Sawyer Howitt Business Owner

Financing is a huge part of running any business. Few people have the capital on hand that is required to invest in a business and scale it up over time. That means they must either get investors to help or they have to borrow the money in order to have success. If you want to take things to the next level in your business, always make sure you have a structured financing plan that makes sense for you. Many people today are excited about all of the changes that are taking place within the industry. Not only that, but many people want to emulate what Sawyer Howitt is doing.

When Sawyer Howitt first started in the business world, there were a lot of people who thought that he would not be able to succeed at a high level. However, he has proven to truly understand how to help others in a variety of ways.


Dallas Investment Firm Highland Capital Management

The Dallas investment firm Highland Capital Management has established itself as one of the very best in the industry. It offers a wide range of financial services that have enabled it to stand out among its competitors. One of the things that has allowed Highland Capital to stand out is its specialization in credit and debt managed securities. With this specialization, the firm has been able to help a number of clients more efficiently manage debt and credit. Along with being a leading firm in managing credit backed securities, Highland Capital Management has expanded to other markets throughout the world. It has office locations in Singapore, South Korea, Brazil and New York City. As a result, it has been able to suit the needs of many clients worldwide.


When Highland Capital Management first came into existence it was a life insurance company. It was founded by James Dondero and Mark Okada who had extensive experience in the financial services industry. They used their experience and expertise to put together a company that would offer one of the most valuable insurance policies on the market. While the firm was able to establish itself as a top life insurance company, it was also looking to expand and offer more services to clients. As a result, the firm would work towards improving upon its product line within the next few years.


By the year 1993, the firm would begin offering a wider range of financial services. It would begin offering private equity securities and also asset management. The firm would later begin offering wealth management and financial advisory. These new services helped it gain more credibility and make it more competitive in the industry. In the year 1996, the firm began offering collateralized loan obligations which enabled it to provide services that only banks could in previous years. The firm was renamed Highland Capital Management in the year 1997. Highland Capital would continue to serve many clients with its wide range of services for years to come. Today the firm offers financial services to a number of different types of clients. Highland Capital serves government entities, individuals, pension fund investors and also corporations.


The Rising Star Of Pennsylvania Litigator Karl Heideck

The primary task of a litigation attorney in the United States is to provide legal representation to clients involved in lawsuits culminating in actual judicial proceedings. Although not a perfect comparison, if the U.S. had a divided bar like the United Kingdom and other former colonies of the British Empire, a litigator would be quite akin to a barrister.

A litigation attorney must strive to hone his or her speaking and writing abilities, both of which are crucial for a litigator. The process of developing these skills nearly always begins in law school for most litigation attorneys, like Karl Heideck. Heideck is a prime example of a successful U.S. litigation attorney.

Heideck is a graduate of the Temple University School of Law. Prior to attending law school at Temple, Heideck studied English language and literature, with a concentration in letters, at Swarthmore College, where he obtained his undergraduate degree. He received degrees from both institutions with honors.

Heideck has been in practice for a decade. In addition to his work as a litigator, Heideck also provides clients representation in other legal areas that include products liability, risk management, regulatory compliance, employment law, and commercial law.

Heideck went into private practice directly after law school. Some individuals interested in becoming litigators take a bit of a different course. These men and women elect to take positions with prosecutor’s offices for one prime reason. By working with a federal, state, or local prosecutor, these lawyers obtain a good amount of hands-on experience in the courtroom, which is vital for a litigator.

Litigators can be found in a variety of settings. Some are part of large law firms, organizations that maintain separate litigation departments. Other litigators are on the staffs of governmental agencies, businesses, and organizations that find themselves involved in lawsuits with some regularity.

Reputable and Awarded: Nationwide Title Clearing

This is a very reputable and heavily awarded company that provides research and documentation services that are integral in the running of big firms. They deal with the mortgage for residential areas and for over a decade and a half, they have been at this job, and they are top.



They aim at the delivery of accurate and reliable content that will enable the process of property management possible and easy.



The Luxury Vacation Program


Every year and at the events that are organized by NWTC, they give away a luxury vacation that is seen as a reward for the people who come on board with ideas, suggestions, and participation. It is a motivation point and it has worked well so far.



The Assignment Verification Report


This one was introduced to keep proper track of the information they have and the accuracy. If they are covering your mortgaged house, they will have this form which contains the following facets that you have to fill:



  • You will provide the information about the mortgage including loan figures, trustees, beneficiary, dates and mortgages, etc.
  • The assignments that are recorded for the particular mortgage
  • Any affidavits that were lost can be found when matched to the information given
  • Releases concerning the mortgage under scrutiny will be matched to the information and then indexed
  • The assignment will then be filed as either cleared or not cleared
  • Any and all assignments are then recorded under the mortgage chain of info


These are available online for easy access and download. They have been instrumental in the management and keeping track of all the documentation and the information that is needed. When it comes to efficiency, they spare no costs at all here, and everything is done according to the protocols that are given.



Property Reports Are Now Online


This was a revamping that was necessitated by the need to have access to the records and keep track of them to see what was going on and also have knowledge of whatever one needs to know. For example, there have been title defects that have been reported.



Therefore, this has necessitated the online ordering of these reports to be informed. When these defects are ignored, they will usually lead to wrongful foreclosure and the lagging of transition of assets which waste money, time and energies.



Employee Training


NWTC has invested in the training of employees to ensure that the operations are carried out smoothly, and there are no problems with the internal workings of the firms.



They have successfully stayed among the top and as a company, they qualify.


For updates, follow Nationwide Title Clearing on Twitter.

How Arthur Becker Has Found Success in Business And Investing

Arthur Becker is the Managing Member of his real estate and biotechnology investing firm, Madison Partners, LLC. During his long career prior to founding Madison Partners Becker has held many roles such as being the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Zinio, LLC, the well-known website that offers the globe’s largest digital newsstand. He has also been the CEO of NaviSite which was a company that provided internet hosting and technology services to businesses throughout the United States and the United Kingdom. Prior to leading these technology firms he was a consultant to fashion company Vera Wang.

While Arthur Becker ( worked at Zinio and NaviSite he developed a large interest in real estate and technology. After he departed Zinio he expanded his real estate empire by investing in residential condominiums in both Miami and New York City; in New York City alone he has over $500 million invested. Another interest that he developed was biotechnology both in the financial opportunity it provided but its impact on helping human lives through cures and treatments for various life threatening diseases. Of particular interest to him is cancer treatment and the various methods that researchers are using to prevent and treat cancer.

A recent real estate project that Becker was involved in was the condo and townhome development on Sullivan Street in New York City. In return for his investment in the boat-shaped condominium project Becker gained ownership of three adjacent townhomes that are worth an estimated combined $80 million. He currently plans to live in one, in which he has invested an additional $4 million, and will either lease or sell the other 2 townhomes. It’s estimated by Real Capital Analytics that he invested a total of $20 million in the residential real estate development.

Arthur Becker attended college at Bennington College in North Bennington, Vermont, where he earned his bachelor’s degree in 1974. He went on to earn his degree in Business Administration from the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth.