Control Your Own Finances With Igor Cornelsen

How much do we know about the analysts we entrust our money to when looking for investment opportunities? This is just one of the questions the Brazilian investment specialist, Igor Cornelsen believes we should all be asking no matter how experienced we may be as investors in a range of different markets; the main advisor to the clients of Bainbridge Investments believes the use of analysts and advisors is important but should be used to learn about trading so an individual can make their own choices in the future about making specific investments.

There are a number of different options recommended by Igor Cornelsen for learning more about the options available to each investor including the chance to explore the many different books which have been written over the years to provide assistance for millions of investors around the world. One of Brazil’s most prominent bankers of the 1990s and 200s0s, Cornelsen retired in 2010 and now divides his time between Southern Florida and Brazil with a growing amount of time spent working with the Bainbridge Investments group.

It is important for any individual looking to make a major investment for the future to have a clear understanding of what their advisor is explaining to them as they set out on an investment opportunity. Despite calling on all investors to enter the trading industry as early as possible, Igor Cornelsen also believes it is important for an investor to have a complete understanding of the language used by analysts to protect themselves in their investments for the future.

A diversified portfolio is another aspect of investing which Igor states should always be explored as the lowered chances of problems occurring in the future makes this an important part of the needs of any investor. The portfolio of an investor is always of growing importance as the constant ups and downs of the financial markets can cause issues for any investor throughout their trading career.


Elysium Health Changes the Game with Basis

Elysium Health, a health-oriented startup, has effectively positioned itself to take up the demanding role of delivering clinically tested supplements to the public. Since the company relies heavily on the work of researchers, Elysium Health has sought to align its operations with award-winning, world-renowned scientists. The company also has partnerships with major research institutions, including Cambridge, Oxford, and Harvard.

Established in 2014 by Dr. Leonard Guarente, the Director of the Glenn Laboratories for the Science of Aging at MIT, Elysium Health is committed to bringing safe and effective products to the public. The first and only product Elysium Health has delivered in the market is Basis, a daily supplement that seeks to support your cellular health.

Basis replenishes your cells with nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide—shortened to NAD+. The coenzyme plays a critical role in your body, specifically in cellular biological processes. As age advances, production of NAD+ can decline. The decline can then affect the major cellular processes that depend on sufficient supply of NAD+. Some of these processes include DNA maintenance, energy creation, and circadian rhythm regulation.

The supplement Basis, therefore, is designed to sustain NAD+ levels. Basis has taken a significant amount of time and resources in terms of research and development. The supplement has been clinically proven to work. World-class scientists sit on the company’s board. Following its vision of making the product available to everybody, Elysium Health offers Basis in several subscription plans on the company’s website. The monthly subscription plan is available at $50. However, the most used method by many people is the $270 plan that is renewable after every six months.

Waiakea Water is Healthy, Sustainable, and Environmentally Friendly

It’s not easy to be a water bottle company in today’s society. That’s because it’s an overly saturated market with different companies that are trying to set themselves apart. Many of the water bottle companies make bold claims that they’re different, healthier, and more environmentally friendly. Often times, these are just claims and nothing more. Society is doing their research now and they’re not bought by cheap claims. Water bottle companies actually need to deliver on their promises and there is one that is doing that. Waiakea Water is unlike anything created before.

Waiakea Water comes right from Hawaii where the water is the purest. Their bottles of water are packed with the most refreshing water that has been filtered through a volcano. That means that the water is rich in minerals such as calcium, potassium, and magnesium. All of those ingredients are great for your hair, skin, and bones. It’s great when you can feel refreshed from a product and know that it’s doing great for your body. Waiakea is naturally alkaline and electrolyte-rich. The pH ranges between 7.6 and 8.2 which makes it one of the purest waters.

Waiakea Water is more than just a great-tasting and healthy product. Their water bottles are trendy and doing wonders for the environment. Many who purchase plastic water bottles often wonder where they’re ending up because of how bad they are for the environment. Luckily, Waiakea is helping put those fears to bed. At the end of last year, Waiakea announced that they are one step closer to creating the first fully degradable bottle which will be available in 2018.

You may think that all water tastes the same but that’s not the case. Because of how Waiakea is made, it tastes pure and silky. Artificially alkaline water can cause stomach products but luckily Waiakea is all natural. The founder of Waiakea also created this product because he believes in the power of silica. The founder referenced a study which said drinking 10 mg per day of silica in water can reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s by 11%.

Louis Chenevert Experiences Consistent Success in Multiple Business Sectors

It takes talent to find success in one area of business. So it is quite something to find a business leader who has staked a name for himself in several business sectors. For Canadian business legend, Louis Chênevert, finding success atop different businesses was just something that came naturally to him.

Mr. Chênevert was educated at HEC Montréal, which was an affiliated business school at the University of Montreal. He graduated with a bachelor of business administration degree in production management in 1979. From there, Mr. Chênevert began his career at General Motors.

