chaudhary assured clients of high privacy standards that make ClassDojo fit for use by the student. In an official statement, he said that instead of selling clients’ data, they would build premium features that clients would pay to use.

Today ClassDojo plays a significant role in schools. Through ClassDojo teachers and parents have teamed up to empower students to develop various life skills like working hard and leadership skills. The positive views from parents and teachers enable students to discover some of their unique talents.

Besides, ClassDojo has reduced the distance that existed between home and school. ClassDojo keeps parents aware of all daily activities taking place in school. In the past parents were only updated on school matters in parent-teacher meetings that were scheduled once a term.



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Wengie’s Very Useful Life Hacks

Wengie is a YouTuber bringing you various information, from beauty secrets to tips and tricks just about anyone can use. In a recent video on YouTube Wengie brings the watcher useful “life hacks”. Ten to be exact. In her first tip Wengie notes that after a while your “jumpers”; the US version of sweaters; can get fuzzy and start looking old. Well, rather than buy a whole new sweater and throw out the old one, Wengie suggests using a razor and running it over the sweater to remove the balled up fuzzies! According to this video, this trick really works! I will have to try it next time I go through my closet!
Next, Wengie states that we should use a staple remover to remove or replace keys on our key rings! Wow! Thanks for saving our nails Wengie! Then, for all the forgetful people out there, Wengie suggests placing items you will forget, under your keys or phone so that you won’t leave home without them. To save yourself from someone reading your notes after you have written them, write letters or numbers over your original text so that the reader will have no idea what was written there before. Well, that works better than just scribbling over it! Then, for those of us who procrastinate on folding laundry, (who doesn’t?) she states that if you put the laundry on your bed, then you have to take care of it before going to sleep. I feel like if I am really tired, I might just push the laundry onto the floor, but this is worth a shot!
Her next tip is about all those papers you shove into your back pack or purse hoping to save them, then they come out all crumbly. Well Wengie says, use a Ziplock bag, and a piece of cardboard. The papers will stay in place and barring an elephant sitting on your back pack, will come out smooth! Wengie has a really great life hack for the trash can too! She says to put newspaper in the bottom of the bag to sop up those juices that always seem to come from no where! Thanks for saving our carpets Wengie! Next, Wengie states that you can also use upside down wall hooks to hold the handles of the garbage bag in place. Great idea!
In the shower, Wengie states using a whiteboard marker can mark your favorite temperature so you don’t have to waste time constantly fudging with the handle to find it! Next, she states that we could sift out our cereal so as not to get all those little crumbs that end up all gross and soggy in the bottom of the box. She suggests using the crumbs for cookies or as an ice cream topper, YUM! Lastly, Wengie leaves us with a shopping hack. Take pictures of your refrigerator so you don’t end up buying stuff you already have. These are all great ideas, and stay tuned for her kitty cat bloopers at the end! So cute!