Richard Dwayne Blair Outlines His Financial Planning Philosophy

Richard Dwayne Blair is an investment and financial advisor based in Austin, Texas. He began working in the financial services industry when he graduated from college in 1993, and the next year, he founded Wealth Solutions. This is the company that Richard Dwayne Blair still leads.

When providing financial and retirement planning advise to his clients, Mr. Blair uses a three step approach. This approach makes sure that the needs of the client are fully addressed, and a financial solution is provided to the client that the client can come on board with and completely understand.

The first part of the process that Richard Dwayne Blair utilizes is getting to know how much risk a client is willing to take and what the client’s overall financial goal is. Mr. Blair listens to the client, and he asks pertinent questions in order to make sure that he and client will always be on the same page.

Some clients are very risk averse. If Mr. Blair is made aware of this by the client, he is able to tailor an investment program that will be based around investment vehicles that have a track record of sustained performance even in times of economic downturn.

Another step in Richard Dwayne Blair’s approach is the full development of the investment plan that he and the client have agreed upon. Mr. Blair devises a long-term strategy to help the client, and Mr. Blair is then on the lookout to make sure that he is investing the client’s money in the place where the client can get the maximum return based on the client’s risk tolerance.

The final step in Richard Dwayne Blair’s approach is to review. Sometimes, a client’s needs and risk tolerance will change over time. For this reason, the client’s goals are reassessed from time to time. The client’s portfolio is reviewed for growth in order to determine if the client is satisfied with the growth his portfolio has experienced.

By using this three step approach, Richard Dwayne Blair is able to understand a client’s needs. He is able to then provide a service that meets the client’s expectations.

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