Parents Hire Teachers to Propel Rocketship Education

Most parents do not have the knowledge of those who will be teaching their kids not until school opens. This is not the case at the school’s charter of Rocketship Education as parents have the privilege to choose those who will be teaching their children a few months before the school opens.

An article in the Washington Post explains the process by which parents engage in interviewing those teachers at the first chain’s Washington, D.C charter of the school. This is not new to Rocketship which has been running thirteen schools.

The co-founder and CEO of Rocketship, Preston Smith, revealed to Education Week that participation of parents had been a chain Foundation that first took place in San Jose, Calif, back in 2007. Rocketship has gained attention nationally for personalizing and having a lifestyle that is blended. This program by Rocketship schools has made it essential for parents to participate fully.

Preston Smith made it clear that individual schools have parents joining the interviews for the jobs in one way or another. More often than not, some of the parents are trained as panelists to conduct the interviews or meetings that are held for the community which gives an opportunity for the parents to interact with those who made it to the job finals.

The parents’ opinions are highly respected and regarded by the management which enhances smooth running of the schools and ensuring that an agreement is always reached between the management and the parents.

Some of the interview candidates find it difficult to face the parents as they seem not up to the task that would be waiting for them. This gives an appropriate opportunity for the right individuals to take those positions hence ensuring the success of the students and schools at large.

The parents find it right and are appreciative of getting the opportunity to know those who will be handling their children way before school opens. Although parent’s participation in the same has been rare, it is evident that it had happened before as it took place in the 1990s in the Unified District School in Los Angeles.


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