Control Your Own Finances With Igor Cornelsen

How much do we know about the analysts we entrust our money to when looking for investment opportunities? This is just one of the questions the Brazilian investment specialist, Igor Cornelsen believes we should all be asking no matter how experienced we may be as investors in a range of different markets; the main advisor to the clients of Bainbridge Investments believes the use of analysts and advisors is important but should be used to learn about trading so an individual can make their own choices in the future about making specific investments.

There are a number of different options recommended by Igor Cornelsen for learning more about the options available to each investor including the chance to explore the many different books which have been written over the years to provide assistance for millions of investors around the world. One of Brazil’s most prominent bankers of the 1990s and 200s0s, Cornelsen retired in 2010 and now divides his time between Southern Florida and Brazil with a growing amount of time spent working with the Bainbridge Investments group.

It is important for any individual looking to make a major investment for the future to have a clear understanding of what their advisor is explaining to them as they set out on an investment opportunity. Despite calling on all investors to enter the trading industry as early as possible, Igor Cornelsen also believes it is important for an investor to have a complete understanding of the language used by analysts to protect themselves in their investments for the future.

A diversified portfolio is another aspect of investing which Igor states should always be explored as the lowered chances of problems occurring in the future makes this an important part of the needs of any investor. The portfolio of an investor is always of growing importance as the constant ups and downs of the financial markets can cause issues for any investor throughout their trading career.


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