Johanan Rand Talks about the Changes Our Body Goes Through with Age

There have been numerous studies and research on aging and how the modern medical science can delay the process of aging and help a person look young for longer. Even though there has been some medical therapies and treatment available to help people look younger and stop the aging signs from becoming prominent, there are some areas that still need to be worked upon. One of the names in the field of anti-aging research and treatment that has become highly popular among the people is that of Dr. Johanan Rand. Dr. Johanan Rand has completed his medical education from the famous Albert Einstein Medical Center in New York.


There are many different types of aging-related health complications and other symptoms that people face as they get older. Dr. Johanan Rand helps his patients face these issues through his treatment that is quite popular. Some of the age-related complications that Dr. Johanan Rand is known to help patients with are fatigue, low libido, anxiety, depression, hot flashes, night sweats, and more. Dr. Rand actually studies the medical history of the patient and provides them with the comprehensive medical treatment that helps them live their life normally without feeling the negative effect of these complications. Dr. Rand feels that the loss of good hormones in the body is one of the reasons why the aging signs show up. Some of the good hormones that the body loses with age are progesterone, estrogen, DHEA, and HGH hormone.


Dr. Johanan Rand has been able to devise HCG diet that he asks his patients to follow. It would help with weight management and ensure that they can stay energized and look young. It would also help the body with hormone management. Dr. Johanan Rand combines the power of hormone therapy, diet, and nutrition to help the patients get over the aging problems they are facing. The best part of him is that he understands the patient’s problems first and do not come to a conclusion till all the tests are done with. After that, he prescribes the medicines and other physical exercises to help the patient get better.



Stansberry Research Wins Big With Insurance Investment Advice

Stansberry Research is proud of its record of publishing investment advice and recommendations to investors that have made the decision to manage portfolios themselves. The company was originally founded by Porter Stansberry and has now grown to possess more than half a million subscribers. The company attributes this growth to the excellent financial advice afforded to its readers due to the combined 175 years of combined experience and expertise possessed by the analyst that write for the publication.


Porter Stansberry has accumulated a number of notable distinctions in the world of financial advice in his own right. One of them being that he was the first editor of the planet’s oldest financial advice newsletter to be written in English when he agreed to perform these duties for the Fleet Street Letter.


To really understand the great financial advice provided to its readers it is important to consider Stansberry Research’s track record for investments concerning insurance companies.


Over the past six years, Insurance investment recommendations given by Stansberry Research have resulted in an annual gain of 20%. And even more impressive is the fact that these gains could have been a lot higher for investors choosing to keep the recommended stocks over the entire period instead of the more conservative strategy suggested by the company to be sure of investor safety.


Stansberry Research has crafted a reputation for this type of market performance due to its philosophy among its analyst to only provide readers with advice that they themselves would follow. This has made the company’s approach to long-term subscription service easier to attain as readers are more than impressed by the extreme value of the financial advice being granted to them.


The company also proves its worth to potential new subscribers by providing annual public evaluations of its own last year’s investment advice. Stansberry research also provides monthly evaluations of its own stock choices in its newsletters to keep readers abreast of the progress of every selection.


The outlook for the future of the company can only be the expectation of more of the same as the focus continues to be providing the best financial advice by the most knowledgeable financial analysts in the market to its readers.

Event Highlights The Amazing Career And Contributions Of Judge Marco Antonio Marques da Silva

PUC-Sao Paulo honored judge Marco Antonio Marques da Silva on April 1st. The judge was in attendance when it was announced that one of the auditoriums at Perdizes Campus was named after him. It’s worth noting that the judge is a professor at the institution. He teaches criminal law.


Dirceu de Mello, who is the president of the university, hosted the ceremony. He gave a speech, in which he praised the judge’s character and said that he (the judge) is always on hand ready to help with anything and everything. The president continued to say the decision to name one of the new auditoriums after the judge was the right thing to do. This is because Marco Antonio played a crucial role in the development of them.


Another well-known figure at the university gave a speech too, and he praised the judge. Ricardo Sayeg discussed the judge’s career in his speech, pointing out that at the age of 15, Marco Antonio made the decision he wanted a law career.


In 1997, Marco Antonio became a step closer to achieving his dream when he started to attend PUC. He graduated from the university in 1981 but he still pursued various degrees. He earned several degrees from Pontifical Catholic University. He also attended the Faculty of Law, located in Coimbra, in 2005. It was there he earned his post-doctoral degree.


In 1983, Marco Antonio became a member of the State Judiciary. He has worked in multiple counties, including Monte Alto and Palmeira D’Oeste as well as Sao Paulo. His hard work paid off and eventually he became a judge in the Court of Appeals. Sayeg’s speech included mentions of the judge’s literary work. He said the judge authored over 30 articles and over 10 books.


