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The local community in Sussex, UK is excited about the appointment of Amanda Morgan-Taylor to the role of CEO or Chief Executive Officer at Sussex Healthcare. Certainly, this dedicated healthcare professional is going to bring about even more positive changes within the system that provides individualized care to people that reside in their care homes.

The fact is that the organization requires a top quality management team and a top quality staff to keep the organization operating smoothly. Consequently, Sussex Healthcare is hiring new, highly motivated healthcare workers to fill the job openings at Sussex Healthcare.

Sussex Health Care was founded in 1985. Today, they have over 25 years experience in the healthcare industry and numerous health care homes across the community. Sussex Healthcare believes in taking care of the entire individual. Clearly, this is the only way to maintain a healthy body and mind. Therefore, the organization provides social, leisure, and recreational activities for the individuals in their homes. Of course, the organization requires highly skilled and trained individuals to help provide social, leisure, and recreational activities to people in the care homes. Therefore, the organization actively recruits new individuals through the year to fill those ranks.

Sussex Healthcare Provides Important Support Services
Sussex Healthcare provides a wide range of support services to people in their care homes. The organization specializes in providing care to the elderly, support and peace of mind for dementia patients, neurological care, and services for people with learning or physical disabilities.

Work For Sussex Healthcare
Sussex Healthcare is an independent organization that provides support services to individuals in their 20 care homes. The staff in the homes are kind, caring, and compassionate people that are very dedicated to their career. Sussex Healthcare believes strongly in providing the highest quality of care to people in their care homes. Would you like to work at Sussex Healthcare? Here are a few of the current job listings to consider.

Registered Care Home Manager – Provide residential care at Sussex

Care Assistant – to meet the personal care needs of people in the care homes

Team Leader – care for young adults with physical or learning disabilities

Driver – provide transportation services to home care occupants

Laundry Assistant – to provide high quality laundry service to elderly patients

Administrator – to assist the home manager in daily operations

Registered Mental Health Nurse – provide health services to care home occupants

Activity Assistant – residential care

Dental Receptionist – reception and administrative duties

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