How Bernardo Chua Has Built Organo Gold into A Dominant Firm in the Gourmet Coffee Industry

Bernardo Chua is renowned and prominent sales entrepreneur in the Pacific Rim. His vast experience and knowledge in the production and sale of tea and coffee have made him the most sought individual in the business. The Philippines native has toiled to put ganoderma to the world map. Not only is the town his birthplace but also a major producer of tea and coffee.

Companies Formed

The local entrepreneur is notably recognized for his vital role in the formation of two successful enterprises, Organo Gold and Gano Excel. Bernie deemed it necessary to form a company that could effectively market the Ganoderma lucidum products to the lucrative foreign markets.

After recording impressive local revenues, it was high time to market the product alongside coffee and tea in the western world. Such a move has proven to be useful as the firm was recently named the 55th largest direct selling enterprise in the world.


Bernardo Chua has spent adequate time educating the masses about the benefits of the herb. By educating their clients, companies are a step closer to earning their trust. Based in Canada, Organo Gold has recorded impressive profits with over 1 million distributors worldwide. The entrepreneur has strived to ensure that the firm stays ahead of its competitors by adopting creativity and complying with set laws and regulations.


His Biggest Accomplishments


As CEO, Bernard has overcome numerous obstacles to venture into foreign territories and establish his business. The global gourmet coffee company has set foot in Turkey, courtesy of Bernie’s zeal and zest.

The establishment of the branch marks the 39th country in which Organo Gold operates in. Such a move was promoted by the country’s natural appetite for coffee. Hence, making the decision made sense as the country was also in dire need of healthy products. The CEO has appointed Paul Jarvis to manage the enterprise’s local operations.

Nutritionists across the world have hailed the consumption of Ganoderma-based coffee. According to practitioners, the herb helps prevent the development of cancerous tissues. Alternatively, Bernie has also created the Preferred Customer Program.

Such a program is aimed at rewarding regular buyers by providing a 25% discount on Organo Gold coffee and its related products. Such accomplishments should appeal to entrepreneurs on a quest to establishing profitable businesses.

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