How Ara Chackerian Has Helped People Around The World Live A Better Life

Ara Chackerian is a leader in of several medical technology organizations. He is an investor and entrepreneur who lives with his family in San Francisco. He doesn’t always invest with the motivation of earning money back, however. He likes to be an angel investor which is the opposite of a venture investor. By doing that, he gives money to startups that are looking to get through their earliest stages of development. The goal is to help the people behind the new company, as well as society in general, bring forth new and innovative products.


The first company that Ara Chackerian founded was BMC Diagnostics, Inc. This medical diagnostics company, which he founded in 1998, was based in Emeryville, California. It was a successful venture, but he moved on and founded other companies like Pipeline Rx, which offers Telepharmacy services across the United States. Another successful company that he founded was TMS Health Solutions. This company, located in the Bay Area, helps people who have depression and have tried regular therapies, such as taking prescription drugs and have not had success in treating their depression. TMS Health instead offers an alternative that involves transcranial magnet stimulation, which has shown to be an effective way to treat patients with severe cases of depression.


As a philanthropist, Ara Chackerian has been very active. For five and a half years he was the chairman emeritus of Juma Ventures, an organization that seeks to alleviate poverty around the world. He also owns a teak farm in Nicaragua. This farm focuses on sustainable farming practices and doing its part to prevent deforestation. It also has the big benefit of taking in big quantities of carbon dioxide and helping combat climate change. He also started a charity to help the people of Nicaragua by helping them learn good job skills and increasing their income. In order to promote local community growth, Chackerian hires locally and pays very good wages to his employees which has helped the area around his teak farm prosper. You can look on Google to see more information about these philanthropic investments by Ara.





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