Lori Seneca Rules the World of Advertising as a Pioneering Ad Tech Guru

On March 9, 2015, Crispin Porter and Bogusky advertising agency announced Lori Senecal as the new Global CEO to oversee their global expansion and manage the firm’s international offices spread out in eight countries. An industry thought leader, Senecal is a management specialist who profoundly embraces innovation, technology, and invention globally. Her appointment seeks to continue with CP+B’s universal energy, which earned the firm a win in the Infiniti global inventive account.

Throughout her career, Lori Senecal has accelerated worldwide agency growth, through developing strategic partnerships, creating new business divisions and managing international companies such as Coca-Cola, BMW, and Nestle. Lori retains her position as CEO of MDC Partners while working with CP+B.

“Lori is enthusiastic about her new role, she understands and she is pleased to work with CP+B’’. Remarked Chuck Porter, the CP+B Chairman. Mr. Porter firmly believes that Lori shares the values and passion of the firm as she has an extraordinary management level, know-how, and capability. The CP+B creative leaders believe that they confidently have a world-class global leadership with the addition of Lori to the firm’s management.

Previously, as the head of KBS+, she grew the agency from a 250 personnel office to a 900+personell global company with innovative organization units focused on start-up investment technology and content creation.

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She served as President of McCann-Erickson New York office. In 2014, Lori Senecal was selected to the board of MDC Partners. She has been honored for her expert achievements including at the AWNY Awards with a Quantum Leap honor for management and innovation. Lori is a McGill University graduate with a B.Com specialized in Marketing & Finance option.

Lori Senecal transition from president of McCann-Erickson New York, to assume leadership at Kirshenbaum Bond & Partners as President and CEO turned to be a great opportunity for the firm. Ms. Senecal was hired because of her outstanding experience at a global ad agency, as Kirshenbaum Bond seeks overseas growth beyond New York.

Her excellent repute for creativity, incredible leadership and innovation would enhance Kirshenbaum’s reputation. MDC Partners’ CEO believed that Lori’s expertise and knowledge will also give a breath of fresh air to His Company.

Ms. Senecal’s departure at McCann gives a huge blow to the company’s longstanding stability and leadership at the McCann’s U.S. office through a turbulent year for the firm’s local operations. The company substantially lost key accounts including a partial partnership with its mega Microsoft account and its besieged General Motors account as well.

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How Bernardo Chua Has Built Organo Gold into A Dominant Firm in the Gourmet Coffee Industry

Bernardo Chua is renowned and prominent sales entrepreneur in the Pacific Rim. His vast experience and knowledge in the production and sale of tea and coffee have made him the most sought individual in the business. The Philippines native has toiled to put ganoderma to the world map. Not only is the town his birthplace but also a major producer of tea and coffee.

Companies Formed

The local entrepreneur is notably recognized for his vital role in the formation of two successful enterprises, Organo Gold and Gano Excel. Bernie deemed it necessary to form a company that could effectively market the Ganoderma lucidum products to the lucrative foreign markets.

After recording impressive local revenues, it was high time to market the product alongside coffee and tea in the western world. Such a move has proven to be useful as the firm was recently named the 55th largest direct selling enterprise in the world.


Bernardo Chua has spent adequate time educating the masses about the benefits of the herb. By educating their clients, companies are a step closer to earning their trust. Based in Canada, Organo Gold has recorded impressive profits with over 1 million distributors worldwide. The entrepreneur has strived to ensure that the firm stays ahead of its competitors by adopting creativity and complying with set laws and regulations.


His Biggest Accomplishments


As CEO, Bernard has overcome numerous obstacles to venture into foreign territories and establish his business. The global gourmet coffee company has set foot in Turkey, courtesy of Bernie’s zeal and zest.

The establishment of the branch marks the 39th country in which Organo Gold operates in. Such a move was promoted by the country’s natural appetite for coffee. Hence, making the decision made sense as the country was also in dire need of healthy products. The CEO has appointed Paul Jarvis to manage the enterprise’s local operations.

Nutritionists across the world have hailed the consumption of Ganoderma-based coffee. According to practitioners, the herb helps prevent the development of cancerous tissues. Alternatively, Bernie has also created the Preferred Customer Program.

Such a program is aimed at rewarding regular buyers by providing a 25% discount on Organo Gold coffee and its related products. Such accomplishments should appeal to entrepreneurs on a quest to establishing profitable businesses.

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Women Can Say Goodbye To Bad Hair Days With WEN Cleansing Conditioners From Chaz Dean

WEN cleansing conditioners are an example of a truly all natural product that does not falsely advertise its effects, nor it is highly overpriced like the many brands found in salons. Another testament to WEN’s effectiveness is the fact that it has lasted on the market for more than 10 years, providing results to thousands of women over the years. Also, since the boom of the health trend in current years, all natural products like WEN are in much higher demand for the health benefits. WEN’s formula was also designed and thoroughly tested by Chaz Dean to clear the scalp of any product buildup, while also sealing in the natural moisture to keep the hair looking lively.

Many hair care enthusiast and hair stylist out there have tested the WEN cleansing conditioners and offered up great reviews on the effects of using the product, most especially Emily McClure’s review on Bustle Magazine. She managed to overcome her very fine hair with Wen‘s fig version of cleansing conditioner, which brought her results in less than a week after starting. After a speedy delivery, this was much to her surprise, and it is all thanks to the endless testing Chaz Dean did making sure his product was capable of performing on even the most unruly hair. Even women with damaged hair can see increased strength and noticeable thickness from using WEN for a couple of weeks.

