Contributions made by Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides in the Operations of InnovaCare Health

Both Penelope Kokkinides and Rick Shinto have played an essential role in the smoothing running of the InnovaCare Health. InnovaCare Health is regarded as being one of the leading organizations in the delivery of managed health care in North America. It primarily employs the Medicare Advantage and Provider Networks to offer its services. The group is committed to offering healthcare models that that integrated with emerging technologies, cost-effective and sustainable. The move helps minimize the cost of health care services and equally improves the quality of the results. The operations are guided by the urge to address the problems that are evident in the health care. For more details visit Ideamensch.


Penelope Kokkinides is a figure to reckon with in the delivery of quality health care services. She has an in-depth understanding of clinical programs management. She has in the past worked with Medicaid, Medicare and other government programs. Penelope Kokkinides serves as the Chief Administrative Officer in the InnovaCare Health. Her appointment to the organization can be linked to her 20 years in diverse organizations such as AmeriChoice and Touchstone Health. On the other hand, Rick Shinto has in the past worked as the vice president of the MedPartners. He currently serves as the president of the group. In 2012, he received the Entrepreneur of the Year Award which illustrated him as a committed and skilled leader.




Services Offered by InnovaCare Health




InnovaCare Health offers an array of services that mainly revolve around innovative tools, optimized structures, and integrated approaches. Innovative tools are ideal for data analysis and features technologies that improve the quality of life of the patients. On the other hand, optimized structures focus on the anchors to good governance and performances. It addresses elements that lead to the creation of positive organizational culture. The culture, leadership and governance policies must be seen in improving service delivery.


InnovaCare Health further focuses on integrated approaches that bring together different stakeholders. It leads to improved coordination in the health delivery activities. The group has also created models that are aimed at improving the payment processes. It is critical to note that the application of the models and innovations may help lower the cost of healthcare services. Consequently, many people would afford the services thus leading to a better quality of life. Based on the past performances, the InnovaCare Health can be regarded as being instrumental in improving the quality of life of the patients.


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Gregory Aziz Continues To Drive National Steel Car’s Growth In The New Year


National Steel Car the operates from Ontario Canada. The company has grown to become one of the largest players in the freight car engineering sector. Established in 1912 the company focused on this area and over the years was able to gain the relevant technology and skills passed down to every generation on the art of manufacturing freight cars. This is a steel-intensive process, and with every such operation, a lot of changes have taken place in the more than 100 years of its existence.


One of these changes has been the advent of technology, both at production level as well as its incorporation within the complete product. Technology has been changing so fast that the company had to ensure that its research and design team was always aware of what the rest of the industry was up to where in North America or around the world. This was one of the reasons that the company has been able to have one of the most effective turnarounds starting from 1994.


The company was acquired in 1994 from its then owner DOFASCO, and at this moment Gregory James Aziz and Economist by profession took over. The company had always been a leader in the manufacture of freight cars, but their capacity for production meant that the company was not enjoying the economies of scale it would if it optimized operations. This one of the main reasons why James Aziz was the right candidate to lead a manufacturing and Engineering company.

Over the next few years, he embarked on revitalizing the company. This entailed bring in more human resources, capital and improving and in some cases doing away with old manufacturing processes and switching to newer ones that were more efficient.


This would cost quite a lot, but having been an investment banker Greg J Aziz knew which doors to knock and what to get rid of. By 1999 production was up eight thousand units and the company has already employed an additional two thousand four hundred staff. This would drive the company into profitability and at the same time introduce J. Aziz to the world as a CEO and president. Visit This Page to learn more.

His previous work experience had helped him achieve these results given the various positions he held in other companies. Gregory J Aziz had worked for their family business Affiliated foods for a number of years and had witnessed it grow its distribution network in Canada and the United States all the while increasing suppliers from Europe and Central America.


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The Prosperity of Graeme Holm Australia Infinity Group

Infinity Group, a debt reduction company founded by Graeme Holm and his business partner Rebbeca Walker has brought financial solutions at the doorstep of many Australians. Through the firm, Graeme has adopted a very simple yet unique business mo0del to help people solve the issues they go through whenever they are faced with financial crisis. He has gained an excellent reputation due to his ability to take money lending to a whole new level. Through his investment firm, Graeme has focused on evaluating the various ways in which money ending institutions exploit their clients by placing high-interest rates in their loans as well as other extra costs that are not accounted for during the payment process.


The renowned entrepreneur fully understands the importance of working together with other people and due to his ability to maintain a great relationship with people, he has successfully established an outstanding carer for himself. He founded the Australia Infinity group in conjunction with Rebecca, who today also adds up as his wife. Together they have achieved significant successes and attracted avst number of clients through their fast and reliable services.