Marco Antonio Marques da Silva took to the stage and thanked his friends, family and God. He mentioned how he is a man who strongly values education, family, friends and justice. Marco Antonio said he has strong values in those because he believes nothing is accomplished alone. He went on to give thanks to his sister, wife and his mother as well as his two daughters.


Perry Mandera: Humanitarian For The 21st Century

Perry Mandera is the founder and CEO of Custom Cares Charities, a humanitarian non profit organization that has long been his vision.

As an innovator in the booming transportation industry, Perry Mandera has remained committed to strengthening the community around him. Through raising his family with strong values,

serving in and donating to his church, and many other acts of service and kindness over the years since he served with distinction in the Marine Corps. Mandera joined the Marine Corps after graduating high school

in 1975 and was able to master driving transport vehicles while serving. Notably, Mandera was honorably discharged from the Marine Corps, which is a high honor reserved for only the best Marines serving our country.


After leaving the military, Perry Mandera worked for several transportation companies learning all he could about the industry and increasing his experience. It was long until Mandera founded his first business venture, in 1980 he

created a transport company of his own, albeit selling the company just five years later. After the sale of his first company, Perry Mandera pursued an interest in politics and became a committeeman as part of the Republican Party

in the city of Chicago for four years. In that pistion of public service, Madera held the distinction of being the youngest person to hold that office.


After his remarkable public service, Perry Mandera founded his second business, The Custom Companies, Inc. which he founded in 1986 and is growing even moving forward into the 21st century.

The Custom Companies, Inc. works with all types and sizes of venture from the enterprise-level corporations all the way down to small family businesses. Headquartered in Illinois, Custom Companies is the employer hundreds of workers

count on and recently broke the $200M in annual sales benchmark. Aside from the Illinois-based headquarters, there are various other subsidies and offices across the nation. Custom Companies acts as a full-service transportation firm,

purveying services lines such as foreign and domestic air freight, cartage by contract, and locally-based cartage. Custom Co. has a broad range of supplementary services and has a bonded warehouse plus distribtuion facility.


Jorge Moll: Unlocking the Secrets of the Brain

Jorge Moll is one of the most successful neurologist, credited for discovering a hidden chamber inside the brain that is responsible for releasing hormones that are activated when someone is in a state of generosity. Jorge Moll has been wondering why some people are feeling warm and fuzzy everytime they are trying to act generously. He wanted to know if there could be a scientific explanation why this phenomenon is happening, so he conducted an experiment in 2006 to determine the cause of this event. He partnered with some neurologists who are also experts in their own field, and he conducted a meeting on how the study would take place.


After the planning stage, Jorge Moll invited 25 individuals who would be the subject of the experiment. He told them that their minds will be read by a machine while thinking about a hypothetical scenario. The subjects were taken inside an empty room, and various apparatus were attached to their bodies. These devices are connected to a central computer where Jorge Moll and his colleagues will be watching. The first scenario would require the subjects to think about themselves being generous of doing a charitable work. Jorge Moll observed that during this scenario, the brain activity of the subjects are at maximum, moving at a strong pace. Then, he asked the subjects to think about a scenario which depicts themselves as selfish individuals. The computer showed no activity this time, prompting Jorge Moll to conclude what they have found out during the experiment.


He published the study on a scientific journal, and stated that the brain is very active everytime it thinks about a scenario involving charitable works and generosity. On the other hand, the brain tends to be inactive if it thinks about being selfish. He also discovered that a small chamber inside the brain is responsible for releasing hormones that causes someone who gives it being charitable to feel great, so there is indeed a scientific explanation regarding this phenomenon. The scientific community praised his works, and they stated that the ground breaking research about the brain could help future scientists.


IC System’s History

There are numerous receivable accounts companies in the United States today. However, none of them matches IC System regarding delivery of service and commitment to their duty. The company has had a long history that spurns back to 1938 when it began its operations. Clients have had a longstanding relationship with this firm, and this is largely due to the effectiveness of the experience of IC System staff. IC System has been in the market for almost eighty years, and this is an incredible achievement considering the numerous hurdles that are experienced in this field.

History of IC System


This company was started by a couple that was keen to make a name in business by giving what they thought other firms failed to deliver. Ruth and Jack Erickson put all their efforts into developing this family, and it has been succeeded to other generations since then. The couple had strong values that they taught to their employees as well as kids. These values have continually been passed to each generation and this one of the primary reasons why IC System has been successful. In recognition of the ethical values that IC System staff possess, the firm has received numerous awards. Recently, the firm has been a finalist for three years for one of the highly coveted ethics awards.


