Brian Bonar, a Successful Entrepreneur Making History

Brian Bonar is a renowned investor and finance aficionado based in San Diego, California. He has in recent months resigned from his role as CEO (Chief Executive Officer) and President of Dalrada, a financial services company he founded in 1999. However, he continues in his role as Chairman and CEO at Trucept. He joined Trucept in the summer of 2011.

Bonar is well known for his resourcefulness and dedication in assisting team members, project partners, and clients establish their vision. He has experience spanning more than three decades. His skills make him invaluable to his team and projects.

His skills include process improvement, novel sales and marketing approach, and lead generation. He is highly experienced in procurement, building and site design, contract administration, and design development.

Bonar has had the honor of being named The Cambridge’s Who’s Who Executive of The Year. He got the honor in Finance. The selection committee for this honor selects honorees by considering their academic achievement, leadership abilities, and accomplishments. Being named Cambridge’s Who’s Who Executive of The Year is thus a prestigious award and is very competitive.

Brian Bonar is now a business consultant and has founded some enterprises in the past. He is CEO of Imaging Technologies Corporation, a well-known developer of digital imaging hardware and color management software. He is also the President at Allegiant Professional Business Service. At Smart-Tek Automated Services Inc, he is CEO and Chairman.

According to Bloomberg, Brian Bonar went to James Watt Technical College in 1963 and graduated in 1969 with a Mechanical Engineering degree. He continued to study Mechanical Engineering at Stafford University from 1973 to 1985 and graduated with a master’s degree. He has a Ph.D. and is a member of reputable organizations such as the American Finance Association.

He started his career in the spring of 1969, at IBM as Procurement Manager. He left IBM in 1985 to join QMS as Director of Engineering. After four years at QMS, he joined Rastek Corporation as Vice President, Sales and Marketing.

He started his involvement with the printing industry at Rastek Corporation. He left Rastek and joined Adaptec as Sales Manager. At Adaptec, he worked closely with manufacturers of printers.

He decided to go out on his own and founded Bezier Systems in 1994. In 1995, he was working as Sales and Marketing Vice President at ITEC Imaging Technologies. Here he continued to work with printer manufacturers.

He left ITEC for Allegiant and helped found AMS Outsourcing. In 1999, he founded Dalrada Financial Services and served as Chairman and CEO. In 2011, Bonar became CEO and Chairman at Trucept. Trucept supplies temporary staff and insurance products to clients, who are mainly companies, in the San Diego area.

Despite his sterling achievements, Bonar finds time from his tight schedule to enjoy time with family members. His hobbies include boating and golfing.

Nabors Industries CEO, Anthony Petrello is a multifaceted Genius

Nabors Industries is one of the leading drilling companies in the world owning the largest land-based rig fleet. The company offers unique products and services through its talented workforce. Besides its massive rig fleet, the company has developed and patented numerous innovative technologies which have immensely improved operations of oil and gas drilling industry. Nabors Industries’ success is mainly due to the leadership genius of its CEO Anthony Petrello.

Anthony Petrello became the CEO of the organization in 2011 after serving the company in various leadership positions for 20 years. He joined the company as the chief operating officer and a member of the executive committee and the board of directors. Previously he had worked at Baker & McKenzie, a New York-based law firm, from 1987 to 1991. At the law firm, the Harvard Law School J.D holder specialized in taxation, general corporate law, and international arbitration. Mr. Petrello also has a bachelor’s of science and M.S degrees in Mathematics from Yale University.

As the CEO, Mr. Petrello is responsible for enhancing and implementing the organization’s strategic plans. He oversees the development and patenting of new technologies as well as safeguards the operations of the company overseas. He is also the custodian of investors’ capital. Since he took charge at the helm of the company’s leadership, the share prices have increased by about 200%. Additionally, he is concerned with the attracting, recruiting and retaining highly skilled personnel as they are vital for the creation of quality customized products and services.

Apart from leadership positions at Nabors Industries, Anthony Petrello has a few more board memberships. He serves as the Director of Stewart & Stevenson LLC and a member of Texas Children Hospital Board of Trustees. Mr. Petrello also sits in Hilcorp Energy Company’s board and is a former director of former roommate at Yale University, Lloyd Grove portrays Mr. Petrello as a well-rounded person with a charming sense of humor. He again points out that Anthony Petrello is a mathematical genius who surprised many by deciding to pursue law. However, his success in legal matters and consequent rise to lead one of the world’s largest drilling companies shows that Anthony Petrello is a possibly multifaceted genius.


George Soros Fights for Justice by Funding Ferguson Protests

Ferguson in Missouri has been prominent for being the hallmark of several protests following the assassination of a teenager who was unarmed. The officer in charge of the shooting was a white man. Michael Brown was assassinated, but the justice department refused to charge the officer. This led to the protests because the entire case was based on a racial card that denied Michael Brown’s family justice. After the release of the shooting report by the justice department many days later, there was a shootout, and two police officers were assassinated. The events kept unfolding as one man was critically injured at one of the events. Marked by several police rallies, it is one year down Brown’s death, and there are still several protests.

