How The Roofing Services From Aloha Construction Protects People From The Damage Caused By Natural Calamities.

Founded in 2008, Aloha Construction is a roofing business based in Lake Zurich, Illinois. It has become a household name in Illinois and southern parts of Wisconsin due to its commitment in providing best in class roofing services in an attempt to safeguard the families from the wrath of nature. They have completed 20,000 projects to date and is growing at a phenomenal rate. Apart from roofing services, the family-owned business also specializes in kitchen and washroom renovation and total clean up in weather affected regions. Currently, it is a powerhouse in the home improvement industry across Illinois.



They recently were the recipient for the Best Marketplace Ethics award and an A rating industrial certification presented by the Better Business Bureau along.



Every project taken up by Aloha Construction has a 10-year warranty which in itself shows the quality of service they provide. They have a dedicated team of experts with extensive training in the job they do. There is also a provision for free consultations and quotations for interested people who inquire regarding their services on their website. They have partnered with Synchrony financial for providing financial assistance to customers who require it. They start gearing up for the predicted rough season in April of every year.



The current CEO of Aloha Construction, David Farbaky expressed his delight after receiving the awards and mentioned how their services have saved lives from the turbulent weather prominent in these regions of the country. He believes that their services are a gesture of giving back to the community who have accepted them as their protector from natural calamities. David also mentioned the “Building Better Communities” campaign which has raised funding for the Camp One Step project aimed to offer a fun and thrilling experience for children suffering from cancer. Recently they introduced a dedicated team for interior decorations and services that ensure seamless gutter.



Today, they have earned the respect and the loyalty of the people in Wisconsin and Illinois, who look up to them for safety during turbulent weather. They currently started their operations from a new office space in Bloomington, thus increasing their coverage and manpower with the aim of serving a bigger part of the community.


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