OSI Group sustainability approach under leadership of Sheldon Lavin

OSI Group is the largest food production company in the world today. The company, which is under the leadership of CEO Sheldon Lavin is one of the companies which have shown a great track record of consistent growth. OSI group has a long history; spanning over 100 years. Since the company was started, it has gone through some major developmental stages. When it was started, it was just a butcher shop located in Chicago that had been started by a German immigrant. It later developed into a wholesale business and took the direction of a family business. At this point, it was named Otto & Sons. Until the 1970s this remained the name of the company.

In the 1950s, Otto & Sons got a deal to supply hamburgers to McDonald’s which had just been established. This would be a major opportunity for the company as it would give it the drive to grow further. It even reached a point while McDonald’s was growing that Otto & Sons had to build a plant purposely to supply McDonald’s. As time elapsed, Otto & Sons was changed to OSI Group and placed under the leadership of Sheldon Lavin. Lavin is the one who has now pushed the company to greater heights after he made sure that the company was in a position to move to the global market. OSI Group is today an impressive business which has dominated the food industry. The company is now supplying its food products to 17 countries. This growth has been recorded under the leadership of Sheldon Lavin.

Sheldon Lavin is about 85 years old, but even at this age, he is not ready to leave the company. He wants to make changes that will lead to great development in the company. His approach to production has changed in recent times, and he is paying more attention to the sustainability of the production methods. OSI group is now incorporating state-of-the-art technologies in its facilities to improve efficiency while at the same time reducing environmental pollution. Sheldon Lavin has pinpointed sustainability as a key factor in future operations of the company. The company will try as much as possible to stick with industry’s best practices.


Guilherme Paulus Is A Socially Responsible Brazilian Businessman And The Co-Founder Of CVC Brasil

Guilherme Paulus is the co-founder of the tour operator CVC Brasil Operadora e Agencia de Viagens S.A. The publicly held company began as a smaller travel agency but has now become one of the largest in Brazil and Latin America as a whole. Much of the success of the company can be attributed to Paulus and his business activities. Paulus was born in São Paulo and studied business administration when he was younger. Today, he has accumulated more than 50 years of experience in the tourism sector and started up CVC with his partner Carlos Vicente Cerchiari in 1972. Check out Guilherme Paulus at skalsp.com

Guilherme Paulus was part of the partial sale of CVC to the Carlyle Group in 2009. He figured that the much larger global investment fund could breathe new life into the company and offer it the support it needed to expand beyond its current position. Today, CVC has grown to earn revenue of around $5.2 billion every year and is looking to open 100 new stores on a yearly basis. It has locations in over 400 malls in the country of Brazil and is also a part of commercial galleries and over 100 hypermarkets. The goal of CVC is to continue its expansion into new markets including the global market where it has opened new stores in niche markets in cities around the world. CVC is also working the Omni Channel concept by blending virtual stores with physical stores and offering more to its customers.

Guilherme Paulus is a very socially responsible leader who is a part of the PIET project, which is in existence to train the younger generation to be more aware of socially vulnerable situations in the tourism industry. As a sponsor of the National Project of Professional Initiation in Tourism, the company is also helping to support to younger entrepreneurs in different regions and help them to become more interested in the tourism industry. Guilherme Paulus has been honored with many different awards and is one of the most well-known entrepreneurs in the tourism sector in Brazil and the world. He is now focusing on stepping up his company’s involvement in social responsibility projects and hopes to be a part of making the world a better place for everyone.

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Gregory James Aziz: National Steel Car Success

Gregory James Aziz the CEO of National Steel Car. In addition to that role, he leads the organization as Chairman of the Board of Directors. National Steel Car is located in Hamilton, Ontario and leads as the head manufacturer for railroad freight cars. Gregory James Aziz received his schooling from the University of Western Ontario graduating with an expertise in economics.


It was a 1971, when he joined Affiliate Foods, a wholesale food enterprise owned by his family. Within more than 10 years, the company had grown to the point to where it was a global importer providing fresh food at wholesale prices on the market in the United states and Eastern Canada. Their product from Central America, South America and Europe.


Once Gregory James Aziz headed to New York in the late 1990s, he began working in the investment banking industry. He bought the National Steel Car operation in 1994 and began transforming it into a leading railroad freight car organization. His dream remains today to make the company continue its success. Gregory James Aziz has set his sights on service to the wide area of the North American market.


