Jeremy Goldstein Attends An Event At Fountain House To Address Mental Health Issues

Jeremy Goldstein is a business attorney and philanthropist who is a partner at the law firm Jeremy Goldstein and Associates. He attended Cornell University before going to the University of Chicago where he received a masters degree. He then went to New York University where he earned his law degree. Jeremy Goldstein is a highly respected lawyer who serves as the chairman for the American Bar Associations subcommittee on mergers and acquisitions.


Jeremy Goldstein founded his law firm after speaking with a number of major executives about how complicated it was for them to get paid for managing their businesses. These problems include such things as being able to sell their own stocks when they have inside information as the result of their position. Jeremy Goldstein has been able to help top executives gain compensation in an ethical manner. In addition, Jeremy Goldstein has been able to help executives negotiate higher pay along with helping major firms through mergers and acquisitions.


Jeremy Goldstein recently attended the annual Fall Fete at Fountain House. This was a diner that raised money for Fountain House, which is an organization that offers comprehensive mental health care. Jeremy Goldstein recognizes the effects of mental health problems in the legal profession with it being a field with some of the highest rates of drug use, suicide, and mental health problems. This event was designed to encourage young professionals to seek help for their mental health problems. The event was attended by the partners at major law firms in order to show that they care about mental health issues at their law firms.


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