While working at the largest car company in the world, Louis Chênevert rose to the title of general production manager. After 14 years at General Motors, Mr. Chênevert joined Canadian aircraft engine manufacturer Pratt & Whitney Canada. While at Pratt & Whitney, Mr. Chênevert became Vice President of Operations and later President of the company.

As Louis Chênevert found success at Pratt & Whitney Canada, other companies showed interest in the business leader. And it wasn’t long before a major Fortune 500 company would offer Mr. Chênevert an offer he couldn’t refuse. So in March 2006, Mr. Chênevert joined blue-chip giant United Technologies Corp. as their Chief Operating Officer, as well as the President of the company. Additionally, Mr. Chênevert was also appointed to the company’s board of directors.

Less than two years later, Mr. Chênevert became the Chief Executive Officer at United Technologies Corporation. Finally, in 2010, the Canadian business leader became the Chairman of the Board of the same company.

Louis Chênevert’s leadership and success was recognized in 2011 when trade magazine Aviation Week & Space Technology named him as their Person of the Year. From General Motor to United Technologies Corporate, Mr. Chênevert has found success. It is this type of talent and determination that has made Mr. Chênevert’s resume tough to match in today’s business world.

Jeunesse Global Develops Strong Lineup of New Products

Jeunesse Global is one of the most fascinating success stories to come out of the global health and beauty industry over the last decade. The company was founded in 2009 by a retired couple that had spent their entire adult lives creating successful businesses in the direct marketing and health and beauty sectors.

Both Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis are entrepreneurial veterans with massive experience in the direct marketing business. But they had already achieved all of their financial goals. The couple had been independently wealthy for years as a result of founding a string of highly successful startups.

After making the decision to retire, however, it didn’t take long for boredom to begin setting in. Wendy Lewis began selling a few beauty products out of the couple’s garage as a means to pass the time. Before long, Randy Ray had jumped in as well. Jeunesse Global was born.

Over the first year in business, Jeunesse Global grew from nothing to a health and beauty distributorship with more than a dozen salespeople. By the end of the third year, the company was doing millions of dollars in business every year. Today, Jeunesse Global is a nearly billion-dollar company that operates in dozens of countries across the globe. It has created some of the most exciting new products that have hit the health and beauty scene in recent memory.

Some of these products are so unique that they simply have no real competition. One example is Jeunesse Global’s skin care cream Luminesce. The creme is aimed at preventing the aging process from setting in. It is also able to restore a health, vital glow to skin that has been affected by the aging process, restoring youthful elasticity and making wrinkles seemingly disappear with only one application.

Jeunesse has also developed a proprietary line of vitamins. Known as AM PM Essentials, the vitamins are a totally unique formulation that allows for optimal functioning in both the morning and night as well as providing the user with a restful sleep.

The company has also began marketing its revolutionary energy drink, Nevo. The drink contains all-natural ingredients.

CEO Rick Smith: Excels In Inmate Advanced Technology Solutions

The Securus Technologies network has been a part of the inmate telecommunications industry for over 50+ years. They allow their customers to be an active part of their network with real customer feedback options. Customers are prompted to tell other users about their experience and refer services over an elite customer feedback forum located on their website. Their customers have the option of choosing from technologically advanced features that aren’t available through competitor networks. As an initial network regulating provider, Securus is now a leading telecommunications provider under the direction of their professional businessman and CEO, Rick A. Smith.

Who Is Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies started as a state operated telecommunications regulations provider under the direction of the local Public Utility Commission. Their responsibilities included auditing other networks, monitoring inmate telecommunications, surveillance, and customer support. They were responsible for the regulating of other networks including Global Tel-Link. Securus soon became an inmate calling provider on their own allowing their customers to take part in a trusted network with affordable rates. They’re also the recent recipients of the prestigious Stevie Award for an excellence in customer service and continue to train their over 13,000+ in a high level of customer support. Read more on

How Rick A. Smith Plays His Role At Securus

Rick A. Smith was the main force behind the Securus Technologies crime prevention program designed at stopping most inmate telecommunications crimes beyond incarceration. They have enacted a customer feedback forum that has was designed by their CEO, Rick Smith. He understood that most crimes in a correctional facility start over the telephone and he ensured Securus would be there with proven results.

Securus Technologies Crime Prevention

– stop illegal inmate gambling

– stop illegal inmate money transfer

– stop correctional facility cellphone abuse

– ensure the safety of the general public

– stop illegal inmate contraband

Securus Technologies Popular Features

Remote Visitation

Are you interested in avoiding those uncomfortable, but necessary searches to visit your friends and love ones in a correctional facility? The Securus Technologies visitation app is one of their most popular features among user comments. They offer a this feature to customers eighteen years of age or older with a valid payment method. Read more on

Inmate Voicemail

An inmate voicemail options allows you to get a message to an inmate in record timing for a small fee. They’re given an access account from the facility and they can retrieve facility approved messages at any time.

Rick Smith Securus continues to be the leaders in a competitive inmate calling network. There website provides a detailed listing of all of their services and features with an easy registration process conveniently from online.

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