Goldenberg Adheres to Metrics to Build JustFab

You may have heard of the company JustFab. It is one of the fastest growing and most popular clothing companies in the country. The company is a VIP membership-based fashion and clothing company. It has been serving customers since it was founded in 2010. It is also known to be one of the most well-funded fashion companies on The company received over $50 million of funding in just its fourth year of existence. What is the source of all of the success for JustFab? Some point to the company’s CEO when that conversation comes up.

That man is Adam Goldenberg. This name is no new name when it comes to CEOs in Los Angeles. While he is still young, he has been in the game for a while and had a lot of success early in his career. This may make him seem like more of an elder statesman than he really is.

He first appeared on the landscape of the LA business community in the late 1990s. This is when Goldenberg’s gaming network, Gamer’s Alliance became one of the most popular businesses at the time. It was a unique company that provided a service to customers that many other companies hadn’t yet thought to provide to the public when it came to gaming. This was Goldenberg’s first big successful project. Goldenberg built JustFab until 1999 when he sold Gamer’s Alliance to Intermix Media for an undisclosed sum.

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His next successful venture in the LA business world was Intelligent Beauty. This company was founded in 2006. It was an internet brand incubator that had great success. Goldenberg ran the incubator in LA until he had the idea for JustFab and founded that company in 2010. Ever since then, he has run JustFab to great success thanks to a couple of things.

The first thing is lack of ego. Goldenberg is not afraid to abandon an idea that isn’t working. This is true even if the idea wasn’t his. This is a very hard thing for a lot of CEOs to do. Many leaders cannot look at the picture enough to abandon an idea or product that they thought of and admit that it wasn’t good. Riding a bad idea for too long can be very unhealthy and even lead to disaster for some companies. Goldenberg understands this. This is why he is very diligent about JustFab when it comes to metrics. Source:

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