Thanks to Chaz Dean wanting to make a product that all women could use and enjoy, he made his line of cleansing conditioners affordable and easily applicable within the comfort of a women’s own home. Although this was a process that happened over the years, it was worth it for Chaz with how many women have taken to using his product. Order his products today via Guthy-Renker or Sephora.

Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/WenHairCare


Sam Tabar Handles Hedge Fund Investor Relations

Hedge funds are formed when many wealthy investors pool their money together. The money is then invested by a financial expert in the hopes of making the largest profits possible. Sam Tabar has made a great living for himself in the world of hedge funds. He started out on the legal side of hedge funds by giving advice to people who wanted to find out what was involved with starting one. Sam would go over various legal and regulatory compliance issues with his clients to make sure these people did not run into any problems once their hedge fund was up and running. Sam received a bachelor’s degree from Oxford University in England. He graduated that prestigious academic institution with honors. He would then apply to Columbia law school where he would be accepted and graduate in 2001 with a Juris Doctor degree.

Sam Tabar spent three years working for the law firm of Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher & Flom LLP. These were very important years for him because they allowed him to come into contact with some of the most powerful financial players in New York City. These people would be very valuable contacts when Tabar would eventually decide to leave Skadden and get involved in the management side of hedge funds. 2004 was the year that Tabar finally decided that it was time to make the leap into hedge fund management.

He was able to find employment at the Hong Kong offices of PMA Investment Advisors. This was the ideal job for him because his bosses at the company left him alone and allowed him to work without constant oversight. He was promoted to the position of Co-Head of Business Development. This put him in control of the company’s hedge fund investor relations. This enabled Tabar to finally take advantage of all the contacts he had compiled during the previous three years working at Skadden. Tabar called all of the rich and powerful people that he had counseled back when he was working in New York City. He convinced them to work with him again and invest their money in the hedge fund he was overseeing.

Geoffrey Cone Contends That New Zealand Is A World Leader In Tax Transparency

Geoffrey Cone has come out to discredit last week’s feature on foreign trusts, which claimed that New Zealand is a tax haven. He was intrigued by the feature’s claim because there is evidence to show that New Zealand is a model of tax transparency. He pointed out that it was another attempt at misinforming the public.


Cone began by asserting that the country is not on the list of tax havens, which is maintained by the OECD. New Zealand has never and is unlikely to be on the list. For a country to be a tax haven, it must impose zero or nominal taxes. The tax system should also be shrouded in darkness, and there should be no transparency. In addition, such a country should have laws that inhibit the sharing of tax information with other governments, and the country’s private banking industry is highly secretive.


Cone posits that the 2002 OECD Model Agreement on Exchange of Information on Tax Matters is the international gold standard for transparency. A country that fails to satisfy these requirements is considered a tax haven. Geoffrey argues that New Zealand was the first country to make it to the organization’s white list. This means that it was the first country to implement all the agreed tax standards, This way, it cannot be a tax haven.


The government has continued to enhance tax transparency in all its activities. One of the important measures that the nation has put in place is its handling of requirements on foreign trusts. Cone contends that New Zealand has placed stringent checks on trustees. This action enables any foreign government to get any relevant tax information that it requests from the government of New Zealand. This information was originally reported on NZ Herald as explained in this link http://www.nzherald.co.nz/business/news/article.cfm?c_id=3&objectid=10846049


In 2006, Michael Cullen introduced new rules. The new regulations require a trustee of a foreign trust, who is a New Zealand resident, to submit a Foreign Trust Disclosure form. The trustee is also charged with the duty of keeping financial records of the foreign trust. The individual should maintain other tax related documents such as the trust deed, details of the trust’s assets and liabilities, and details of settlement and distribution. The records should also include those detailing the trustee’s revenue and expenditures. This information must be written in English and kept in New Zealand, or a substantial penalty will be charged. In 2011, New Zealand enacted a new law to eradicate money laundering. This law makes it impossible for the country to be considered a tax haven.


About Geoffrey Cone

Geoffrey Cone is an international tax and trust attorney. He is based in New Zealand where he provides his services to foreign firms operating in the country. Cone is also a specialist in wealth planning with a focus on Spain, Italy, and Latin America. The founder of Cone Marshall Limited is a graduate of the University of Otago, New Zealand.



Women & Their Obsession Over Great Hair

Before this article begins let’s just make one thing clear. The title isn’t meant to be sexes, but it surely is a truth teller. Most women love hair. They twirl it, flip it, dye it, and style it in numerous ways. The current haircare industry’s success is driven off women’s obsession. The haircare isles of any store is a mile long and is littered with every kind of product known to man. Unfortunately most women don’t or won’t maintain their hair properly. Over-washing, over-treating, and climate conditions all play a key role in the appearance of hair. The weather conditions effects hair in a number of ways such as giving you a dull appearance, decreases volume, increases frizz, or drying it out. Whatever climate you reside in should be taken into consideration when it comes to how you maintain your hair.

Luckily there’s one product on the market that is making huge waves. WEN by Chaz is the name and high quality haircare is the game. WEN is a bit universal in it’s degree of success as it can be used on many different types of hair textures and colors. There is no discrimination thanks to the use of it’s fine ingredients. Rosemary Extract, Aloe Vera leaf, Panthenol, Wild Cherry Bark, Chamomile Extract, Sweet Almond Oil, and a host of many more.

This QVC advertised exclusive line has products for frizz, moisture control, sun damaged, and for maintaining pH of the scalp. Created and founded by celebrity hair extraordinaire Chaz Dean, WEN by Chaz is backed by knowledge, ethics, science, and nature itself. Chaz Dean’s strong commitment is one reason why the brand is receiving great reviews and why it’s climbed to the top of the haircare industry. It’s time to throw away those sulfate rich chemical products and allow (WEN) for some natural healing.

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