He has built a professional team that is assisting him in bringing National Steel Car to the forefront with impressive engineering capabilities. In the beginning, National Steel Car had only 2400 employees. As of now, this has grown from 3500 to 12000 cars in production on an annual basis. The talents of the firm are seen in their creativity, manufacturing and engineering abilities which is why the product was and continues to be voted as North America’s leading company for over 18 consistent years.




Gregory James James Aziz remains committed to giving customers and the people of Hamilton great service. As his business National Steel Car grew in high profits, he was always generous in giving many donations to charity. This has brought National Steel Car to be a benefactor in several charity activities throughout the area.


Those that have reaped the benefits of National Steal Car’s generous donations include the Hamilton Opera, the Salvation Army, Theater Aquarius, the United Way, to name a few. National Steel Car maintains its reputation of having 100 years of excellence. National Steel Car led by James Aziz has engineering expertise that placed them in a league of their own. The organization’s sole focus is the people and how they strive to make high quality products and serve their talented staff.


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The Academy of Art University: Helping Students Achieve the Education of Their Dreams

There is an article that also acts as a resource on Globenewswire.com. The article in question is entitled “Academy of Art University Grad Showcases Animation Expertise in Avengers: Infinity War” and the reason it is such a resource is that it can act as an inspirational piece for any students that are interested in following their dreams when it comes to an arts education. For many students, the prospect of enrolling in an arts education is beyond what they can do. It may be that they feel as though they are not going to be able to succeed in the field or that their sense of whimsy is silly. The Academy of Art University does not feel as though these desires are something that should be ignored because they signal a deep passion that students have for their expression of art. The school has dedicated all its institutional history towards helping students achieve that goal.

This article talks about the work of Jan Philip Cramer. Cramer has been a staple in the field of animation for many years now and worked on big projects such as the X-Men franchise. His role on the Avengers movie was a little different because it allowed him to stretch his wings as a supervisor. He was given the chance to show his remarkable leadership skills and the animation on Infinity War was exceptional. If anything, the movie helps forge more paths for Cramer as he continues to do well in the industry. What perspective art school students can learn from this is that they can achieve the same level of success if they are willing to put in the time to learn the material and dedicate themselves to the hard work necessary to reach the tops of their fields.

The Academy of Art University is a wonderful place for artists and designers. It allows students to transform themselves into well-rounded and exceptional artists. The teachers are supportive of student endeavors while helping them grow. The University continues to be one of the more exceptional places that students can go to achieve the education of their dreams.


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Driving On Different Terrain With Rodrigo Terpins

Rodrigo Terpins is a 42 years old prolific businessman and driver in the rally industry helming out of Brazil. Over the past several years he has cemented his name as a stupendous talent in the rally car scene. Consistency and a determined mindset is what Rodrigo claims to be the motivating factors behind his success as a driver. Rodrigo Terpins comes from a family of sports. His father is a former basketball player and his brother is an enthusiastic rally driver as well. He and his brother often pair as teammates together in competitions. Not all competitions are off road but Rodrigo is prepared whether or not this is the case. Before becoming a professional rally driver, Rodrigo terpins studied at Sail Hilaire University. He attained a degree in business management from the school. Proceeding this he provided 16 years of service at Lojas Marisa and worked his way up to the role of president. Vacating his seat as president of the company in 2007, Rodrigo would form his own company one year later. T5 Participacoes has been a premier organizer for some of the most elite racing events in Brazil. For more details visit LinkedIn.

Big on ethics, Rodrigo is also the founder of Floresvale. The company uses environment friendly resources for their business. This has helped increase the count of certified wood all throughout Brazil. As many residents of Brazil have increasingly grew environmental conscious, His business has flourished even more. Rodrigo Terpins is a busy guy and splits his time amongst the countryside and city where he lives. One factor that he states keeps him productive is his awareness of other parts of the world. Being up to speed on consumer trends is the best way to remain innovative he mentions. Advice he says he would give his younger self would be to study diligently and be aware of what’s going on in the world.


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Felipe Montoro Jens Specialization in Infrastructure

In order to achieve the intended goals and targets, one has to always stay focused on his/her career. Felipe Montoro Jens is a well-known person in the Brazilian financial industry. He is an expert in infrastructure projects as well as a consultant on other infrastructural projects in Brazil. In addition, he has many years of experience in finance which makes him a great leader in various positions.

