Flavio Maluf Splendidly Explains the Partnership Between Eucatex and Duratex

Success in many companies entails coming together with likeminded organization for a symbiotic relationship to attain a common goal. However, communicating such partnership to both organizations can be propelled by a prolific leader who clearly explains the goals of partnership. Flavio Maluf is a perfect example of such a leader with splendid management skills who acutely communicate changes within the organization. The communications of such changes are so crucial in helping the organization move together in oneness knowing well their vision and goal.

Background Information

Eucatex and Duratex confirmed they will partner together in which Eucatex is to give one farm at Capao Bonito in exchange for a wood production line in Botucatu. Duratex on the other hand will use the farm for raw material adjacent to its production line at Itapetinga. The business is approximated at R $ 60 m and the Botucatu plant employs 280 with estimated production of 200,000, cubic meter annually. Visit barbacenaonline.com to learn more.


Flavio Maluf the president, Eucatex informed accordingly, the company workers as well as the leaders of Botucatu on the resolution that was arrived at; however, he said the deal is awaiting an approval by CADE. He explained the benefits from the deal citing it is a deal to stretch the production capacity by 70% on fiber, 40% for paper printing capacity in addition to 30% capacity incline on paint.

Maluf Shares Details of the Business Deal

Flavio Maluf, in his exhibition of exemplary leadership skills did an official note to explain the terms of the unity between those two companies. While explaining to co-workersall the deliberations, he stated his pleasure after acquiring a production unit that would be used to produce wood sheet.FlavioMaluf further motivated his team giving the details of the gains they will obtain.

The Outline

Besides the benefits, it was expected that their presence in the market will significantly strengthen to areas they have never penetrated before.The vehement president moreover called upon collaboration, upon approval,of all employees to revive their energy and position themselves in readiness to utilization of the upcoming openings created by the merger.

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