George Soros and what was his role in 2016 Presidential Election between Trump and Hillary

George Soros, with his generous donation of more than $26 million to the Democratic wing in the 2016 presidential election on is one of the most talked about individuals in the country. While many people know him as a business magnet with a personal fortune of $24 billion, he is also a political activist, an author and a philanthropist in heart. He was born and brought up under the terrifying regime of Hitler, and he clearly knows how a tyrant government can destroy a country. This is why; George Soros has been working throughout his life in promoting and sustaining democracy through his political donations, advocacy, and activities.

George Soros is a strong supporter of the Democratic party and an admirer of Hillary Clinton. He is without any doubt, one of the biggest donors of the Democratic party and he spent around $13 billion to numerous political and social causes in last 30 years. He was also in talk for his massive donation to the Democratic Campaign in 2004 that fought against Bush. According to Soros, Bush and his drastic measures were quite risky for the country, and he tried his level best to stop Bush. However, when Bush won the election, George Soros went into a seclusion and focused on philanthropic causes only. He made a generous amount of donation to Obama campaign as well, but he had some different opinion regarding Obama Administration on Politico.

However, when Hillary was running for the White House, Soros came back to the arena with an open wallet. He strongly supports Hillary and has a serious concern about Trump. This is why; he donated to numrours Democratic PACs and groups to resist Trump. According to a confirmed source, George Soros donated $7 million to Priorities USA Action and also pledged additional $3 million to this group that was supporting Hillary. In addition to this, he donated $700,000 a group of small Democratic PACs, campaigns as well as committees who were supporting Hillary. He also made a generous donation of $2 million to an opposition research super PAC named American Bridge 21st Century that was fighting against Republican candidates along with Trump. To promote participation among the Hispanic voters on Snopes, he also donated $3 million to Immigrant Voters Win and $5 million to Voting Rights Trust that was working to resist conservative efforts to restrict voting along with $2 million to America Votes. Unconfirmed sources have also confirmed that he donated $1 million to some voter mobilization groups at the state level as well. Soros also donated a generous amount of $1.5 each to Senate Majority, Democratic Senate candidates and Planned Parenthood Votes which totaled in $4.5 million.

With his donations in the election, Soros was quite active in the political arena. But now that Trump has won the election, Soros has become even more concerned as he believes that previous achievements by Democrats will now face threats from Trump administration. Hence, he has been working with fellow donors and political activists to resist drastic initiatives from the Trump Administration. In one his articles in Politico, Soros mentioned that Trump is going to fail as US constitution and institution won’t support him.

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