Reasons for Protests

Demonstrators are demanding justice following the release of a report by the justice department. The racial card that has been dictating the terms of justice is suppressing the judiciary. Since the shooting in August 2014, there have been several protests channeled on the same case of getting justice for Michael Brown. The police department at Ferguson has continuously been criticized for the shooting. While initially, the protestors focused on demonstrating in Ferguson, they have now taken to the streets of the United States of America. Following this, police officers at the Ferguson Department have been sacked. Know more about George Soros on CNBC.

Funding Protests

With the rising costs of protests, there have been questions of who is in charge of funding the entire ordeal. Police Darren Wilson was not accused of the assassination. This has been alarming and infuriating. George Soros has been on the front lead of not only funding but also chairing the protests. Soros created massive wealth when he relocated to America from Hungary. He has built several business empires. These companies extend their services across Europe. He has also established a political movement geared towards developing the best policies for Americans. Soros has been funding the Ferguson protests, and this could be because of his passion for justice. As a young boy, he grew up in the Nazi Regime. He experienced several assassinations. Consequently, Soros has been on the side that supports humanity, freedom of speech and civil rights. To George Soros, it is important to fight for human rights as everyone is entitled to fair play and justice.


George Soros is not only an active political activist. He is a renowned philanthropist too. Soros began charity immediately he left Hungary. His first fund act was providing the South African students with the scholarship during apartheid. He later formed the Open Society Foundations. This is an organization that merges all open society organizations that promote charity. Through this foundation, George Soros has been able to change the lives of many less fortunate people in the community. George Soros has made a fortune for himself in the United States of America. The active philanthropist is an alumnus of London School of Economics. He has been a great supporter of justice in America. His story borders struggle and commitment. George Soros is still committed to offering the society the best there is. Visit to know more about George.


Larkin & Lacey Frontera Fund: Championing for Human Rights

All over the world, there is escalating human rights situation especially in war zones and countries suffering from political instability. Lack of peace across various regions has lead to a global migrant crisis as thousands are rendered homeless. To escape political violence in their home countries, the sought refuge in various countries as migrants.

However, human rights violations are not confined to warzones and politically unstable territories. It is a ubiquitous phenomenon that has gripped even developed and politically stable countries such as the United States, France and Britain.

Fighting for human rights including the rights of migrants is born out of a strong conviction that human rights violation is demeaning, dehumanizing, barbaric and debasing. Whether at individual or organizational level, fighting for human rights is a response to the outrageous violations of human dignity. It is a decision that is made out of the conscience of mankind that human beings have inalienable rights that define their very own being. Read more: About Lacey and Larkin- Frontera Fund and Jim Larkin | Twitter

Organizations such as Amnesty International, the Advocates for Human Rights and Human Rights Watch among others are committed to ensuring that all humans enjoy their entitlement to freedom of speech and self-determination among others. These are considered as the highest aspirations of humanity and should therefore be guaranteed and protected.

These organizations are dedicated to their cause and usually run projects worth millions of dollars. While most of them receive funds in the form of donations, others benefit from unlikely sources: settlement fees for court cases involving human rights violation. One such fund is Larkin & Lacey Frontera Fund.

A Befitting Dedication to Migrants’ Causes

The Larkin & Lacey Frontera Fund was founded out of the $3.75 million Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin received as settlement in a case where they arrested and jailed for exercising to the right to free speech.

 Larkin & Lacey and business partners were arrested on suspicion of breaching privacy laws after they allegedly revealed information pertaining grand proceedings. Basing their defense on their First Amendment rights, the duo who co-founded Phoenix New Times and Village Voice Media, prevailed in the case they brought before the justice system.

The settlement fund will be distributed to various human right advocacy groups throughout Arizona including those championing for the rights of migrants among other special interest groups. The Larkin & Lacey Frontera Fund will be used to promote their civic participation while also sensitizing them on their fundamental rights and freedoms especially those guaranteed under the First Amendment.

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Doug Levitt Sets Out To Find The Real America

The career of Doug Levitt has taken many twists and turns with the musician and artist setting out to find the true heart of the U.S. in a way that reflects the difficulties the majority of the people in the nation face on a regular basis. In the U.S. the majority of people do not use public transport unless they have no other option because of economic or local issues; for this reason, Doug Levitt chose the bus lines of the U.S. as his major source of inspiration for creating “The Greyhound Diaries”.

In developing this artistic movement Doug Levitt has chosen to spend much of the last decade traveling across the U.S. in a bid to talk to those who are forced to ride the bus because of economic issues that are often a true reflection of the nation as a whole. “The Greyhound Diaries” have been a labor of love for Doug Levitt as he has set out to develop a series of recordings, writings, images, and even a YouTube channel based around his experiences traveling over 120,000 miles.

