Matthew Fleeger Reveals A Few Of His Leadership Strategies That Have Kept Gulf Coast Western In Business

Matthew Fleeger has been working in Texas oil fields since he was younger. After building his own career, on the side, he took over as chief executive officer for Gulf Coast Western, which is a company his father started up in 1970. Since he has been in charge of the company, many improvements have been made, and it has become a leader in the oil industry in the United States.

Matthew Fleeger led his company through the oil recession that took place some years back and did so by focusing on making it more efficient. He had to take a closer look at every aspect of how the business ran and discovered there were many ways to cut down on costs without having to let go of too many employees. He has given his team a lot of credit for helping to keep the company afloat during the recession and was able to find many new business opportunities by looking in places he would have never considered to look before.

Matthew Fleeger has always been quick to access Gulf Coast Western’s deep knowledge of how to successfully produce oil and find it. Over the years, he has also built many different partnerships that have stood the test of time. Fleeger has always been open to learning more about and using new drilling technologies, and this has given his company that extra edge it has needed. Matthew Fleeger believes that one of his best leadership qualities is his ability to stay positive when the chips are down. He has seen that this kind of attitude spreads to others, and this has kept the energy of his workers up. He has also found that it is always a good idea to be transparent with his employees about what direction he wants to take the company in, and this has kept many of his longtime employees loyal and happy.

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