Free cellular coverage is here with FreedomPop

It’s not a scam or popularity/ marketing stunt, it actually is here. Freedompop provides a huge range of mobile and internet services according to the requirements of every day users. Although it may not necessarily be the best service provider for every user, but it offers one of a kind free and pretty impressive economical options for a wide range of users and in accordance with the budget. It will allow a user to cut down the spending on their data services, texting and calling. So let’s go on about freedomPop review and discuss their claims of providing free of cost services to everyday users.

The company’s big and unique claim to fame is that they are providing completely free cell phone service, this offer includes 500MB of 4G data, in addition to this 200 voice minutes for their users and most appealing of all most importantly to the youth an unlimited amount of texting. Although receiving texts and sending texts will consume your data plan. Furthermore adding to the service being completely free, FreedomPop does not require its users to get into any complicated contract deals and there is no charges/ fees associated with cancellation. The company is using the Sprint network for providing its services. Although it is claimed by many users that 500 MB is pretty low even for a regular data users, such as to stream music and videos using their phones but FreedomPop specifically affirms that the free of cost service is specifically meant for light users, this means it is a perfect deal for users who need to constantly check emails and use Facebook, rather than going on YouTube and wasting hundreds of data bundles. The service is free of cost but only for the first year, after the first year, a user will be required to pay the regular $10.99 a month. It’s still a pretty attractive deal. Who doesn’t want free use of their cellular devices for a year. Another appealing fact is that even after one year when you are required to pay 10.99$ a month you still don’t get into the hassle of contracts, meaning the option of cancellation anytime is available without any commitments and contracts.

So if you’re looking to join the FreedomPop service and be a part of this amazing experience, you can buy a cellular device directly from the company or bring along your own Spring-compatible device. They offer a huge variety of cellular devices, tablets, some of them might include refurbished name brands and some of them are the FreedomPop’s own proprietary devices. So it is the best option for anyone who’s looking to cut down their cellular service and internet usage costs.

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