Davos REG’s clients have something to smile about after the launch ot hef Davos CAP Calculator

The Davos CAP calculator will definitely transform services rendered by Davos Real Estate Group (REG). The company has been looking to enhance its services and make its clients happy. This application’s launch will go a long way in achieving this.

Davos REG is among the many companies under Davos Financial Group. Each subsidiary works independently, with Executive Directors as their heads. The founder of the group is David Osio, a renowned businessperson. Gerard Gonzalez, together with Pablo Bausili, are the Executive Directors of Davos REG. Collectively, the Group’s goal is to evaluate the need of each of its client, and provide solutions that meet their expectations. Teams of experienced professionals have been established to meet this objective.

Gerard Gonzalez, together with David Osio, just launched the Davos CAP calculator, a mobile application that will come in handy for real estate managers, and other property owners. After six months of working on the app with a team of technical professionals, Gonzalez expresses his confidence in the application. He states that it has been developed using the latest technology, and that it bears innovative features. As at now, the calculator can only work on android and iOS smartphones.

The Davos CAP calculator allows property owners to determine the value of their property, and monitor how they appreciate. With this, any asset owner will be able to visualize their financial statuses more clearly. Also included in the application is a mortgage calculator. The unique feature will help property owners calculate their mortgages, putting into consideration the bank’s interest rates and the funding period.


About David Osio

David Osio’s impact in Venezuela and Latin America is unimaginable. The company he founded in 1993, Davos Financial Group, has grown to be an international firm with great influence. The company’s success can be attributed to Oslo’s stellar managerial skills, which he acquired while working for several different organization at executive capacities.

His managerial portfolio is unprecedented. It all started when he was appointed as CEO of OPED enterprise. He oversaw the coffee export program. Later, Osio was appointed to stricter marketing programs in LETCO Commercial Companies. He handled programs from different industrial products in the US. His efforts led to his rise to higher ranks in the company. He went on to serve in various enviable managerial positions before deciding to form Davos Financial Group in 1993. Up until now, Osio is the CEO of the company.

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