Ara Chackerian Role in Healthcare Industry

Ara Chackerian is an American serial investor who has been doing a great job in his businesses. Ara has been running several investments for some time now, and he has done exceptionally well despite the hardships in the market. At the moment, the businessman is working as the managing partner in a company he founded several years ago, known as ASC Capital Holdings. When starting this organization, the serial investor did not know the kind of future that lay ahead of the amount of challenges he should expect. With hard work and a lot of consistency, Ara Chickerian has registered great milestones, and he is now a role model to many young business people who are trying to venture into this field. The businessman says that his achievements have been brought by the discipline he has instilled in his all his companies. You can visit their Vimeo account to see more.


Although the serial entrepreneur has been investing in so many industries, he is famed for being one of the few individuals who have brought change in the healthcare investments. While most people believe that the government should take care of the investments in the healthcare department, Ara has taken the responsibility of ensuring that people in many parts of the world have access to quality healthcare services with his help. Ara took this initiative several years ago, and he says that he is quite happy about the progress he has been making. His current organization focuses on making investments in the early stage healthcare firms in the country.

While most individuals have been focusing on dealing with investments in profitable industries, there are special and wise investors who have realized that the healthcare department needs a lot of money so that it can flourish. Ara Chickerian knows that people can only improve their economy when they have access to the best medical care, and this is why he has sworn to offer investments in the healthcare department the assistance they need so that they can stand on their own. There are so many companies that have been getting support from Ara Chickerian and his company. The businessman says that he is not going to stop this any time soon. You can visit their Facebook page.



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  1. There are investors who just found success in whatever they do no matter the nature of the market. One of such investors is Ara Chickerian who has had serial investment successes. According to Ara despite successes he has had in his investments, have also venture into the health sector. Ara believes that he can provide quality health service to the many people around the globe and he is doing just that.

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