Starting his career at a very low position, Felipe Montoro had a dream that in the future he would be ranked at the top in the industry. He wasn’t sure of what was going to happen next, so he stayed determined and focused on achieving his dream goals. Montoro was a hardworking person who impressed his clients and employers. Within a short time, he was lucky enough to be promoted as one of the top-ranked leaders in Brazil.

Today, Montoro Jens is largely associated with the public-private partnership (PPP). The PPP vision was to build new infrastructures including pre-schools and daycare by the end of 2020. The PPP goal was to construct at least thirty-four thousand houses in the Sao Paulo region within a period of six years. Visit infomoney.com to learn more.

His education

Felipe Montoro Jens began his education in 1998, at Oregon University. He was still young and his only interest was to acquire skills on how to run a business. This motivated him to enroll in Getulio Vargas School to pursue an undergraduate degree in business administration. While in the university, Felipe was able to join an academic training group. The training equipped him with the skills and knowledge that he needed to start a business in the competitive environment. After gaining enough skills and knowledge, he continued with his education to pursue a graduate degree program at Thunderbird, school of management.

Generally, Montoro has an experience of 25 years in the field of business. Despite his experiences being diverse, he is largely focused on helping organizations with infrastructure projects. His great skills and experience make him ready and prepared to look for possible innovations and effective solution with the government. Indeed, Jens is a hard-working person who makes waste discharge more useful and profitable in the financial sector. Read more: http://maringa.odiario.com/politica/2018/03/veja-com-felipe-montoro-jens-cidade-mineira-investe-em-ppp-para-estimular-o-lazer-e-a-pratica-de-atividades-fisicas-da-populacao/2476577/



Business Journalist Jeff Yastine and Ted Bauman Reveal Potential Future of Amazon

Jeff Yastine has been one of the major contributors to reporting some of the most significant news in the business and financial world. Just recently, Jeff Yastine has provided some new insight into the current state of the large conglomerate online retailer Amazon. He has learned about the company’s business practices and has found out that it may soon be in decline. While Amazon has emerged as the largest online retailer worldwide, it operates in a way that gives it an unfair advantage over other retailers.

According to Jeff Yastine, Amazon is able to undercut retailers on pricing which makes these other retailers uncompetitive. The key to Amazon’s business practices is its known violation of antitrust laws. The frequent violation of antitrust laws has enabled Amazon to establish a monopoly in the retail industry and put a number of companies out of business. However, some efforts have been made to break up these antitrust laws which will likely cause a decline in Amazon’s bottom line in the future. Read more at Daily Forex Report about Jeff.

Some high ranking members of other large retailers such as the former CEO of WalMart Bill Simon have criticized Amazon according to Jeff Yastine. Individuals such as Simon have figured out that Amazon uses business practices that are somewhat unfair and this creates a problem for a number of retailers that are both large and small. There have been a number of other executives who have provided their criticism of Amazon but not publicly. However Bill Simon is the first to publicly criticize the business practices of Amazon. With this public criticism, a number of people in the business community will likely take notice. This will eventually lead to a possible decline in the prominence of Amazon as a top major retailer.

Over the last two decades, Jeff Yastine has established himself as a leading journalist in business and finance. He has hosted shows on PBS about business and finance which have enlightened many individuals and investors. Along with being a top television show host, Yastine has also interviewed a number of top entrepreneurs such as Michael Dell and Warren Buffett. He has found out about their keys to investing success and revealed that investing in small cap growth stocks is one way to significantly grow ones wealth. Jeff has also been present to predict and report on major economic events such as the dot.com bubble bursting and the real estate crash of the late 2000’s. Check: https://forexvestor.com/total-wealth-insider-review

The Role Played By Luiz Carlos Trabuco To The Success Of Bradesco Bank

     Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi was the Chief Executive Officer of the Brazilian based corporative institution, Bradesco bank. He was born in Marilia city, Sao Paulo in 1951. He went to the University of Sao Paulo and graduated with a degree in Philosophy Science and Literature. He later started working at Bradesco Company in 1969, when he was employed as a clerk at the age of 17. While still working as a clerk at the bank, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi went on to further his studies from Fundacao Foundation School of Sociology and Politics. At Fundacao, he did his postgraduate and attained a master’s degree in Socio-Psychology and Politics.


His leadership positions at Bradesco

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi served in various positions in Bradesco bank before he got promoted to the presidency. This shows the true life story of a real selfless leader who is seeking to help and serve other peoples’ interests before his own. Every employee who worked with him in the company during his time as a clerical officer was predicting his ascension to the top seat due to his competence and skills. He was a good leader who had all the qualifications to steer the institution. He also proved his persistence to assist other young leaders to emulate better business positions in order to have a brighter future.

When Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi was working for Bradesco as its clerical officer, he was given a lot of trusts since he was working with loyalty towards the company. This led to the adoption of how he served in the company. He maneuvered to different leading positions including being a marketing director, Vice president, the CEO, and Chairman of the company as he dedicated his whole life to ensure the company experienced growth. He is now given regards as one in the list of best chief executive officers in the financial institutions in Brazil and the world at large, which showcases his influential leadership.


About Bradesco Bank

Bradesco is one of the largest banking and financial institutions in the whole of Brazil and southern part of America. The company has over eighty years of profession and experience in serving people with a good range of quality and financial services. Bradesco bank was listed as one of the leading banking institutions in Brazil, according to their wide equity shares and investments, thanks to Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi. When you are looking at the company’s number of customers, it showcases the anticipated source in measuring its success.

Why Malcolm Casselle Endorses Cryptocurrency

Nobody likes what they don’t understand. Everybody wants to be able to comprehend what is out there before engaging it. Cryptocurrency is somewhat of a mystery among many people. Since it is new, most investors approach it with a lot of skepticism. It is a new a way of paying for things without the traditional use of paper money. Call it digital money if you like. Malcolm CasSelle, the president of Worldwide Asset eXchange, speaks about how cryptocurrency will be absorbed into mainstream markets due to the rising demand for tokens in most video games nowadays.

This is why he is adamantly marketing his WAX brand in the video gaming community. Malcolm CasSelle is hoping to develop it into an important platform for all video gamers across the globe. Fraudsters over the years have specifically targeted gaming communities and tried or sometimes succeeded in stealing away assets bought within the gaming platforms. This can sometimes leave gaming enthusiasts with purchased assets that have low or no value. This is the reason there needed to be other ways to protect gamers and ensure the safe use of cryptocurrency.

The use of Blockchain technology is one way through which the developers have been able to ensure security. This type of technology has been used since cryptocurrency became of great interest among many individuals today. The work of Malcolm Casselle involves using some guilds for self-governance, and they can be voted on by users. The votes are normally based on how secure or trustworthy the users find these guilds over a period of usage.

Since he is the President of WAX, Malcolm CasSelle is also the Chief Investment Officer of OPSkins which is the platform’s mother company. He has a Master’s Degree in Computer Science, which has always made him have interest in technology. This has however not limited him as he has worked mostly as a financial and investment specialist. He has many achievements among them brilliant leadership, which helped Groupon Platform advance into Eastern China. In Hong Kong, he also spent part of his time as the director of Capital Union Investments. He has always loved video games, and this is why he had a major role in creating Xfire Social Media Platform.


Traits of a Success Investor Inspired by Louis Chenevert

Why is it that some people in the world experience multiple successes, while others fail in most of their projects? Well, the answer is simple, many people are not the people they need to be, to get where they want to be. It is not about the ideas; it is more of the personality.

Louis Chenevert has had success in more than 50 businesses. His traits in all these firms have been similar. Here are some of his traits that lead to his success;


Relentless Focus


One of the factors that influence the success of Chenevert is his relentless focus. He concentrates on the crucial elements of his life.


In school, he was an eager student who wanted to learn everything. His lectures were very impressed with his enthusiasm.


In all the companies that Chenevert has worked starting from his first job at General Motors, he has always acquired senior positions as a result of focusing on his role and making significant changes.

Good Leadership Skills


Louis Chenevert is a great leader. He cares about the welfare of his employees. During the financial crisis, instead of conducting layoffs, he moved them to other sites.

He also believes in investing in his team members to empower them to complete the tasks he delegates to them. Louis Chenevert believes that one can only perform as well as their team members can achieve.


The current CEO of UTC is also following the footsteps of Louis Chenevert. He has maintained the system that allows the employees to acquire the degrees of their choice.

Ability to Invest in the Future


Louis Chenevert strongly believed that the only way he could help save the USA from another financial crisis is by investing in the future. He led UTC to invest in the future.


This was through the acquisitions, for example, the GTF engine that took UTC more than two decades to design and $10 billion. He also bought the Goodrich at $16 billion making history in the nation.

Final Verdict


Sometimes what stops us from achieving our goals is out traits. Before you start a business know the person you need to be, be that person and then plunge in.