Rocketship Education, Creating Equality For Everyone


Even though American is thought of as the land of the free and equal opportunities, reality proves that this is not the case for everyone. Most people who live in lower income neighborhoods do not receive the same opportunists nor education quality level as people who live in higher income areas. Since most areas lack equal opportunists, this causes this areas to have higher crime rates than usual. Sadly, most of the crime comes from children who are younger in age. Rocketship Education has realized this correlation between education, crime, and lower income neighborhoods. Because of this, the school has decided to pen schools in lower income neighborhoods so that they can be able to help these children.

Most of the time, lower income neighborhoods are over looked because most people think that those types of communities are hopeless; however, Rocketship Education has been helping the neighborhoods, the families in these types of neighborhoods, and the children of these neighborhoods for years now. As of now Rocketship Education has not started to provide education to high school children as of now. They just educate children that are in grades K-12. Since Rocketship Education opened, they have been performing very well; in fact, they’re test scores are typically higher than most schools of the city’s that they’re in.

Rocketship Education is one of the first schools that knows that a student’s home life effects there life as school as well. Many educators have already figured this correlation out, but has done nothing about. Rocketship Education is different however, they found out this correlation and took action. In order to keep up with the students and make sure they’re progressing positively, Rocketship Education teachers develop strong transparent relationships with the parents of the students. This has helped teachers to share what the students are learning in class and who they associate them selves with while they’re at school.

These open practices have caused students to grow significantly and it has caused students’ test scores and knowledge to grow significantly. Rocketship Education is a fantastic place for a child to learn !

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