Doug Levitt has often stated he knew very little of the major economic problems facing the people living in the heart of the U.S., a region he believes is often ignored by the majority of media outlets. Levitt lived the majority of his young life in Washington D.C., the capital of the nation where recession is never really a problem as the status of the city makes it a consistent world leader. The family of Doug Levitt have played an important role in the local political landscape with his mother a council member and candidate for mayor.After completing his studies at the London School of Economics, Doug Levitt remained in the U.K. as an international correspondent for some of the world’s leading news organizations; the death of his father is seen as one of the major reasons for the change in career of Doug Levitt as he became a popular artist in many different media.

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Duda Melzer – Ensuring Success for Media Conglomerate, RBS Group

Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer comes from Sirotsky family, which is considered to be among the wealthiest and the most influential elite families in Brazil. He is the third generation in the Sirotsky family to head the highly successful media conglomerate in Brazil, RBS Group. The RBS Group has business outlets in much different print, TV, publishing, and radio networks.

The company has grown substantially and consistently under the leadership of Duda Melzer, who has done graduation in business from a premier institute in Brazil, Pontifical Catholic University, and Masters in Business Administration from reputed Harvard Business School. Moreover, he has also done a couple of diploma courses from Harvard that has further helped him gain a good understanding of business and finance.

According to Estadao, Duda Melzer understands that the media business is getting competitive in not only Brazil but across the globe. To ensure that RBS Group continues to lead from the front in the time to come, he emphasizes on the integration of advanced media technology to the RBS Group’s business model. Duda Melzer has also helped in the strategic business development of RBS Group in the past few years and helped expand its operational territory and also helped take the company’s operation overseas. The revenue generated by the corporation has also multiplied substantially in the past few years under the leadership of Duda Melzer.

Duda Melzer has worked for many big media corporations, including the Family Communications Network, Box Top Media, and Delphi Corporation. He is also named in the list of top 25 entrepreneurs published by the Cambridge Institute for Family Enterprises. It is a highly prestigious accomplishment and has put Duda Melzer in the limelight in the business sector of Brazil. Duda Melzer is also the founder and CEO of the technology wing of RBS Group., e.Brick Digital. It is active in the digital sector and continuously looks for technology ventures that are worth investing in.

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Doe Deere Explains How To Make Ideas Become Reality

Doe Deere is the founder and CEO of Lime Crime, and she is a woman who knows how to make dreams come true. Ladies who are looking for the brightest and best cosmetics in the world will find that Doe gives them quite a lot of hope, and this article explains how Doe made her dreams come true after many years of making her own cosmetics. There are quite a few women who will benefit from what Doe has done, and she will give women the brighter colors for her makeup and hair that she wants.

#1: The Company Was Started Online

The Lime Crime was started online to ensure that she could sell her cosmetics, and she was selling on auction sites where she could reach customers. There are many different women who purchased from her, and these women helped to build her confidence as she grew the brand.

#2: Bright Colors

The bright colors that Doe uses to build her brand are the hallmark of what she produced. She wanted women to have the brightest colors possible to wear, and she expanded to hair dyes because she dyes her own hair. Doe became the face of the brand, and she has modeled the brand for many years because she believes in it so much. There are many women who cannot buy these colors anywhere else, and they may come to Lime Crime to purchase a color that they have never seen before.

#3: Growing With Ideas

There are quite a lot of ideas coming out of the Lime Crime offices, and these ideas are fostered by Doe and her staff. She wants to hear the best ideas of the company, and she is asking all her staff members to share what they believe will make the company better. There are many different people who will help the company grow, and they may meet with Doe at any time because she has an open-door policy. The policies that she is using will make the company grow, and they will foster the creativity that she values.

There are quite a few people who are buying from Lime Crime because it is the brightest in the world. The company was founded by Doe Deere as a dream come true, and she was searching for a number of different ways to help women buy cosmetics. Her company allows women to buy better cosmetics not offered by other firms.

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Success Academy Students Get Better Test Results

The students who go to Success Academy are not trained to be able to take tests. In fact, the school does not put too much into the tests and simply use them as a way to measure how far the students have come. They want to make sure that they have the students in the right program and that helps them to make sure that they are giving them every opportunity that they need to be successful. When students fail a test at Success Academy, they are able to learn from it and grow from it in a way that would never happen at a traditional public school. Success Academy also learns from the testing process so that they can change things about the curriculum that are simply not working for the students. Success Academy puts a lot of emphasis on learning in the right environment instead of trying to just pass tests.

Students at the school seem to be performing at about twice the proficiency levels as those who are in public schools. These students make sure that they are going to be able to learn as much as possible from Success Academy by being in a positive learning environment. The school planned that so the students would always be excited to learn. There is not a lot of play time at Success Academy but everything that the students learn feels like playtime because there is a lot of learning that is incorporated into the learning process.

Even as early as kindergarten, students are taught a lot of information that will help them later on in life. For example, Success Academy has architecture and space books. They can use these books to explore the world and learn more. Doing this prepares them for later on in life and gives them a chance to learn more as they grow older. Students at Success Academy are never forced to learn but the majority of them are hungry for knowledge because it feels like so much more than the traditional learn-test methods of teaching.