Wengie’s Very Useful Life Hacks

Wengie is a YouTuber bringing you various information, from beauty secrets to tips and tricks just about anyone can use. In a recent video on YouTube Wengie brings the watcher useful “life hacks”. Ten to be exact. In her first tip Wengie notes that after a while your “jumpers”; the US version of sweaters; can get fuzzy and start looking old. Well, rather than buy a whole new sweater and throw out the old one, Wengie suggests using a razor and running it over the sweater to remove the balled up fuzzies! According to this video, this trick really works! I will have to try it next time I go through my closet!
Next, Wengie states that we should use a staple remover to remove or replace keys on our key rings! Wow! Thanks for saving our nails Wengie! Then, for all the forgetful people out there, Wengie suggests placing items you will forget, under your keys or phone so that you won’t leave home without them. To save yourself from someone reading your notes after you have written them, write letters or numbers over your original text so that the reader will have no idea what was written there before. Well, that works better than just scribbling over it! Then, for those of us who procrastinate on folding laundry, (who doesn’t?) she states that if you put the laundry on your bed, then you have to take care of it before going to sleep. I feel like if I am really tired, I might just push the laundry onto the floor, but this is worth a shot!
Her next tip is about all those papers you shove into your back pack or purse hoping to save them, then they come out all crumbly. Well Wengie says, use a Ziplock bag, and a piece of cardboard. The papers will stay in place and barring an elephant sitting on your back pack, will come out smooth! Wengie has a really great life hack for the trash can too! She says to put newspaper in the bottom of the bag to sop up those juices that always seem to come from no where! Thanks for saving our carpets Wengie! Next, Wengie states that you can also use upside down wall hooks to hold the handles of the garbage bag in place. Great idea!
In the shower, Wengie states using a whiteboard marker can mark your favorite temperature so you don’t have to waste time constantly fudging with the handle to find it! Next, she states that we could sift out our cereal so as not to get all those little crumbs that end up all gross and soggy in the bottom of the box. She suggests using the crumbs for cookies or as an ice cream topper, YUM! Lastly, Wengie leaves us with a shopping hack. Take pictures of your refrigerator so you don’t end up buying stuff you already have. These are all great ideas, and stay tuned for her kitty cat bloopers at the end! So cute!

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