The firm is customer oriented, and Graeme has striven to ensure that every need of his clients is met within a short period as well as addressed to their satisfaction. He has shown perseverance in his career and his ability to put significant efforts towards accomplishing his goals have seen him achieve mots of plans. Graeme is also a leader that strives to serve as an expense, and he always involves his team of employees in his decision-making process to ensure that his firm moves fast towards achieving success. He believes that every entrepreneur that works closely with his team of employees falls higher chances of achieving success as the ideas they acquire form their clients and group of employees play a vital role in helping them make info0red decisions concerning their firms. Besides, he insists that such entrepreneurs fall high chances of achieving the success they all work together towards the achievement of a common goal in their firm.


Graeme Holm also flaunts many years of experience in his field of specialization, and through this, he has successfully achieved success through the adoption of the strategies he has gained I the sector over the recent years.


The Australia Infinity Group acts as a persona; trainer to its clients through offering them guidance of the best ways they can use the money that they get from financial institutions. The team of experts in the firm has always striven to ensure that every client develops financially and meets their goals as planned. A vast number of customers at Australia Infinity Group have given positive feedback about the firm, and they believe that through the launch of the latter, they have successfully stabilized their careers.


With the launch of the firm, many people have also achieved financial freedom. Besides, people have acquired a chance to save capital and launch other ventures to save them from the agony of bankruptcy and need to loan money that attracts huge interest rates, which leads them towards incurring major losses. Learn more:

William Saito Influential Entrepreneur and Technologist

William Saito is a familiar name in the world of technology and is one of the most successful entrepreneurs as well in the field. He is currently heading the Japan InTecur Company as its President and CEO. The career of William Saito as a computer programmer as well as an entrepreneur started when he was just ten years old when he wrote commercial software programs for the company. Later on, when he joined college, he started I/O Software Inc that went on to become a highly profitable and successful software company that was then purchased by Microsoft. In the year 1998, William Saito was named as the Entrepreneur of the Year by Ernst and Young as well as NASDAQ.


William Saito is also known for his expertise in the field of cybersecurity and was also an advisor to the Japanese government on the topic of technology and cyber-security. As one of the most successful tech entrepreneurs, William Saito was able to influence the culture of start-ups as well as promote the use of technology amongst the young adults and people in the industry. While in college, he also worked with many different Japanese companies who wanted him to translate software in Japanese. The people who are interested in knowing how he was able to achieve such success in a short period and the challenges he faced during his career can read the book he wrote and recently published, named An Unprogrammed Life: Adventures of an Incurable Entrepreneur.

In the book he has written, William Saito mentions his inspirations and how he developed an interest in the world of computers. William Saito found computers to be fascinating technology, and his ability to disassemble things and join it back together has helped him gain considerable success as a computer programmer. The rise of popularity of William Saito began when the company he started from his dorm room named I/O Software worked along with Sony to develop biometric software. Even though the fingerprinting technology was available at the time, no system would lock or unlock the computers and other appliances with the help of fingerprint. It is what William Saito worked on and made available later on. He then sold I/O Software to Microsoft.


William Saito is an inspiration to many young entrepreneurs in the field of technology. He believes that people who are looking to make it big in the area of technology should focus on innovation as it is the critical word in this field.


NewsWatch TV and its Customer Reviews.

It’s an American TV show based in Washington D.C. It is aired for 30 minutes on a weekly basis. The programs can be accessed on the AMC and ION Networks. It has been aired for more than two decades now. Some of the main areas that show features include medical innovations, new product development, fashion, electronics, business areas, and campaigns aimed at creating awareness among the members of the public. Many celebrities from various sectors in the country such as Julianne Moore, Carrie Underwood, Dr. Oz, Ted Danson, and Brooklyn Decker have appeared on the show. Some of the firms that have been represented on the program include Good Year, Ford, Toyota, LG, the American Heart Association, and D-Link.

NewsWatch TV has worked with companies that specialize in app development, non-profit, and many other medium-sized firms to help them in achieving their goals. Over the years, it has focused on building good working relationships with the clients who were happy with the services offered. One of such clients is Avanca. When it created an initiative for crowd funding for one of their inventions, Ockel Sirius B Pocket PC, it aimed at raising $10,000 within a month. The company required a partner to promote their campaign to millions of viewers. It identified Avanca as the perfect firm to help in achieving their goals. At the end of the campaign, the total amount raised was $456,551, representing 2,939% of their initial target.

NewsWatch TV has won prestigious awards for categories such as technology, consumer-related content, entertainment, interviews with celebrities, app reviews, electronics reviews, and medical inventions. The show also airs other programs such as Satellite Media Tour interviews and Video News Releases. NewsWatch TV is a product of Bridge Communications. The firm specializes in video production and communication. The TV show has a paid service where advertisers subscribe to promote their products.

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Richard Dwayne Blair Outlines His Financial Planning Philosophy

Richard Dwayne Blair is an investment and financial advisor based in Austin, Texas. He began working in the financial services industry when he graduated from college in 1993, and the next year, he founded Wealth Solutions. This is the company that Richard Dwayne Blair still leads.

