Innovation Mixed With Healthy Eating – Nathaniel Ru’s Sweetgreen

In the highly competitive food industry, the biggest challenge is bringing something new to the table. Luckily, people like Nathaniel Ru have found a way to differentiate the existing market and open up a new sector of their own.

Ru established himself as a prominent businessman even before he ever got around his graduation from Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. where he began his endeavor.

With a few friends who shared his passion, he decided to turn the lack of healthy eating options in this area into a lucrative opportunity. After recognizing the demand for wholesome food choices, he opened up the first “Sweetgreen”.

Fast forward to a couple of years later and Sweetgreen is now a very successful franchise that has over 40 locations. Ru lets other franchisees take advantage of this concept, while not limiting their personal designs or leading styles.

Basically, he takes a step back and lets every business owner who invests into Sweetgreen lead their business in their own way so that customers can have a different experience every time that they go to one of these restaurants. Read more: Sweetgreen Entreprenuers | Fortune and  Nathaniel Ru | LinkedIn

The goal of the business is to also make sure the customers have many choices for healthy eating as the menu is mostly salad-based. To ensure that the forever-changing needs of the market are being met, Ru uses a seasonal menu that will be changed whenever necessary. This way, people have something new to try every now and then, but can still come back for their favorite meals every once in a while.

Moreover, Ru’s business has cemented their involvement in the healthy lifestyle by organizing events such as yoga classes and promotions for local gyms within the Sweetgreen restaurants.

Employees of the business also enjoy numerous perks. A few weeks of every year, most employees will get a chance to work for the main restaurant location so that they can become aware of the way things operate. Also, minor acts of kindness like having umbrellas ready to go indicate that everyone is treated like an on-going investment.

The brilliance of Ru’s business model has proven to be very successful as hundreds of people are loyal to his brand.

The fact that this young entrepreneur recognizes the importance of decentralized leadership and continuous improvement has definitely helped him become one of the “30 under 30” people in the food industry to watch for according to Forbes magazine!


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