The company has also achieved a lot especially in the area of innovation. IC Systems was the first receivable accounts company to start using computers at a time when the others were stuck to using typewriters. This company continues on an upward trajectory in the field of innovation. The responsible regulatory bodies have approved most of the firm’s innovations.


In addition to innovation, the company is also committed to helping the surrounding community. They regularly give out to charity organizations and also volunteer in activities such as garbage collection. Various charity projects have benefited from the firm’s commitment. Some of these projects include The Special Olympics, Toys for Tots and Red Cross. (premiergazette)


The company also has a corporate responsibility of taking care of the environment. They encourage clients and employees to practice keeping the environment clean at all times. This is through the use of renewable sources of energy.


Jeff Yastine Investment Advice

Jeff Yastine Investment Advice

Educational Background

Jeff Yastine is a renowned editorial director in Bunyan Hill Publishing. Jeff Yastine holds a BA in Telecommunications from the University of Florida. Jeff is an experienced editor from different organisations such as The Oxford Club where he was an Editorial Director from April 2011 to May 2013. Later, he joined the NewsMax in 2013 till July 2015 working as a Finance Director.

Work Experience

Jeff Yastine decided to join the Banyan Hill Publishing in 2015. With more significant experience in stock market investment, Jeff incorporated his journalism skill to publish articles on; financial investment trends, latest business news as well as relevant profit-making business areas. His motive was to help investors understand monetary trends in the economy. Jeff has worked with distinguished investors such as Sir Richard Branson, John Bogle, Bill Gross and others. It’s by engaging with them that he has understood the investment principals of such entrepreneurs.

Through his recent publications, Jeff identifies promising investment opportunities that can accumulate vast chunks of profits to investors and entrepreneurs. His writings focus on diverse kind of business sectors from biotech to retail to agriculture. In 2007, The Business Emmy Award-nominated Jeff Yastine after he reported an underfunded public infrastructure and bridges in the US.

Banyan Hill Publishing

Recently, the desire to get investment advice has been on the rise. Notably, over 400,000 people are on the look for the most promising investment opportunity to invest. In this case, Banyan Hill Publishing is one of the rapid-growing publishers on investment decisions.

Objectives of Bunyan Hill Investment

  • Advises readers on different Investment strategies.
  • Establishing and handling offshore bank accounts.
  • Perpetuating the privacy of financial decisions.
  • Protecting company’s assets.
  • Helping individuals make quick business decisions on their own.

 If you have desired to guard your wealth, then Banyan Hill Publishing is the best alternative for you. You can opt to consult their renowned experts for advice concerning investment decisions, financial decisions or even liquidity decisions. Jeff Yastine for example, advice entrepreneurs all over the globe on how to control the future of their finances.

For entrepreneurs who get bombarded by fake investment advice from mainstream media, they have hope since Banyan Hill Publishing is here to help. From the enticing and promising alternatives, Banyan Hill Publishing give entrepreneurs full-time support and advice when their businesses are going south.

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Ted Bauman on the Leading Media Station

Ted Bauman on the Leading Media Station

Educational Background

Born in Washington DC, Ted Bauman grew up in South Africa where he studied a postgraduate degree in Economics and History in Cape Town University. Later, he joined The State University of New York to pursue a BS in Business Administration from 1989 to 1993. Ted Bauman was gifted academically. Thus, he decided to continue with his academics. He joined Georgia State University for an MBA in Finance. Visit Ted Bauman to learn more.

Work Experience

During Ted Bauman’s stay in South Africa, Ted focused on the making of post-apartheid policies of the country. Later, he ventured into the European and African government to work as an entity consultant. In fact, Ted got some clients enabling him to travel Asia and Africa for political and economic purposes. Such interactions contributed to his diverse experience on the political and economic dynamics of other societies. In 2008, Ted went to Atlanta to work for non-profit making organizations. Here, Ted Bauman incorporated his economics knowledge to assess how active the organization was. Years later, Ted then joined the Banyan Hill Publishing as an editor working part-time. Being an economist by profession, Ted applied his expertise in economics to write a prolific investment landscape to his clients. Readers reading his publications receive unique insights on monetary trends, investment decisions and financial decisions.

Ted Bauman’s Goals in Banyan Hill Publishing

  • Detailed ways of safeguarding wealth.
  • Gives stock recommendations and building a trading system which is algorithmic.
  • Teaching how to Incorporate legal strategies, personal strategies and innovative investment to secure wealth.
  • Providing ideas on how to grow their wealth.

