Everyone Loves the Big Bad Whitney Wolfe and her Company Bumble

Bumble is an anomaly for an online dating service. This online dating company appeared online late in 2014 and it is now one of the biggest and most astounding hook up spots on the world wide web. True enough, there are plenty of people of who have never heard of Bumble. However, this dating app is gaining attention in almost every facet of society.

Bumble is a dating app that has been designed to exult feminism. The site is not feminist from the sense that women are trying to dethrone men and force them to be subservient. No, it’s more like women on this site want to be respected and treated as equals with their male partners. The site operates off a standard that only allows women to make the first move.

What this means is that guys can’t go up and talk to a female and “get her number” or “pick her up”. She has to be the one to decide if she wants to do that to him. The most a guy can do on Bumble is to show Whitney Wolfe’s interest and he has to wait around for the woman to make up her mind if she wants him or not. In most cases, females will “walk up to a guy” who caught their attention and try to “pick him up” and “get his number”. Females are truly empowered through Bumble.

Whitney Wolfe decided to make this site like this because she was tired of some worthless men exerting their hierarchical position over them. Mrs. Wolfe Herd was wrongly harassed by some men at the last dating company she worked for. The name of this organization is Tinder. Whitney ended up winning a settlement due to sexual harassment and gender bias issues on her job.

Whitney loves men and so does (the female members of her company) Bumble. If not, Whitney Wolfe would have never married Michael Herd. These two lovebirds tied the knot in December of 2017. They’re young, rich and in love. What female would not want that type of life with any man? Whitney Wolfe is a beautiful woman who has been blessed with good looks, intelligence, wealth and a great husband. However, she knows that the struggle for women rights is real and she wants to do her part. That is why everyone loves the Big Bad Whitney Wolfe and her company Bumble.

For More info: www.forbes.com/profile/whitney-wolfe/

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