Fabletics-Personalized Service and Great Athleisure Wear

Fabletics is not your average athleisure wear company. In fact, they are competing with some very big companies such as Amazon. They have even worked up to become worth $250 million which is pretty impressive since they have taken their time and scaled slowly rather than using the usual pop up method of growing their company.


Fabletics not only offers great products but they offer great customer service and their Lifestyle Quiz that they have new members take helps to get to know exactly what the customer wants.


It used to be a well-known notion that the higher a product was priced, the better it was presumed to be but not anymore. Fabletics has proved that you don’t need to break the bank to be able to afford stylish and well-made workout wear. Fabletics offers convenience, a personalized shopping experience, and high quality that most people can fit into their budget.


Fabletics has used “reverse showrooming” to their advantage rather than let showrooming affect their business in a negative way. While many businesses are feeling the negative effects of showrooming, Fabletics has found that about 30 to 50 percent of the customers that visit their stores are already members of Fabletics and about 25 percent become members right then and there. That’s because the customers do not have to shop around to get the best deal. It’s already there.


Kate Hudson, the founder of Fabletics, does not have training in the area of business success, but she has founded a very successful company. That is because she is very in-tune to her company and to her customer base. She knows hat her customers want because she is listening. The Lifestyle Quiz that Fabletics encourages all new members to take when first joining the club has proved invaluable in providing information on what the customer really wants.


Kate Hudson stays involved in her company and adjusts her athleisure wear to suit the needs of her clients. If something is just not selling, she pulls it. If something is a hot item, she will keep selling it. Fabletics offer a very intimate and personalized service that is convenient and still remains affordable for the average person to afford. Although she is very good at what she does, Hudson still stays very grounded and humble, and she is a real person with an active lifestyle. Part of her success can be accredited to that.

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