Such advice from Ted has immensely increased readers in the Banyan Hill Publishing. Ted is among the experts behind the success of Banyan Hill Publishing. He has worked as a pertinent role in propelling The Sovereign Society to the point of being named as the leading asset protection investment.

Key roles on Banyan Publishing

  • Investment decision
  • Entrepreneurship decision
  • Asset protection

It’s important to note that despite other alternatives to learning how to safeguard your wealth, Banyan Hill publishing is out-shareable. In fact, Banyan Hill Publishing has experts with broader experience in economics and the outside world. Ted Bauman is an example of an advisor who has in the past decades advised different companies, world leaders to the point of immense success. View:



Everyone Loves the Big Bad Whitney Wolfe and her Company Bumble

Bumble is an anomaly for an online dating service. This online dating company appeared online late in 2014 and it is now one of the biggest and most astounding hook up spots on the world wide web. True enough, there are plenty of people of who have never heard of Bumble. However, this dating app is gaining attention in almost every facet of society.

Bumble is a dating app that has been designed to exult feminism. The site is not feminist from the sense that women are trying to dethrone men and force them to be subservient. No, it’s more like women on this site want to be respected and treated as equals with their male partners. The site operates off a standard that only allows women to make the first move.

What this means is that guys can’t go up and talk to a female and “get her number” or “pick her up”. She has to be the one to decide if she wants to do that to him. The most a guy can do on Bumble is to show Whitney Wolfe’s interest and he has to wait around for the woman to make up her mind if she wants him or not. In most cases, females will “walk up to a guy” who caught their attention and try to “pick him up” and “get his number”. Females are truly empowered through Bumble.

Whitney Wolfe decided to make this site like this because she was tired of some worthless men exerting their hierarchical position over them. Mrs. Wolfe Herd was wrongly harassed by some men at the last dating company she worked for. The name of this organization is Tinder. Whitney ended up winning a settlement due to sexual harassment and gender bias issues on her job.

Whitney loves men and so does (the female members of her company) Bumble. If not, Whitney Wolfe would have never married Michael Herd. These two lovebirds tied the knot in December of 2017. They’re young, rich and in love. What female would not want that type of life with any man? Whitney Wolfe is a beautiful woman who has been blessed with good looks, intelligence, wealth and a great husband. However, she knows that the struggle for women rights is real and she wants to do her part. That is why everyone loves the Big Bad Whitney Wolfe and her company Bumble.

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Felipe Montoro Jens sheds some light on IDB’s Special Meeting held in Mendoza

A few months ago, Governors of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) held the Special Meeting on March 24, in the beautiful city of Mendoza, Argentina. Present in the meeting was Dyogo Oliveira, Brazil’s Minister of Planning, Development, and Management, who asserted the importance of having private infrastructure investments.

This is according to Felipe Montoro Jens who reports on the finer details of the meeting. IDB is the largest organization that aims at making life better for the people living in Latin America and the Caribbean. IDB consistently provides technical and financial support to curb the rates of poverty, improve education and health and also advance and increase infrastructure.

In the meeting, DyogoOliviera further affirmed the need for IDB to support efforts directed towards finding more viable solutions for managing the risk of big private investments in Latin America. As Felipe Montoro reports, the minister said that these will boost the confidence for private investors to take up big infrastructural projects in Brazil and extensive Latin America. View to learn more.

Luis Caputo, minister of finance of Argentina, could not agree more, stressing the importance of levering private investments in the region. Spain’s, Secretary of State for Economy and Business Support, Mr. Garrido, acknowledged that Latin America is a prime market for mega infrastructure projects. As Felipe reports, Garrido singled out Brazil as the first preference country for major Spanish investments.

Minister Oliveira further highlighted the need for Brazil to prepare in terms of development for the next Industrial Revolution. He said that Brazil had taken major steps towards achieving this pointing to the numerous Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) that Brazil had made.

In his report, Montoro says that the President of IDB, Alberto Moreno, recognized the need for more high-value investments in Latin America. Moreno said that the region needs to be connected in terms of integrating infrastructure to create more convergence and enable more bi-directional communication across all the countries of Latin America.

Who is Felipe Montoro Jens?

He is the CEO of EnergiparCaptação S.A and also serves Concessionária do Centro Administrativo do Distrito Federal S.A as their Chairman. He is a seasoned finance professional who has worked for high net worth individualsand also big corporations like Santo Antonio Energia, where he served as director. He is an expert in infrastructure investments and improvements. Montoro attended Getulio Vargas Foundation, one of the premier schools in Brazil, where he attained his business degree

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