Securus Technologies Helps to Solve Crimes

For the past decade, one of the fastest growing companies in the Telecommunications industry has been Securus Technologies. Unlike other telecommunications companies, Securus Technologies tends to compete in the industry that provides services to the law enforcement industry.


While it started very small, today Securus Technologies provides its services to more than 1,000 different law enforcement facilities in Correctional Facilities across the country. In total, it provides services to facilities that house more than 1 million different inmates. Ever since the company was first founded, it has had the reputation for being extremely innovative.


Over the past few years it has introduced a new video visitation service that has provided inmates and family members with the ability to connect like never before. Today, hundreds of thousands of inmates are able to use the service to have live video chats with their loved ones. This has helped to reduce the demand for in-person visitation, which has also helped to reduce a serious security and administrative burden that has come with in-person visits.


While the video visitation service has a lot of benefits to the inmates and the facilities, it has also helped to solve and prevent crimes. Whenever an inmate makes or receives a video visitation call, they are required to permit the correctional facility to record and monitor the conversation. The Securus Technologies company then has the ability to provide monitoring services to the correctional facility. When necessary, Securus Technologies is able to notify the correctional facility if they receive an indication that a crime is being planned.


After sending on the information to the correctional facility, the facility management is then able to use the information as evidence. This has then been used to help solve and prevent crimes from taking place inside and outside of the prison system.


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