When providing financial and retirement planning advise to his clients, Mr. Blair uses a three step approach. This approach makes sure that the needs of the client are fully addressed, and a financial solution is provided to the client that the client can come on board with and completely understand.

The first part of the process that Richard Dwayne Blair utilizes is getting to know how much risk a client is willing to take and what the client’s overall financial goal is. Mr. Blair listens to the client, and he asks pertinent questions in order to make sure that he and client will always be on the same page.

Some clients are very risk averse. If Mr. Blair is made aware of this by the client, he is able to tailor an investment program that will be based around investment vehicles that have a track record of sustained performance even in times of economic downturn.

Another step in Richard Dwayne Blair’s approach is the full development of the investment plan that he and the client have agreed upon. Mr. Blair devises a long-term strategy to help the client, and Mr. Blair is then on the lookout to make sure that he is investing the client’s money in the place where the client can get the maximum return based on the client’s risk tolerance.

The final step in Richard Dwayne Blair’s approach is to review. Sometimes, a client’s needs and risk tolerance will change over time. For this reason, the client’s goals are reassessed from time to time. The client’s portfolio is reviewed for growth in order to determine if the client is satisfied with the growth his portfolio has experienced.

By using this three step approach, Richard Dwayne Blair is able to understand a client’s needs. He is able to then provide a service that meets the client’s expectations.

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Vinod Gupta Provides Ideas For The Successful Business

Founder and Chairman of Everest Group Llc, Vinod Gupta earned a basic education during his time in India, where he was born in 1946, before moving to the United States to further his studies in business at the University of Nebraska. After the completion of business administration degree, Vinod found a position at Commodore Corporation as a market analyst. One of Vinod’s primary goals was to build a list of clients that were willing to work with Commodore Corp.


In his recent interview with IdeaMensch, Vinod shared that was able to start off his own little successful enterprise by selling off client lists to similar companies in the market that needed the useful information as well. This was the start of Vinod’s successful business career, as he has started up and sold many successful businesses throughout his career that spans more than four decades. Vinod says that he was able to stay productive and achieving his goals by keeping a clear vision in his mind every day.


Vinod Gupta also granted an interview to Gazette Day, a digital publication known for its high-profile, top-quality interviews, in late May 2018 – he included Effective Business Lessons for aspiring and established businessmen alike, who wanted to succeed in business like himself.


There are many people out there that try to start up their own businesses and fail, not just because they use business tactics that do not work, but because they are not motivated to make the company successful. This extends to the employees as well as the management. Vinod Gupta believes that motivation and employee satisfaction is a critical aspect in a company’s development and growth past the short-term.


While it is important to find new talent and acquire new perspectives, having employees follow the same guidelines is important for a business to flourish. If all employees are behaving however they please with no guidelines, a business can become hectic internally. Perhaps even more important than employee training and professionalism is their ability to deal with clients in a positive and non-conflicting way, regardless of whether or not they are dealing with a good or bad situation. Find More Information Here.



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OSI Industries’ David McDonald Continues to Help the Company and Students Grow

While OSI Industries may have started as a small butcher shop in Chicago, they have grown over the years to be one of the leaders in the food production industry around the world. The food production powerhouse that supplies corporations such as McDonald’s was started in 1909 by a German immigrant named Otto Koshowsky. Chicago was known as the “Hog Butcher of the World” by Carl Sandburg in 1914. At the end of World War I, Otto Koschowsky grew his business into a wholesale market and moved from the Oak Park to Maywood, a suburb of Chicago.In 1928, the immigrant-owned business was renamed to Otto & Sons as his children became more involved with the operating side of the family business.

As a wholesale market, Otto & Sons remained relatively stable for decades until things changed for the company after World War II. Otto’s sons had made a deal with Ray Kroc, who would later become the Chief Executive Officer of the entire McDonald’s chain, to supply his restaurants at a time when he was only a franchise owner. This handshake agreement was honored by Kroc and Otto & Sons knew that they would need to drastically change their production and shipping processes in order to meet the growing demand of the quickly growing business. As McDonald’s grew, it would become one of the main factors in Otto & Sons becoming the global corporation known as OSI Industries.

OSI Industries has been growing quickly since the turn of the century and their President and Chief Operating Officer of more than 3 decades, David McDonald, has been an essential player for the company. The Iowa State University graduate earned his bachelor’s in Animal Science at the school and has provided several internship positions at OSI Industries for their students. To this day, McDonald continues to be devoted to the school by participating in their Agricultural Entrepreneurship Initiative as well as financially supporting the scholarship fund of Alpha Gamma Rho. The philanthropist won the Emerging Philanthropist Award from the Iowa State Foundation for his considerable efforts helping the students and entrepreneurs of tomorrow.