The Art of Giving Back of Keith Mann

A year ago, Keith Mann who is the chief executive officer of the amazing New York Company Dynamic Search Partners made a donation to the New York Police Department (NYPD) following the violence and protest surrounding the police force. Keith Mann and his wife KeelyMann made a donation in form of a lunch for the 54th street precinct with an aim to boost the morale of the police force rather than feeding into the negativity. Keith has a close and personal connection to the NYPD. Keely’s uncle serves as a detective in the Staten Island. According to Keith Mann, the recent attacks on the police force is an issue that affects him directly.


His Efforts in Boosting Police Officer’s Morale


To clearly show his support and concern for the police officers working in the NYPD, KeithMann made a big donation that covered lunch for 54th street precinct. This donation was made in early January. With a clear understanding in philanthropic work, he again sent another lunch to the precinct in February 9. According to him, officers deserve to be treated well and thanked for their unfailing efforts in ensuring proper security and safety and so they should not be attacked. Keith Mann explains that policemen are just like any other person behind the uniforms they wear. Apart from being policemen, they also have families that depend on them.


Rising violence against the police officers has been a major concern for KeithMann. He feels that citizens should assist the police officers rather than attacking them and standing in their way as they strive to ensure safety. Keith Mann has been one of the most supportive citizens who are making efforts to protect the police force following the recent conflicts.


About KeithMann


For over 15 years, Keith Mann has been serving the executive search industry. He is an experienced professional in hedge fund compensation, hiring strategy and staffing. He is also a great philanthropist and works with the Uncommon Schools. Here he focuses on assisting college graduates secure jobs by giving them the necessary tools they require. His efforts and contribution in helping people have bore great fruits.


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