Krishen Iyers Secret to Success in Entrepreneurship

A series of technological innovations have paved the way to a huge shift in the way consumers interact with products from many industries. As the years come, experts believe that the popularity of e-commerce will only continue to grow, which along with that will raise more questions that seek to improve the role of customer service in a world that’s highly digital.



Krishen Iyer has a lot of ideas. As the founder of the Fresno-based Managed Benefits Services (formerly Quick Link Marketing), he believes in creating a sense of familiarity in the mind of customers and that how it should go along with brand recognition. Iyer believes that a company must seek to connect with consumers on a personal level in order to achieve the best results.



The success of Managed Benefits is largely contributed by Krishen Iyer, who through the years has provided effective marketing solutions by providing clients with lead-generation companies. When asked how he mastered this craft, Iyer said he’s a naturally curious guy and along with that is a person who’s detail-oriented.



These qualities allowed Krishen Iyer to penetrate the market seamlessly. Through the years, he observed how trends worked and how they gradually shifted. We’re now at a time where customers prefer everything in a digital setup but still would want to connect on a personal and meaningful level.


About Krishen Iyer

Iyer is both the founder and CEO of Managed Benefits Services, a Fresno company specializing in leads, consulting, and other marketing services in the verticals of health insurance and dental insurance. He is a graduate of San Diego State University and is well-known for his expertise in client relations, digital marketing, and technical development.



Iyers also owns Iyer Real Estate Co. and devotes his free time in various beautifications projects within the local community. In his free time, Iyers says he loves traveling and reading.


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