Learn More About Dr. Sam Jejurikar, the Plastic Surgeon Serving Satisfied Texas Patients

Dr. Sam Jejurikar’s name is one that you should definitely take notice of if you are a resident of Dallas, Texas, and you are interested in cosmetic surgery. It is of note that the work of this doctor was featured by some prominent medical journals, and the well-regarded plastic surgeon has also been honored as a Patients’ Choice Compassionate Doctor Certification. This is something that happened in 2012, and this award is quite important because it is decided exclusively by a doctor’s past and current patients, who submit their ratings and also votes for which doctor deserves to have his or her bedside manner recognized.

America’s Registry of Business Excellence also took notice of his accomplishments. However, it should be considered even more impressive that his astounding medical career is not the thing that brings him the most pride. What brings Dr. Sam Jejurikar even more satisfaction that his aesthetic surgery success is his beloved family. There are three different children that he spends his time raising, which is quite an accomplishment for anyone, especially someone with a demanding surgical career. If you have ever struggled to find the perfect balance between your familial life and your professional life, then you will certainly have respect for this facet of his life.

Although a small percentage of people may see plastic surgery as superficial, Dr. Sam Jejurikar happens to believe that his work has significant meaning the lives of his happy patients. He believes that he is truly making a difference, both internally and externally, by helping people get the physical appearances that they desire. He is extremely grateful that he gets the chance to improve someone’s life every time he performs a new cosmetic operation for one of his patients.

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