Anthony Constantinou, A Dedicated Bayesian Artificial Intelligence Researcher


Anthony Constantinou is an assistant professor and lecturer at the Queen Mary University of London. He also serves as the head of Bayesian Artificial Intelligence Research Lab. His specific research interests lie in Bayesian Artificial Intelligence. This is an area that deals with intelligent decision making where there is uncertainty. Constantinou, being a good team player, works with fellow academics and worldwide research institutions in a variety of areas including sports, finance, medicine, gaming and, economics. Constantinou holds a Ph.D. in Bayesian Networks from Queen Mary, University of London, UK.


Some of Anthony Constantinou’s most outstanding works include the Bayesian network. This is a graphical probability-based model. The model uses both subjective and objective variables to determine a possible outcome of an event. The model has been of great use in predicting association football matches. By considering the historical factors that may affect the result of a football game, the model was used to correctly predict the outcome of football games in the English Premier League. Since then, the model has been applied in other leagues across the world. The results have been very satisfactory, especially to gaming companies and game enthusiasts.


Anthony Constantinou has also made significant contributions in the medical field. Using the Bayesian Network Models, he came up with an elaborate and easy-to-repeat method for medical decision support. This was a breakthrough model that brought an end to the old, complex, incomplete and unstructured patient interviews and questionnaires. The models have eliminated the repetitive and redundant data, which is characteristic of interviews and questionnaires. The data from the model can also be applied for analysis of any medical interventions. Go Here for related Information.


For his outstanding work, Anthony Constantinou has received several recognitions and awards. This year, he was appointed by The Alan Turing Institute for dedicating 5% of his salary for research. The EPSRC UKRI appointed Constantinou, the principal investigator for their fellowship project dubbed “Bayesian Artificial Intelligence for Decision Making Under Uncertainty”. The project duration is June 2018 to June 2021. He has also been ranked as the second in the international unique issue competition, Machine Learning for Soccer, organized by the Machine Learning Journal.


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