The RealReal Ventures Into A New Market

The RealReal is a beauty company that was created as a small enterprise by Julie Wainwright. Ms. Wainwright is the current CEO of the firm. At its creation, it had only one employee. This was Ms. Wainwright who worked from her kitchen table to sort the clothes that he sold out to her clients. The company has rapidly grown to become a market leader with over 600 employees. It has also opened numerous offices in the United States from where it sells clothes as well as exporting to other parts of the world. The firm primarily deals with buying used designer items and selling them out to buyers who require them.

Recently, one of their Manhattan’s sale store has introduced beauty products. These products have been on the market on this store for an extended period, and clients have been buying them massively. Their Las Vegas stores are also selling similar beauty products. Rati Levesque is the current chief merchant of this firm. She says that they are dedicated to bringing all that the customer requires under one roof by introducing these products both in their online store as well as in their stalls. The firm aims to be the leader in the provision of luxury products. Rati further revealed that currently, they are selling the beauty products on a small scale. However, they plan to increase their stock in the coming months once they get the reception of the clients.

These beauty products are different from what The RealReal typically offers in that they are brand new. The products are, however, clean and safe to use. This is in line with the firm’s dedication towards delivering products that are renewable. Examples of some of the products that the company is set to introduce in their stores include the following:

  • Pai Skincare
  • Babo Botanicals
  • Uma Oils
  • Grown Alchemist

These goods are delivered to the company directly from the producers. The RealReal is not the only company of its kind to recently venture into the marketing of beauty products. Recently, companies such as Anthropologie, Free People, and Madewell have also launched their beauty products. Experts in the beauty industry have commented that retailers have realized that these products attract more customers than clothes. This is the primary reason behind the recent shift towards marketing beauty products.

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